Story: “Gabriella” (Episode 3)
[Story] "Gabriella" (Episode 3)

    Rose asked if the men had arrived, and the chubby one responded with a no, and said she called her client and he assured her him and his friends would be here in less than five minutes. Not too long we heard car horns outside the compound, accompanied with screeching sounds of vehicles. Minutes later, the big door flung open and six men walked in. They were not old like I expected, they seemed to be in their early fifties.

    The girls walked over to meet and hug their various clients while I stood alone. Rose introduced me to them, and they all beamed with smiles, they complimented my beauty, while they guessed how sweet I would be on bed, I shyly lowered my head and responded them with a smile. After much discussions with them, the girls left with their clients including Rose, and I was left with just one of them.

    We stood there for a while before he initiated me into a conversation, he asked about my name and I also got to know that his name was James. I asked him where the other girls went to, and he replied telling me they went to their different rooms, I was surprised, so I asked if the house belonged to the girls, and he said no, he explained to me that the house belonged to he and his friends, they built the house specially for sex, they don’t live there, they only bring girls there to have sex with them. I didn’t say a word, I just shook my head.

    He took me into one of the rooms I would share with him, and told me to make myself comfortable since he was going to get something in the sitting room and he left.

    I sat down on the bed but felt so uncomfortable, my stomach grumbled and I felt like vomiting, I didn’t know why, but I had a bad feeling about that house. After a while, i heard a loud shout from the next room, but it faded immediately it came, I sat up immediately and tried listening carefully if truly I heard something, but nothing, maybe I was hallucinating, so I laid back on the bed.
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    Minutes later I heard another loud shout, I jolted out of the bed immediately, I was certain I wasn’t hallucinating, I heard it clearly, the loud painful scream, I tiptoed and placed my ear on the door, and I heard what seemed like someone was butchering animal, my heart skipped a bit.

    James walked in and saw me placing my ears on the door, he asked me if everything was okay, I said no, and told him what I heard, he laughed, and assured me not bother myself, he said the screams I heard were probably the moans of other girls.

    My mind refused to believe what he said, but I nodded my head and retuned to the bed, after making sure I was okay, he left the room. I kept on thinking about what I heard, but then my eyes drifted to where he stood, but what I saw shook me.

    There was blood like a shoe print on the floor, I hurriedly climbed out of the bed and rushed to where I saw the shoe print, I used my finger to clean a little bit then took it closer to my nose, just then I heard another loud scream, this time it came with a loud thud on the floor, my heart skipped a thousand beat, and just then I realized what I had gotten myself into. The men were killing and butchering the girls.

    Upon the realization, my fear increased, I was trembling and tears was already dropping from my eyes, but that was not a time to cry, it was a time for action.

    I gently dropped my bag on the bed, and folded the bedsheets in a way that would look like someone was lying down, I removed my high heeled shoes, then carried the scissors that was on the table and cut my short gown into two, at least so I would be able to climb down the fence.

    I rushed to the door, opened it and peeped outside, I saw two of the men discussing in low tunes just a stone throw to where I stood, I closed the door immediately and held my pounding heart, It was definitely a bad idea to escape through the door, I would be caught in no time, besides the big door in the sitting room was locked.

    Watch Out For “Gabriella” Episode 4…….


    run for ur life oo


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