Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 8)

    My husband became more affectionate towards me He called more often and even sent me money twice.

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    Seeing how persistent he was, I decided to go back home. I told my mom about it and she gave me her permission.

    I finally went back to my husband’s house. My mother in-law has already gone back to the village so it was Just my husband, Sandra and I that were in the house.

    Sandra as usual still gave me her normal petty attitudes but the only difference was that my husband didn’t allow her to overstep her boundaries.

    I was already 8months gone while Sandra was due to give birth at any time. I had no problems with Sandra being in the house tho. I just didn’t like her unruly behaviors.

    My husband stopped treating me like trash and gave me the respect I deserved as his wife.

    My husband tried intimating intimacy severally but I stood firm in my decision and didn’t give in.

    I thought that would make him angry but he never got angry. I couldn’t be happier.

    Seeing how everything was going on well between my husband and I, attacks began to set in.

    First, my husband got scammed of #100k through a fake alert. The incident really destabilized my husband.

    Then he started having series of nightmares every night. It wasn’t really funny. He would wake up most nights panting and sweating profusely.

    My husband started withdrawing from Sandra and I little by little.

    Despite all these, I still continued with my fasting and prayers.

    I just had a week left to round up with my prayers when these attacks started.

    I increased the intensity of my prayers.

    The more I prayed, the more attacks we got. I was tempted to end the fast prematurely.

    Three days to the end of my prayers, Sandra fell into labour.

    Despite hours of labour, she was unable to put to birth. The midwife kept on urging Sandra to confess whatever she was hiding.

    My husband and I didn’t read meanings into it but the midwife kept on insisting that Sandra was hiding a huge secret.
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    Sandra kept insisting she wasn’t hiding anything. “I’m not hiding anything, what am I hiding?” Sandra asked amidst excruciating pain.

    “This is not the first time I’m handling a situation like this. Who is the father of this baby? This baby doesn’t want to be given to the wrong father hence he’s refusing to come out. Immediately you come out clean, then you will deliver this baby with ease” The midwife said.

    My husband was taken aback and couldn’t process what was happening in his head.

    “What the heck is going on?” My husband asked in utmost confusion.

    “This woman is not saying the truth about her pregnancy. You are not the father of this baby” The midwife dropped the shocker.

    “Sandra, start talking immediately” My husband charged at Sandra.

    I tried to calm him down but he wouldn’t listen.

    At this point, Sandra had already gotten very weak and was struggling to push. I started urging her to confess if there was anything to confess.

    When Sandra saw how critical the situation was, she finally opened up.

    “Before I met you, I was seeing someone” She said staring at My husband.

    “Ehn ehn??” My husband asked impatiently.

    “I didn’t really break up with him, I just followed you because you treated me better than he did. I was cheating on him with you. He found out and ended things with me but we still got intimate from time to time” Sandra said.

    My husband would have strangled her to death if I didn’t stop him. At this point, my husband burst into tears.

    “Why Sandra? Why did you do this to me? I even neglected my wife for you and gave you all my love. Do I really deserve this?” My husband asked.

    I watched my husband cry like a baby but didn’t know how to console him. I just stood aghast shedding tears silently.

    In less than 10mins Sandra made the confession, the baby came out. It was a baby boy.

    My husband left without paying up the bills. So I cleared the hospital bills and even got her provisions before I left….

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