Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 7)

    Since I left my husband’s house, he didn’t call me not even once. He was mad that I didn’t listen to his mother but did what was on my mind.

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    I started my fasting and prayers with my mom. While I didn’t fast from food, my mom did. We took the prayers really serious.

    On the seventh day of my fast, something spectacular happened.

    As usual, my alarm was ringing around 2:40. I could hear the alarm but I couldn’t stand up. I had no control over my body. I tried shouting for help but no one could hear my voice. I tried raising my hands but couldn’t. I thought I was going to die.

    All of a sudden, someone began to strangle me. I was about choking to death when I remembered to call on the name of Jesus.

    Immediately I mentioned the name of Jesus, the person stopped strangling me and I was able to get up.

    I stood up as fast as I could but couldn’t see anyone in the room except for my mother who was fast asleep.

    I was so terrified. I woke my mother who is a deep sleeper up. I didn’t say anything to my mom.

    I had my bath as instructed by the priest and lit up the candles. When it was 3:00am on the dot, we started praying.

    The prayer was more intense than the previous ones. It was a violent spiritual warfare. I guess the experience I had triggered the intensity of the prayer.

    When we were done praying, we laid down to observe the usual 15mins of silence.

    All of a sudden, the room became noticeably cold. I felt the presence of a third person in the room.

    I lost control of myself and began to speak in strange tongues. I was speaking at the top of my voice. I tried to control myself but couldn’t.

    I started blasting in tongues and was rolling and crying. Thanks to my mom who held me so I wouldn’t injure myself. It lasted for about 10mins.

    That was the first time I spoke in tongues. After the prayers, I called the priest and told him about my encounter.

    “Your deliverance is near” He said
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    I continued with my midnight prayers and fasting. I focused more on kindness during this period.

    I patronized street vendors more and didn’t haggle prices with them and even gave them tips.

    Most times I usually get a “God bless you” from them which gladdened my heart and made me satisfied.

    During this period, I also got to discover myself more and my relationship with God was rekindled.

    I could now speak in tongues for hours nonstop. I was no longer bitter neither do I hold any grudge against my husband. I was at peace with myself and man.

    One evening, I just got back from antenatal completely drained of strength.

    I had a very cold bath and was trying to take a nap when my phone rang. I checked, it was my husband. I was bewildered.

    “Hello Mandy, how are you” My husband said from the other end.

    I was further surprised. Is his phone stolen or what?

    “Why aren’t you replying?” He asked.

    “Hmmm… your question came as a surprise… I am fine” I stammered.

    “How is our baby?” He asked further.

    What is really going on? I wondered within.

    “We are fine to the glory of God” I replied.

    “Hmm, when are you coming back home?” He asked as meek as possible.

    “Really?? You want me back after everything?” I asked.

    “What’s that supposed to mean? Are you not my wife? The house is kinda lonely without you” He said.

    “Wow, are you sure you are Emmanuel my husband? Which house is lonely without me? What about Sandra?” I asked.

    “Sandra is just there. Please come back as soon as possible. Stay safe” He said and ended the call.
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    For some moments, I was speechless.

    “What just happened?” I asked myself

    “Did this man just asked about his child and I and even asked me to come back home?”

    I took my phone and checked to confirm if it was my husband I just spoke with.

    I called the priest immediately to inform him about the latest development.

    He asked me to pray for wisdom to handle everything wisely and prayed for me.

    This is just the 21st day of my fast. Am I really getting liberated for real?

    Does God really answer our prayers when we pray fervently? The questions couldn’t just stop coming.

    I couldn’t wait for my husband and I to go back to the way we were when we newly got married.

    My husband was the sweetest then. He didn’t joke with me nor gave me any reason to regret marrying him…….

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