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    [Story] My NYSC Sex Service To  My Principal And Students –  Episode 35 All Updated Stories

    If You Missed Episode 34, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    As I turn, I see chioma for my back, I shock kon shift back small. I fear like say person wan use knife stab me from back.

    She dey laugh dey look me.

    I no laff o, I focus because I no trust naija girls. Abi dem send this girl to come kill me?.

    “This one that you’re scared like this, is a ghost chasing you?.”

    Na you I suppose dey ask na because your nyash be like wetin dem design for mami-water kingdom.

    “No, I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

    She wear short brown gown, the gown bin no tight but her nyash still push out. She carry both of her hands place around my neck. She dey look me, I dey look her.

    “Why are you too quiet?”

    Person never tell her say na quiet people bad pass?

    “I don’t know. That’s just me”

    She kon turn dey back me, bend down small kon carry her nyash dey push me go back small small.

    She push me reach wall.

    She kon dey rub the nyash for my prick with slow motion. Oboy! Half of my Highness disappear, all my anger clear sharparly. I stop to breathe, na that time I know say person fit survive without breathing.

    Chioma nyash dey give life and I believe say chioma fit use her nyash resurrect dead man.

    I bin wan use my my hands rub her fat nyash but I hold two empty bottles of stout for my two hands wey I wan go return for Mama Ada shop.

    She kon stop, go lie down for bed dey laugh. I stand there dey smile like person wey win lottery.

    I wear my sky-blue Nike basketball shorts and my boxers inside but my prick still stand erect like soldier wey federal government send to borno state.

    She still dey laugh small small dey look my prick.

    “Will you go out like this?”

    “I’m not mad na”

    I lift my prick, place am under the waist ban of my boxers. Good to go. I waka dey comot.

    As I reach door, she say make I no forget to buy cond’om, I tell am say cond’om dey under bed. My guy egar, buy one carton come service. I swear, no be joke. Na him dey supply me anytime I go him house.

    Egar dey straff at least 3 different girls per day. No be joke. Na very bad guy and na black fine boy too.

    Egar pass me, I still dey respect am till today.

    As I dey buy the stout and fried meat, chioma call me.

    “Please buy half packet of cigarettes”

    “Which brand?”


    I no dey like cigar smell for my room but today I no send. As I dey come back, my homeboys dey hail me dey ask me where I dey get the chics wey dey come visit me. I tell dem say we go yarn later.

    E take me 10 minutes before i return because that shop far small. I enter my room.

    Chioma don shower shaparly. She don remove her gown, just her bra and her black scarf wey she tie around her waist.

    I give her the stout and meat. I put film, then go sidon for bed, relax my back for wall. She go sidon for my reading chair dey drink and eat the meat.

    As I sat on the bed, I opened my legs wide in a V shape. We were watching the movie and chatting a little. Hell! I was’nt understanding the damn movie.

    I mean, who would, under such condition?

    Then she stood up, came to the bed and sat in between my legs, rested her back on my chest. I wrapped my hands around her.

    Damn! her a$s was all over my di’ck. It was huge as fvck, like 10 agege breads joined together. My di’ck was responding to stimuli, rising. She was feeling it clearly.

    “What’s that? What am I feeling? I hope its not what I’m thinking o”

    “No, its not”

    We laughed. She was funny, but her Bottom was funnier.

    Around 15 minutes past, the drink was finished, we were just watching the movie.

    Gradually, I had started rubbing the side of her bosoms, and squeezing them slightly, slowly.

    She still had her bra on, but it was light so I could feel her perfectly. Soft and firm as hell. Chioma was under at most 19 years old. Young and wild. Around 10 minutes later she said:- “Where is the cigarette?”

    I pointed towards the TV. It was ontop the TV, I bought a lighter too. As She walked towards the TV, I was watching her a$s Shaking effortlessly. Too much for one person. Jizos!

    She lighted the cigarette, puffed out smoothly.

    Omoh, this girl no be learner at all o, she go don dey smoke since. Na wa o.

    “Today you’re going to see a different chioma. Did you lock the door?”

    “No, just closed”

    “I need to lock it”

    She walked towards the door and locked it.

    I looked up at the ceiling and said a silent prayer to God:- “baba God, I know say you fit come anytime but abeg make e no be today,”……..

    To be continued.

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