Story: “My Name is Amanda”

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    My name is Amanda, this is my story.

    I grew up with my mom. I’m the only child my mom had for my dad before they went their separate ways.

    My mom remarried, same with my dad. My mom also left her second marriage after giving birth to her second child.

    I don’t know if it is a curse, but there is a pattern of broken homes in my mother’s family. My great mother didn’t stay in her marriage. Same with my grandma and now my mother. This goes also for my Aunties.

    This made me develop this strong phobia for marriage. I avoided men like plagues because I didn’t want to end up like my mom and her family.

    I was still indifferent about marriage till I met Emma. Emma came into my life and brought light into it. He so loving and caring. I was his top priority.

    I didn’t think twice before accepting his marriage proposal. I didn’t need a prophet to tell me he was my husband.

    We got married in 2010. The first two years in our marriage was excellent. He was the best husband in the whole world. I became a role model in my family as my Aunties wished their daughters to be as lucky as I was.

    In 2013, he lost his job. Everything began to change. He started drinking and smoking. He started keeping late nights. I tried to console my husband but he wouldn’t budge.

    Boom, he started getting angry at any opportunity. First, he was pushing me whenever he was angry, then graduated to beating me.

    Heaven smiled on us and he got another job but I guess I had already lost my sweet husband. He still treated me like trash. He became a chronic womanizer.

    In 2015, I got pregnant for the first time. My husband got angry that I asked him to use a condom when he wanted to sleep with me. He beat me to the point that I fainted. I was 6months pregnant then. I lost the baby.

    I knew I should leave but couldn’t because I didn’t want to end up like my mother. I really wanted my marriage to work.

    In 2016, my husband married another woman and brought her home.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    From the moment my husband walked in with Sandra his new wife, I became a complete shadow of myself.

    My husband would treat her like a queen and treat me like trash.

    I was more or less a sex toy for my husband because he only notice me whenever he wants to have me and I have never rejected him.

    I couldn’t understand why my husband would leave me, a very hardworking and understanding woman for Sandra.

    I don’t nag my husband neither do I disrespect him. I am also very submissive. so what’s the problem?

    With all I was going through, I never told my family about it. I knew what they’d say next. “Leave him and come back home, there is nothing wrong with it”.

    I really hated to hear those words because to me, everything was wrong in my family.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    One day, I called my husband to have a heart to heart discussion with him.

    “My husband, what did do so wrong that you hate me this much” I asked.

    “If you don’t like the way I’m treating you, leave just like your mother left your father” He flared up.

    At that moment, agony exploded in my chest. I couldn’t breathe for a moment. I fell down on my knees, held my husband’s legs and pleaded

    “Obim, please don’t disgrace me. I don’t mind if you marry 20wives but please treat me…

    I was still speaking when I heard an hysterical laughter from Sandra, my husband’s second wife. Apparently, she has been evedropping.

    “No be small thing” She said and burst into laughter. my husband also joined her.

    To be continued……








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