Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 4)

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    The Priest invited me to his office.

    When we got to his office, he offered me a chair. When I was seated, he called his secretary and ask him to go buy me food even when I protested against it.

    “Looking at you, I know you haven’t had anything since morning which is not good for your condition” The priest said.

    He wasn’t lying. I’d lost my appetite months ago. I only eat because I needed to take my drugs not because I want to eat. When I’m chewing food, it’s as if I’m chewing sand.

    The secretary brought the food and left.

    The Priest literally forced me to eat every grain of rice in the plate. I felt so full and alive. Food is indeed life!

    He allowed me rest for some time before he started the counselling.

    “I was heading out when I saw you on the alter” He said.

    “I didn’t want to stop but my legs couldn’t move” He continued.

    “I heard the voice of the lord saying “I LOVE THIS MY CHILD SO MUCH ” in my heart” and I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said “MINISTER TO HER”.

    I was just staring at the priest completely short of words. I didn’t even know how to react.

    “I looked at you and the lord showed me about your predicament” The priest continued.

    I became really curious and gave him all my attention.

    “A woman in your lineage entered a covenant with a demon. She promised that all her daughters down to the 7th generation would be married to the demon in exchange for spiritual powers and you are the sixth generation” The priest said.

    Immediately I heard that, I got really terrified. It was as if I could see the demon in front of me. The ambience in the office changed immediately. I began to vibrate tremendously.

    The Priest continued.

    “Females in your mother’s family are not destined to get married, even when they eventually get married, their mission is just to give birth to the demon’s bride, if you don’t leave your husband, he will die”
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    Immediately I heard those revelations from the priest, my head exploded. I developed a severe migraine.

    “Father…do you mean my daughter … will also go through this?” I asked amidst tears

    “Yes! if you don’t take the bull by it’s horn” The priest answered.

    I grovelled at the priest’s feet sobbing, just like Mary Magdalene did in the bible.

    “Father please help me! Save me! Save my daughter” I begged earnestly.

    At this point, I wasn’t thinking about myself. My concern was fixed on my unborn child.

    There is no way I’d watch her go through this agony. NEVER!

    The Priest lifted me to my seat and tried to pacify me. When he saw I was a little bit calm, he continued.

    “The kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force. You have to take drastic measures”

    “Father please tell me, I am ready to sacrifice my life to save my children” I pleaded.

    “You are to embark on a 40days fasting. I know you can’t fast from food because of your condition. You should fast from comfort, from pleasure (sex inclusive), from your phone and from grief.

    Before you start your fasting, you have to go to your mother’s family house and denounce every evil covenant entered on your behalf” The priest continued.

    “During this 40days, you are to wake up everyday at 2:45am. Immediately you are up, take your bath and remain naked. light up seven white candles in a dark room. let the candle be your only source of light. Immediately it is 3am (The hour of mercy according to Catholics) start to ask the lord for his mercy. Denounce yourself and your family from every evil covenant entered against your permission. Cry as ernest as you can. Weep, scream, jump, just behave like you mean what you are saying. Pray psalm 34, 91 and psalm 23 as well. After your prayers, just lay on the floor and remain still for 15mins” He concluded

    To be continued…..








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