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    If You Missed Episode 32, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    Laying in my bed, I held my phone in my hand, the time was exactly 9.30 pm. I was thinking about whether or not to call chioma.

    I thought she was gonna call, flash or text me before now but she didn’t so I was actually contemplating. Since she could call me eleven times the other night I expected her to call again tonight.

    I was playing a mind game, but mind games don’t always work. David the psychologist. Then I told myself that she had made a move so it was time for me to make mine. I had to keep pride aside if I was ever gonna get that fat a$s.

    I dialed her number. Omoh she pick the call shaparly. E be like she just dey hold her phone for hand dey wait for my call:- “Hello, good evening sir. Hey, I’ve been expecting your call and I actually wanted to call you but I didn’t have any airtime on my phone. So you are angry with me abi? What did I do na?”

    Jeez! Omoh dis girl just dey talk with speed, I kno kon know where to begin dey reply her.

    That shuning wey I give her don correct her brain.

    “Its not like I’m angry with you, I’ve been really busy this past few days.”

    “Ok o. Busy with other girls abi?. Ehen? What were they saying about me when I left the office?”

    “Nothing. Nobody was saying anything about you”

    “Its a lie I know they talked about me. Those teachers think that any girl that has big nyash is a bad girl”

    I laughed. She get mouth sha.

    “Ok, then you have to reduce it.”

    “Honestly, this my nyash has caused me too much trouble o. Ok na you’re going to help me reduce it.”

    “No wahala. Anytime you’re ready, let me know”

    “My waist is even paining me seriously throughout today”

    Chai! Naim be say one bad guy go don hammer this girl waist wella today o. I think am.

    “You had too much s*x today na” She laughed.

    “No o, I did farm work today so I bent down too much”

    My prick begin rise immediately. I begin dey imagine as e go be when this girl go bend this her big nyash for me. I just dey pray make this dream come true.

    God abeg answer my prayer. If you answer this prayer, I swear I no go bother you again.

    Finally, she said she would visit me on Sunday.

    Reasons were that she was the only female at home (mum was late) so had to do all the domestic work.

    Also, that her father was very strict and didn’t give her freedom at all.

    Our plan was that she would tell her dad that she was invited to a church in town, then she would come to my house instead of church.

    God abeg forgive me o, na devil handwork.

    Sunday was still five days away. Oh lord, I couldn’t wait to feel that as$, five days felt like five centuries to me.

    *fast forward to Sunday morning*

    Something happened to my homeboys on Friday/Saturday that was absolutely crazy!. I go give una the jist later.

    I still talked to chioma on Saturday night and she confirmed that she was still coming on Sunday morning. We settled for 9am.

    Omoh that night I just dey see chioma for my sleep dey imagine the kind things wey I go do to her.

    As early as 6am on Sunday, I had woken up and began to do my house chores. I swept and arranged everything.

    E even get one pin wey dey ontop my TV wey no position well, omoh I position am well, keep am straight. Perfect. Everything had to be in order like I was expecting a presidential visit. Actually, I was expecting a presidential as$, But she wasn’t VIP, she was v.i.A.

    I shaved myself everywhere, had my bath, applied my lotions and perfumes. Sprayed my air-freshner in the room. Perfect.

    I cooked noodles for myself but I wasn’t feeling hungry, I couldn’t eat much. The hunger wey dey catch me na the food wey my ‘abunna’ go chop.

    Time was around 8am already. Damn! Was too slow.

    I decided to watch a movie to kill time but I wasn’t understanding the movie at all. I couldn’t even remember the names of the actors which I knew so well.

    The only name in my mind was ‘chioma’. Lol. So I decided to go to the next room and join my homeboys in playing soccer on my PS2 (I used to borrow it to them), maybe this would help me kill time.

    Them just dey win me anyhow, me wey be the best player of soccer on PS2. Dem bin dey surprised but I just keep quiet.

    Na only me understand wetin dey make me play rubbish.

    Omoh, I check time na 9.15 am. Chioma never still call me. Meanwhile, I bin don already text her my address last night.

    I waka comot from my homeboys room, then I use my phone call her number. I call her three times but she dey cut the call each time. Number busy.

    Ah ah, you sure say this girl neva go dey straff for another guy house?. Na wa o. I kon say make I call am one more time.

    As I call her, na MTN customer care voice I hear:- “The number you have dialed is currently switched off. Please try again later”…

    Cold and heat catch me at the same time.

    Aaahhhh! So this girl wan play with her father mate abi? ………..

    To be continued.

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