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[Story] Fausat The Fish Seller – Episode 6

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[Story] Fausat The Fish Seller –  Episode 6 All Updated Stories

If You Missed Episode 5, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

She asked where I was going to, I told her I was going to check a friend in the other street, she said I should at least stay and spend some time with her, since it’s been long we saw last. Yeah she was right, but I don’t really have feelings for her any more, even though I haven’t told her.

I told her that I wasn’t going to spend too much time where I was going, so I would be back shortly. She insisted on following me, I told her it was a guy thing and assured her it was just important we see, talk for just a short time and then return to be with her. I lied, I wasn’t going to return.

I spent the night in fausat place at gate. It was one of the most memorable night of my life. Fausat’s apartment was great, cool. And there was constant power supply. With everything that happened, I became anxious of moving in to join her. Though she was mounting pressure on me; I guess it was high time I take the decision, let seyi know that I was no longer in love with her again.

All throughout the night, my phone was switched off, I didn’t want to receive seyi’s call. I know seyi will be worried.

As I was going back home, I thought about the first day I laid my eyes on seyi, that first love for her that struck me, all that had faded away. I was asking myself how. I thought of what seyi will do when I tell her that I want a break-up; she loves me so much, I loved her but, that was then, that love had varnished. I am now thinking of a new life with Fausat.

I got to the house, immediately I entered the gate, seyi was sitting on a bench on the veranda, I guess she was worried and was waiting for me to come in. She ran towards me immediately, I thought she wanted to slap me but no, she hugged me, “where have you been since. I have been trying your line but it was switched off,” she said. I told her I slept over at my friends place.

“You should have atleast called me, you got me worried” she said, I told her I was sorry but there was no network coverage at the area. I lied to her, I told her that the friend I went to visit, took me to another friend’s place, and there was no network, and we couldn’t come back, we had to sleep over.

She took me to her room. She was just talking of how she tried my mobile number several times, called couple of my friends to know if I was with them. I kept mute as she talked. She noticed I was not talking as she talked, “What is wrong with you, are you okay” she asked.

“I want us to break up,” I replied her. She looked at me as if I was joking. “Stop joking around joor, na hunger dey do you this, you better wait let me cook so you eat” she said to me.

As she stood up to leave my presence, I held her left hand and dragged her back, “I am d–n serious, let’s just go our separate ways” I said to her. She laughed out loud, “leave my hand joor, I have something on fire, let me go and check it before you start all this your play” she said again;.

“am moving into Fausat’s house by Saturday” I said, immediately she hear that, she turned around and faced me, our eyes met, I saw those emotions in her eyes, the pain that I have disappointed her.

“why, how manage, when, what are you saying” she screamed; she was finding it difficult to alter words out of her mouth.

I released my hands on hers, I left for my room, she followed me immediately, as I entered my room, she followed me, “wait, I want to understand what you are saying” she said, “you mean you are leaving me for fausat” she said again.

“yes” I replied; “Is this a joke or what” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say again as I looked into her eyes as tears was rolling down her cheeks. I knelt down, held her two toes, begging her to forgive me. I know she felt betrayed and disappointed in me. Even me sef dey feel bitter.

Looking at her sharing those tears in my presence, I wished that love I once had for her will come back. Indeed I have truly betrayed her, how I wish I could find a way of making it up to her.

She turned and left my room, leaving me still kneeling down. I stood up, brought out some of those things she bought for me, took them to her room, she was sitting on her reading chair holding a picture we took together. I dropped those things on her table. As I was leaving, she called my name, I turned to her, “so you are serious that you are leaving me” she asked.

I was totally speechless, I don’t know how to answer her. I was still looking into her eyes, “Yes I am” I said, I turned around and left.

30 minutes later, I was passing by her room, going outside to fetch water from the well, I heard her crying. I felt pity for her; but I just have to go, let me not waste her time.

Two days later, early in the morning, seyi’s knock on the door woke me up. I opened the door and she came in. She said since I wanted a break up, well she will let me be but only in one condition.

She asked if I remembered the first day she agreed to date me, how I carried her on my arms from the gate into my room……….

To be continued.

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    fock up dude


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    getting out of hand! You don’t tend to be a man…… I’m sure u are in LUST!


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