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Story: “Gabriella”
[Story] "Gabriella" (Drama)

    As I laid on my bed, feeling restless and downcast, my mind took me back to the previous events that happened last night.

    My name is Gabriella, I lost my parents at a very tender age, I was raised by my grandmother, she passed on three years ago, and ever since then things hadn’t been the same with me.

    Things were very hard and feeding became almost impossible. I tried making money the right way, but it seemed harder than I thought.

    I was fed up, I decided to meet Rose, my childhood friend, Rose was considered the hottest chic in town, she had two cars and lived in a well furnished mansion, she had everything a woman would ever ask for, and obviously money was not her problem.

    I met her on her way going out, and after much pleasantries, she took me into her mansion and demanded to know why I had to visit her so late in the night.

    I told her my problems, and how things have been difficult with me ever since my grandmother died.

    She kept quiet for a while, and the first thing she said after a long pause was if I was a virgin.

    I shook my head in the negative, I mean how would I be a virgin when I had a boyfriend years back, we broke up two years before my grandmother died.

    She looked me from head to toe and kept complimenting my beauty, I wasn’t really interested in the compliment, all I wanted was a clue on how to make money just like her.

    She eventually stopped with the compliment and advised me to use what I have to get what I want.

    In confusion, I asked her what she meant by that, and she opened up to tell me that she was into pr0stitution.

    I wasn’t shocked, I expected it, I mean how else would she make so much money if not sleeping around with men.

    I told her I was ready for it, I didn’t really care what type of job it was, as long as it put food on my table. She smiled and complimented my courage.

    She told me she was on her way going out to see one of her clients, and asked if I would like to join her, of course I shook my head in the affirmative.

    Watch Out For Episode 2



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