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    If You Missed Episode 25, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    ah ah!, the thing be like dream because I know the room wey the sound dey come from. The owner of the room na one mgbeke girl wey sabi go church die. Her name na amaka.

    No!, I can’t believe this. Juliet look me, I look her. Time no dey, I open my door & windows, tell Juliet to wait inside say I dey come. I rush go amaka door, place my ear for window make I confirm say I never dey mad. I hear as she dey moan:
    “Uuumm, eeeyy, ummm, ummmm”

    Then she kon dey moan more dey talk rubbish join am:
    “Mummy o, Mummy o, ukwo mu’ o (my waist o) ukwu mu’ o”

    Jizos! So this girl sef dey fvck?!. Chai!. And she dey always come near me, dey show me green light but I bin no code.

    I bin dey think say she wan convert me to her strict church. Nobody for fit believe say this girl dey fvck sef cuz she dey go church 24/7 and she dey always wear ancient clothes.

    The girl get super big bo’obs with thin nyash. I dey imagine as the Guy go dey use dey explore those her soft & large bo’obs.

    I try peep but everywhere dey closed tight. I kon remember say Juliet dey wait for me for my room.

    As I enter my room, I see Juliet for bed. She ask me say na so we dey fvck for this compound, I tell her say me sef dey surprised.

    She stand up, come near me wella, chest to chest kon carry her two hands wrap around my neck. My p—k rise shaparly, she dey feel am.

    I stretch one of my hand take off light. I no wan look uche face for this matter.

    I begin rub her small nyash, she dey kiss me small small.

    As I dey rub her nyash naim I notice say na g-string she wear. Na wa o, wonders shall never end.

    I put one hand inside her pant dey rub her to.to make e wet. I finger her small. She no be virgin.

    I bin wan ask am why she lie for me but I realise say that kind question fit spoil show.

    The matter na between her and her future husband.

    I no plan licking cuz she never shower and time no dey our side. Small time I pull her g-string, leave her skirt.

    She use her hand drag her Polo up, so I place my mouth dey suck while I still dey stimulate her to-
    to with two fingers.

    Small time, she pull my trouser and boxers kon begin dey rub my p—k.

    I tell her make she give me Mouth Gig but she say no say because e dey make her vomit.

    I no give, I no receive. Small time I carry condo’m put for my p—k tell her to bend. She stand, bend over, her hands dey for window. I enter am from back begin dey hammer am. She don wet but she no too tight as I expect.

    This innocent looking girl don dey hammer big big p—k since. Na this same girl wey tell me say she be virgin o. As I dey hammer her from back, I dey squeeze her small b—-t:s.

    She dey moan small small dey say “sir take it easy”.

    I continue dey nack her. after like 7 minutes, I kon cu;m. She no cu;m but I sure say she enjoy the hammering. Afterall, na sharp sharp package be this, if not, I trust my skills.

    We just dey sweat they breath like dogs. She go sidon for bed dey rest.

    She say:
    “I’m tired oh. You use too much energy as if you haven’t done it for ten years.”

    I laff. Na fake laff. I tell her:
    “Please, I know you’re tired but we need to get back to school immediately.”

    I give her one of my clean singlet to use clean heat wey full her body. We dress up begin go outside. As I dey try lock my door comot from the compound, I see one macho man wey comot from amaka (my neighbour) room.

    Jizos! So na this man dey hammer amaka.

    This kind Guy fit fvck babe till she faint o. Next tin, amaka comot outside tying towel. Her big b—-t:s just dey shoot. Na wa o.

    I still never believe am. Me and Juliet continue dey go school.

    As we reach outside my gate, I receive call from nkechi (my fellow Corper wey be my staff room mate).

    “David, what’s up? where are you na?”

    “I went to get something in town but I’m on my way back now”

    “Did you forget that we have zonal inspection today. The officials are already here o. Hurry up”

    I no remember say any inspection dey sef.

    Na that time I kon check time, and break time Don pass with twenty minutes. Chai! See the wahala wey I won enter because of 7 minutes pleasure.

    Omoh I can’t believe I let a 7 minute quickie spoil my day like this. Wetin I been dey think sef?

    Which kind devil enter me sef? Mtcheeeew.

    Wetin I even gain sef? I do sign of the cross again as we begin our journey back to school …

    To be continued.

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