Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 5)

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    I listened with keen attention to everything the priest said. I had no reason to doubt him since he was able to tell my predicaments without even knowing me.

    We scheduled the next counseling for next week. I thanked him and and left.

    The time was already after six when I left the church. I checked my phone, my husband didn’t call me (I wasn’t surprised). Even if I go missing, he wouldn’t notice.

    I got home a minute after 7pm. As I was about entering my room, I heard a familiar voice…

    “Amanda bia! So, this is how you leave the house everyday to go visit men abi”

    I looked and saw it was my mother in law. I was taken aback. My husband didn’t inform me about her visit.

    “Ahh! Mama, you are around. Welcome ma” I said with smiles while trying to embrace her.

    She pushed me so hard that I almost fell.

    “Who are you trying to touch with that your adulterous hand? Where are you coming from” She fired at me.

    “I’m sorry mama, I went to…”

    I was still speaking when my husband and Sandra walked in.

    “Oh, you are still alive? I thought you died on your way to the hospital” My husband said sarcastically.

    “If not for Sandra who welcomed me with an open hand and cooked for me in this her condition, I would have died of hunger. Your mother did a terrible job at raising you” My mother in-law said.

    “Mama, I’m always here to take care of you for giving me this good man” Sandra said while rubbing my husband’s palms. My husband was all smiles.

    “I’m sorry…”

    “Get out of my sight” My mother in-law charged at me.

    Sorrowfully, I left for my room

    Apparently, my mother in-law is here to stay with us for some time. This realization broke my heart into pieces.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    I sat rehearsing how to take permission from my husband and his mom to go to my mother’s village. The thought of this gave me a tough time.

    My husband has never allowed me spend a night outside our matrimonial home. He is always suspicious and over protective. I couldn’t even attend my bestie’s wedding because it was in another state.

    I didn’t want to tell them about my encounter with the priest and everything he revealed to me. I know how he’d react.

    One morning after devotions, I decided to take the risk.

    I told my husband to please allow me go see my people and surprisingly, he agreed.

    I was happy to finally cross the first hurdle. I tried my best to make sure I pleased my mother in-law that day but she didn’t give me any attention.

    Herself and Sandra got along pretty well. They were all over the place gisting, cooking, laughing like best friends. I didn’t let it bother me.

    The next morning, after the devotions and everything, I left for my mother’s village.

    With the direction given to me by my grandma and the help from some indigenes, I located the house.

    It was an old rickety building that has been abandoned for decades. In one of the rooms, I saw an abandoned and dirty shrine. I saw some dolls and wooden images.

    My grandma had earlier informed me that their family was into idol worshipping and that her grandma was a powerful and influential Ezewanyi who was highly sought after.

    My grandma actually got converted in 2008, though she’s isn’t a strong christian now.

    I looked at the shrine and wept. So, this is the alter where my destiny was traded on?

    I looked at the shrine and spoke to it…

    “I denounce you and all your empty promises. I was not the one who went into an agreement with you. I don’t know you so therefore, you have no hold over me and my children. I set myself free by the power of God.

    I dusted my feet and left.

    To be continued……….








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