Story: “My Boyfriend And Vera” (Episode 2)

    I wasn’t happy with all these kind of play or joke that Vera and my boyfriend were playing..

    Immediately we got home, I started disturbing him to tell me who Vera is to him but he said she’s just a friend and they have known each other for more than ten years..

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    I asked him, where is Vera’s boyfriend? I thought they are getting married soon, how comes I haven’t heard anything about him all these while?

    My boyfriend looked at me and asked, “Nne, why are you troubling yourself? they get married or not, it’s none of our business, let’s talk about our marriage”.

    Two weeks later, I was in the shop with my boyfriend when Vera came again, my greatest annoyance is that Vera will never sit down to talk, she would always stand and the next thing I will see is my boyfriend giving her money..

    They always speak their language which is Igbo.

    When Vera left, my boyfriend started complaining to me that he’s tired of this woman, always coming to borrow money but she will never pay back…

    I didn’t talk, but I started demanding for money from him too…

    I have never asked him for a penny because I’m doing well financially but after seeing how he gives out money, I decided to also have my share..

    I found out that giving isn’t his problem, he’s a giver but I don’t like how he gives out money to that Vera in the name of borrowing.

    It was six months now of dating, I asked him what his family think about me, he said they love me and they are looking forward to seeing us travel for Introduction.

    He gave out my number to one of his sisters in the village, the first time we spoke, she liked me and was eager to meet me.

    The only person giving me problem is this Vera and I can’t wait to marry my boyfriend so that I will deal with her..

    The disrespect is just too much to endure or bear..

    I went to spend the weekend in my boyfriend’s house and when he came back from shop, he was complaining how Vera came with her usual way of asking for money and he gave her 10k.

    I was really mad at him this time, I asked him what his problem is, must he give her money? is she her boss? I was very angry, took my things and left for my house…

    He tried stopping me from going but I pushed him and left..

    He called me throughout that night but I didn’t pick, he kept calling and calling, then I picked and he said to me “Nne I love you so much, please forgive me” I have called Vera too and complained to her that you are not happy the way she’s always coming to ask for money from me and because of this, my relationship is at stake..

    Immediately I heard it, I screamed on the phone and asked him,
    Emma why? Why must you tell her that I’m complaining? can’t you challenge her without mentioning my name? He replied and said, I don’t mean any harm Nne, I just want to let her know that you are not happy about it too..

    This guy has spoilt the already soured friendship between Vera and I. Gosh!!! I said to myself.

    The next day, I went to see him in his shop and I met Vera there, I greeted her and she reluctantly answered…

    Immediately I sat down, she got up and told my boyfriend that she will be on her way now and she left…

    I started asking my boyfriend why he told Vera about my reaction concerning the money she always borrow and will never pay back, don’t you know this can cause enmity between us? look at the way she even answered my greeting..

    My boyfriend held my hand and said, Nne, Vera is my elder sister, she was the one that took care of us when we lost our parent, I know I lied to you but please forgive me and I want you to know that nothing will stop us from getting married, so relax..

    I felt like slapping him, I was so mad at him and left his shop immediately, I couldn’t control my emotions, I was crying while heading home..

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    The boyfriend is making too much mistake







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