Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 6)

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    I left the village as soon as I could.

    I hurried back home as swift as I could.

    When I got to the house, the door was locked from inside. I knocked and knocked but no one was answering. I called my husband and my mother in-law’s number but they didn’t pick.

    The time was 8:05pm and I don’t even have any close friends around. So I sat at the varander waiting for the door to be opened. All of a sudden, it started raining. I got drenched by the rain.

    I started crying because the cold was much. If I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t be pained. I was just too sad seeing my unborn child going through hell with me.

    I tried knocking for the 100th time and Sandra sluggishly came and opened the door.

    “So, you’ve been the one knocking? We thought it was robbers” She said.

    The tears in my eyes couldn’t even allow me speak. When I entered the palour, I saw they were watching Netflix and chilling. Fried chicken and chips were on the table. Glasses were filled with wine. They were indeed having the night of their lives.

    I greeted my mother in-law and my husband who answered me reluctantly.

    Nobody welcomed me. Obviously, I’m not welcomed.

    I apologized and left for my room.

    “My dear miracle baby” I said whilst rubbing my tummy.

    “Mummy is sorry for not making your moments in my womb a pleasant experience. I’m doing my best to make sure you don’t have to go through pain just like me”

    I was about going to bed when my mother in-law stormed into my room.

    “Who will wash the plates in the kitchen? What is even your usefulness in this house? Where did my son even get you from?” She said.

    I didn’t utter a word of protest nor complaint. I made my way to the kitchen to clear the mess I didn’t make.

    There were plates littered everywhere.

    I was still doing the dishes when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.The pain was unbearable. I started screaming for help.

    After shouting for 15mins, my husband sluggishly came and rushed me to the hospital.
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    Luckily for me, I was rushed to the hospital on time. Treatments were administered almost immediately.

    Mother and baby were fine to the glory of God.

    The doctor said I was over stressed and my BP was extremely high. He advised I observe an absolute bed rest for at least a week.

    I knew it was impossible for me to observe any form of rest in that house, so I called my mom to come pick me up.

    My mother in-law protested but for the first time, I was assertive and stood firm on my decision. That was how I escaped the snares of the devil.

    Another reason I left the house was that I needed a cool ambience to observe my midnight prayers diligently.

    I opened up to my mum for the first time about my travails in my husband’s house, down to my visit to the priest and why I travelled to her family house in the village.

    She couldn’t stop crying. She told me she knew something was amiss in her family but couldn’t place her hands on it.

    She apologized for not being a good mother to me. Infact, it was a festival of tears and apologies that night as we both cried uncontrollably.

    My mother also volunteered to join me in the fast.

    My mom told me about her struggles of being a single mother of two children.

    How difficult it was for her to raise my sibling and I singlehandedly.

    “Most times, I do cry myself to bed because of loneliness. I always wondered if I was doing well raising you two alone. I know you guys do miss the presence of a father figure but wouldn’t complain because of how understanding you both are, but I know all about it and it makes me sick. I’m sorry for being your mother despite my conspicuous unworthiness” My mother said amidst tears.

    “Don’t say that Mommy, it’s not your fault. I for one knows how difficult it is to be in a toxic marriage. I don’t even know where I had the strength to put up with everything” I’d told her.

    That night, I slept like I had no worries.

    A Mother’s love cannot be compared.

    To be continued……..


    God wll help u







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