Story: “My Boyfriend And Vera” (Episode 4) FINALE

    My boyfriend informed his sister (Vera) about our coming and she was ready to receive us…

    I thought of what I will buy for her and the kids, I was confused about what I will buy for them so I decided to buy provisions, with some packs of small juice for kids..

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    We got to her house, met her and the husband and also their kids.. I handed what I bought for them to her as we were exchanging pleasantries, she collected it and told the kids to go to their room…….

    I don’t know how to describe her husband but he’s too mean for my liking, not receptive and acts like an Egyptian god.

    We started our conversations just to know each other better…

    I was expecting Vera to serve us water or soft drink but I waited in vain, she couldn’t serve us anything but each time she comes to my boyfriend’s house, she goes straight to the pot to dish her food.. (sighs) I was so disappointed.

    The brother told her and the husband about his plan to travel to the village for our introduction, the husband congratulated us and wished us well while the wife’s face changed but she managed to say congratulations. It was getting dark, we left and bid them goodbye.

    I wanted to complain to my boyfriend why his sister couldn’t serve us anything but I said let me keep quiet and allow the sleeping dog lie before he will call and tell her what I said…

    It was a new week and my boyfriend decided to call other members of his family to inform them about our introduction and problem started!

    He called his elder sister in the village to inform her so that she can start arranging the house since she’s the only one living in the family house…

    She asked him who’s the lady he’s planning introduction with? My boyfriend replied and told her, same lady you have been talking to on phone with that you like and eager to meet…

    I don’t think that lady is fit to come to our family, Vera has told me everything about her and if you end up marrying her, she won’t allow any of us to get anything from you again or come to your house.

    She even ended the call on my boyfriend’s ear after saying that.

    My boyfriend called those ones that he took me to that stays in the City..

    They all repeated same thing to him, they told him to look for another lady…

    I already knew things would turn out this way, my boyfriend made a mistake for telling Vera what I said, I knew it will come to this but it’s left for my boyfriend to stand as the man…

    My boyfriend was confused, he called Vera and confronted her why she spoilt my name to other members of the family that has fallen in love with me already?
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    That was how Vera started barking on the phone, “Emma, I made you who you are today, I have stood as our mother for you and brought you this lady but from the test so far, she’s not what we need in the family! You can go on with your marriage with her but we will disown you! she ended the call.

    I was shocked, so they can disown a man too? First son for that oo…

    I asked my boyfriend what’s the next step, he said “Nne, my families are not with me and I don’t think I can go on with this our marriage” Immediately he said it, I became so weak, I couldn’t utter any word. It was like a dream, I picked up my bag and left..

    After three days, I went to my boyfriend’s shop to talk some senses into him, how will he allow his family to detect for him, after all the confidence he gave me just a small challenge, he backed out…..

    He told me he’s sorry but he can’t be “AGAINST“ his family…

    I felt so disappointed for dating a boy..

    I left his shop and went home straight, I felt like commiting suicide, Emma was every woman’s dream but he has a horrible family..

    I heard they are planning to bring a lady for him from the village..

    I have learnt my lessons, I will never date any man that is not educated, exposed and too attached to his family or the only successful person in the family, this is exactly who Emma is…

    THE END!!!








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