Story: “Even The Rich Also Cry” (Episode 9)

    After school, the driver drove up and Egbe joined Desmond in the car. The man had been given a card by Major Festus. It was a card all parents were given, without which they could not pick their children.

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    It was a security measure that helped protect the pupils from the hands of kidnappers; considering that most of the pupils in the school were the children of wealthy families. They drove into the afternoon traffic as the driver put on the air-conditioner to ease the afternoon heat.

    Desmond opened his bag and brought out a comic book and was soon engrossed in it. Egbe watched him from the corner of her eyes for some minute;

    Egbe: “You like comics?” she asked. Desmond nodded. She swore under her breath; “Desmond, look at me.” She said; “when people ask you a question, reply them by speaking. Don’t nod your head at them, it’s not good, okay?” she added when he raised his head to look at her.

    Desmond: “Did daddy ask you to take me home?” he asked, ignoring her statement.

    Egbe: “did you hear what I said?” she asked, irritated by his attitude.

    Desmond did not answer her. He returned to his comic book, ignoring her totally. Egbe let out her breath through her mouth. Throughout the class today, he had been quiet and attentive. He had not been rude or disobedient and had answered questions asked him without hesitation. The sudden change in attitude bothered her. She stared at him for a while;

    Egbe: “Desmond what is the problem?” she asked, watching the boy.

    Desmond closed the comic book and placed it back in his bag. The car drove before a gate which opened for them and they drove in. Egbe looked at the house; it was huge. The front door opened as she came out of the car. Desmond greeted the woman and entered the house without a backward glance. Egbe watched him with a worried look. It was as if he became a different person as soon as he entered the car and his strangeness only worsened when they got home. She could not understand it. She walked to the woman, who was watching the retreating back of Desmond sadly, biting her lower lip.

    Egbe: “good afternoon. I am Desmond’s class teacher. I am here for his home lessons.” She said.

    Cook: “Oga tell me. Follow me make I show you the parlor wey una go use.” She replied.

    They entered the house together and the cook led Egbe up the stairs. They soon got to Desmond’s room which had an adjoining sitting room. The room had a 60” television screen as well as a PS4 game console, leather chairs and a blue rug completed the effect. “This was a boy’s sitting room? Hmm…rich indeed. But there is no happiness here?” Egbe thought to herself. She turned to the cook.

    Egbe: “Where is Desmond’s mother?” she asked.

    Cook: “Mother? Hmmm…that one no care whether the boy die or him dey alive o.” She replied, her disgust apparent.

    Egbe: “I don’t understand. How can a mother be indifferent to her own son?” she replied, surprised. She had thought that her son had been taken from her to make Mrs. Olayinka bear the loss of her own son. If the woman did not want the child, why did the Major take her child? She pondered this question for a second.

    Egbe: “the moment school closed, his behaviour changed. I am suspecting that coming home made him change. What is going on here?” she asked

    Cook: “when you dey come house come meet mama wey dey look you with hate and papa wey no dey stay house, how you go feel? Abeg I dey go my kitchen.” She replied and hurried out of the room.

    Egbe sat down to ponder on what the cook had said. She could see why the major had wanted her with Desmond after school. She sighed.
    Major Festus drove with Olamide to a warehouse located close to Apapa Wharf and packed his car. Both of them came down and walked into the warehouse premises.

    Major Festus: “while in the military, I learnt to invest my savings and prepare myself for early retirement. I had no plans on becoming a general or whatever; I had joined the military because my alternatives were few, so when I left, I wanted to be comfortable. Luckily for me, I made good friends; scions of wealthy families, who have been sent to the military. Through them, I met Florence’s father, a wealthy industrialist. He was the one who gave me my first break; importing machinery parts from Germany.” He paused and turned to look at Olamide. Olamide’s eyes were shining with interest. He nodded his head and continued; “from then on, I managed to open my own cocoa farm, oil palm plantation, as well as get import and export license to do business all over the world. With the help of God, quick thinking and great business strategy, I am still a thriving concern. This is one of my warehouses, where my palm oil products are gathered for exports to countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, etc.”

    Olamide: “so you married your wife for money? He asked softly, gazing at his brother with amusement.

    Major Festus shook his head as a dark skinned man bustled out of the building, smiling sheepishly at him.

    Manager: “good morning sir, I was not expecting you today sir.” He said, looking from Major Festus to Olamide in curiosity.

    Major Festus: “this is my brother, Olamide Olayinka. He has been away for a very long time. I am placing him as the supervisor of the two warehouses. You and Chima will be reporting directly to him henceforth. Is that understand?” he asked.

    The man licked his lips and stared at Olamide suspiciously then he nodded his head.

    Manager: “Okay sir.” He said.

    Major Festus: “good. I want you to put him through the working then take him to Chima’s warehouse. Bro, I will come pick you by two for lunch. I hope that’s okay by you.” he asked, turning to Olamide.

    Olamide: “so this is all? There are no oil companies, no telecom companies?” he asked, his eyes shrewdly assessing his brother.

    Major Festus: “I am a farmer Olamide; just a lucky farmer.” He replied then he turned and left.
    Egbe had eaten with Desmond after the boy had his bath then after chatting with him for a bit, she had sent him to sleep.

    He had not grumbled or anything, but he still remained quiet and withdrawn; only answering questions, she asked. His inquisitive nature that she had noticed in class had disappeared as soon as he left the school. She sighed and looked at the novel she was reading to pass away time.

    After some minutes, she decided to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. She checked on Desmond to find him breathing softly, deep in sleep. She smiled at him then she left the room.

    Down to the right of Desmond’s wing of the house were two other doors after which was the staircase. As Egbe passed the doors, one of the doors opened and a tall man stepped out with a towel around his waist. At first, Egbe thought it was Major Festus. She drew back muttering an apology.

    Olamide: “Hmmm…beautiful lady, how do you do?” he asked.

    The voice made Egbe start in surprise. She looked up and realised that the man in front of her was not the Major. They had similar facial structure and he was even taller than Major Festus but he didn’t have his bulk… then she suddenly realised that she was in danger. The towel did not hide the man’s arousal. She looked at the man, and saw that he was smiling.

    Olamide: “what are we to do about this problem now, my dear.” He asked softly, stepping towards her.

    Egbe stepped back, her heart beating hard behind her ribcage. She looked behind and saw that she had nowhere to run to, but back into Desmond’s room and with those long legs, he would catch her before she got there.

    Egbe: “Please I am just here to teach Desmond sir. Your brother will not like it.” She replied, edging back slowly.

    Olamide: “what my brother doesn’t know can’t hurt him. I have not had a woman in a long long time and here you are flaunting your beauty at me, your big boobies, wide hips and round ass… come on don’t be shy. You have done this several times.” He said, sneering.

    Egbe: “please…” she gasped as Olamide lunged and grabbed her, pulling her to him.

    His towel fell off his waist and his penis stabbed into her stomach as he grabbed her breasts and squeezed. Egbe struggled screaming but he was strong. He dragged her hair as he pulled her back to his room.

    Egbe screamed again and he covered her mouth with his. Egbe struggled then she bit down hard. Olamide yelped and tore his hand away. He raised his hand to strike her.

    Major Festus: “I will not do that if I were you.” he said. His voice was soft like silk but his eyes were hard like diamonds, piercing through the fabric of things.

    Olamide’s hands fell off Egbe’s body and she ran towards Major Festus and passed him without looking at him. Major Festus stood still staring at his brother, who stood, smiling as if he was not naked with a hard on sticking out from him.

    To be continued.








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