Story: “My Name is Amanda” (Part 3)

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    “Get up! why are you still sleeping? Don’t you know today is my Father’s birthday?” My husband said while tapping me violently.

    I know my father in-law’s birthday was today but didn’t know there would be a party.

    I was still looking for strength to get up because I was still having morning sickness when my husband started dragging me from the bed.

    “You want to delay us abi? If not that my father particularly asked me to bring you along, do you think anyone would’ve missed you in the party? My husband said.

    Despite the agonizing morning sickness I was having, I managed to get prepared for the party.

    This man never informed me there would be a birthday party for his father. infact, he never divulge any information to me. I mostly get to know things about my home from strangers.

    Sometimes when most of his friends tell me about somethings, I’d just pretend as if I already knew.

    That was how I got to know about the house he recently built in the village from his friend who called to congratulate me. Imagine the hurt I felt.
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    When we got to the party, I was received with a cold shoulder while Sandra was warmly welcomed except for my father in-law who was so delighted to see me.

    I was seated enjoying the view of the party when my mother in-law started shouting at me..

    “People are there working, you are here seated like a queen, my friend go and join them in the kitchen. She shouted.

    “But mummy, I’m still in my first trimester and…” I was trying to explain before my sister in-law barged in.

    “So, my mother is too small to talk to you abi”

    The whole thing was beginning to draw people’s attention so I left for the kitchen.

    I was turning garri when I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I started crying.

    “Why are you crying madam?” A concerned woman asked.

    “It’s nothing ma’ I’m okay” I replied and continued with what I was doing.

    That was how I assisted in the kitchen through out the party.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    I didn’t get to enjoy the party at all. I was busy from the beginning till the end.

    Sandra on the other hand got the baby girl’s treatment. My mother in-law made sure she had a taste of every meal that was served in the party.

    It was the mercy of God that kept my miracle baby safe in my womb because the work I did that day was beyond stressful.

    After the party, for the first time I had to confide in my friend because my heart was about to explode.

    I opened up to her from the beginning till the end. At intervals while narrating my ordeal to her, we both cried.

    She told me I need the mercy of God in my life and nothing more. For the first time in a long while, I felt relieved.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    So, one afternoon, on my way from antenatal, I entered the Catholic church in front of my hospital.

    I am not a Catholic but something propelled me to go into the church.

    They just finished their afternoon mass when I got in. I saw a red light blinking in a part of the alter. I also saw people praying there so I joined them.

    My emotions were too high, so I couldn’t even pray. I was just sobbing uncontrollably.

    When I got tired of kneeling, I laid on the alter. I spent over an hour crying on the alter. I was left alone in the church as everyone has gone home.

    I stood up to leave when I noticed the priest has been watching me. I was startled.

    “The lord said he loves you” The priest said.

    That came as a rude shock to me. I wasn’t expecting that. I was numb and speechless. After a brief silence, I was able to find my voice.

    “Then tell the lord to prove it to me since he wouldn’t listen to me” I said amidst tears.









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