Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 9)

    When I got home, I noticed my husband wasn’t at home though he left the hospital before me. I just thought maybe he needed some alone time to process everything that has happened.

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    I tried cooking but my pregnancy could’nt allow me do anything. So I just ate the leftover
    rice I saw in the kitchen and went to my room to nap.

    “My dear please wake up, come and eat” My husband said while tapping me gently.

    I opened my eyes and saw everywhere was already dark. I must have over slept.

    I was still trying to get up when my husband brought a tray of food to the bed.

    “Open it. I made it for you” My husband said with pride written all over his face.

    I didn’t even know how to react. The first time my husband cooked for me was during our honeymoon. My husband that I know hated cooking with passion.

    “What is the occasion?” I asked as I opened the goodness in front of me.

    “My dear, you deserve more” My husband said and we both burst into laughter.

    I pounced on the pounded yam and vegetable soup in front of me. It was hard to believe that my husband actually made the food because it tasted heavenly. I thanked him so much for the wonderful treat.

    The next day, I went for antenatal and also went to visit the priest. I spent so much time there. When I left the church, it was already 5:40pm.

    I tried to hurry up home so I can cook for my husband.

    Immediately I entered my palour, I was met with our families gathered in the palour. It was a pleasant surprise.

    My mother and my younger sibling were present. My mother in-law, my father in-law and two of my husband’s siblings were also present.

    I was still trying to catch my breath when I saw my pastor and his wife. I was just screaming.

    I was just taken by surprise. I didn’t know if it was a pleasant gathering or otherwise.
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    “Come and seat here, our wife” My mother in-law said while beckoning on me to seat down.

    I was further lost. I gave my mom an askance stare to see if she’d give me an hint but she just smiled.

    When I was seated, my husband walked in with a bouquet of flowers and went on his knees in front of me. I just looked at him in utmost confusion.

    “My dear wife, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I no longer deserve to be called your husband…”

    At this point, he started crying. I didn’t know when I also burst into tears. Then my mother and my mother in-law followed suit.

    “Please my queen, I know how bad I treated you and I even brought in a slut into our matrimonial home… He bowed his head for sometime and continued.

    “Find a place in your heart to forgive me. I know I don’t have the right to ask for your forgiveness that was why I invited these people who were there when we took our solemn vows on the alter to also witness this. Please for the sake of these people (He said pointing at the spectators) forgive me and take me back as your husband ”

    Tears couldn’t allow me speak for about 15mins.

    I was just sobbing uncontrollably.

    I was still trying to catch my breath when my mother in-law walked to where I was seated and held my hands.

    “My daughter, please forgive us. I don’t know what came over me that made me treat you that way” She said.

    Everyone present began to urge me to forgive them.

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Re: Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 9) by Stimony pam 7 months ago

    This part of the story is so touching







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