Story: “My Boyfriend And Vera” (Episode 3)

    I cried while going home because if truly Vera is my boyfriend’s elder sister and she’s like his mom according to him, I don’t see our union working again..

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    My boyfriend is too attached to his family, especially this Vera, the way she collects money from him as if he works for her is annoying.

    I got home so disappointed and heartbroken.. He called me, I picked and he was apologising for lying that Vera is his friend rather than his elder sister..

    He pleaded to come see me the next day that he has some important issues to discuss with me, I told him okay, he can come..

    My boyfriend came to my house the next day and said to me, “Nne, I am really sorry for lying to you but my reason for coming here is to tell you everything about my family”..

    We lost our parent at a very tender age and Vera became our mother, she’s our elder sister..

    She was the one that took me to serve under a man that I learnt trade from, I served him for 12 years and after that, he freed me and gave me the sum of 3Million naira as settlement.

    Vera suggested that I give her 1.5m so that she can add her own and get a bus that will be fetching us more money…

    I agreed, gave her 1.5M and managed the rest to rent a shop and buy few things..

    I was expecting to see the bus that my sister bought but I was disappointed, she bought a Sienna and that’s what her husband drives….

    Vera is a married woman with three kids, I don’t know where her husband works but things are not going well with them and that’s why you always see her coming to the shop to ask for money…

    My sister believes that without her, I wouldn’t have been where I am today, she always say it..

    You are the first woman I am dating and she told me she would love to study you to know the type of a lady you are..

    I looked at my boyfriend and asked him, so your 1.5M just left that way and you couldn’t confront her?

    He said yes, he can’t do anything and that he believes once he get married, his sister would stop disturbing him for money…

    I was so shocked that there are people like my boyfriend, he actually went to serve that man on behalf of his elder sister, I said to myself..

    I felt so bad for him, he’s not exposed and isn’t smart too! He only had a primary school leaving certificate and learnt a trade afterwards.

    Emma is doing well and can take good care of his family, though I’m a graduate but his qualification isn’t a problem to me, he has all what I need in a man…

    I asked him, why can’t Vera work?

    He said the husband doesn’t want her to work because of their kids and the man is a violent person..

    She loves the man and the only little help I can offer her is this little money I’m giving to her in the name of lending..

    I smiled and said to him, I don’t know how to help you in this situation, I complained about the way you give Vera money, you went and told her but what I will still tell you is, stop giving her money, she even has a husband and kids, you need to have your own family, abeg man up and face reality!

    He promised to adjust and reduce the way he gives out money to her sister…

    But the most shocking thing is how Vera made me believe she lives in same street with me is what I don’t understand…

    Can people really go that extra length in observing or monitoring you? what a monitoring spirit! making you see them everytime and you will think they live in same street with you? This Vera must be really jobless and “Oversabi” house wife oo, I murmured…

    My boyfriend and I agreed to go visit Vera, I find it hard to believe that Vera is married with three kids and she doesn’t really live in my street, though it’s same Area.

    We fixed weekend for that visit and my boyfriend said he will call her to let her know…..

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