Story: “Even The Rich Also Cry” (Episode 8)

    Florence dragged Doyin to the big bed that dominated the room. The only light in the room was a red bulb that glowed like a cigarette high above the bed. Its light barely showed the room. Doyin did not resist; he just stared at Florence with an amused smile as she drew him close to her and planted a kiss on his lips.

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    The first thing he noted was the softness of her lips. He crushed his lips against hers and drew her tongue into his mouth. Florence moaned and their tongue battled each other; teasing, twisting, meeting, retreating, sliding around each other; as they both breathed heavily. She placed her hands on his chest and looked at him in the half light.

    Florence: “I want you to fuck me.” She said simply.

    Doyin smiled then he bent to kiss her neck as his hands worked on the buttons of her blouse. His hands reached between the open blouse and cupped her breasts still encased in a white lacy bra. He wrapped his arms around her waist and drew her close, deepening the kiss. His hands moved up her back and expertly removed the hook from the eye, freeing the bra, allowing unrestrained access to her breasts. He raised the bra up as Florence shrugged off her blouse. In the half light, Doyin could see that the breast had tiny stretch marks already but the breast still had firmness. He squeezed them and pinched the fat nipples, then he removed his lips from Florence’s lips. Florence gasped as his lips grabbed a nipple and his tongue circled it; tugging, painting saliva on it, make it harder and bigger. He gave it a small bite then he moved to the next one. Florence’s hands were all over his head. It seemed like she was looking for something to hold.

    He tugged at her skirt, sliding it down her hips. He could see the tiny stretch marks around her stomach as well as a little bulge. Besides that though, her stomach was not flabby but firm.“This is a woman who loved how she looked and intended to remain so as long as she can.” He thought to himself as he placed his lips on her stomach and left wet warm trails of kiss down it until he got to her waist. By this time, her skirt and panties had fallen around her ankles. He raised his head from his kneeling position and stared at her. She was looking back at him with bright eyes; dark with desire. He pushed her gently on the bed. He stood up and took off his clothes, his eyes drinking in the sight of her eyes eating up every part of his body. He knew he had a great body and more. She gasped when his brief fell from his waist and stepped out, his penis swinging like a baseball bat. Her legs spread involuntarily but he was not done with his tongue. He knelt down and kissed her pubis, then he licked her clit and then he took the clit and dangling pussy lips into his mouth and sucked. She screamed; her hands pressed his head deep into her as he sucked and made her come again and again.

    She was his by this time, he climbed over her and slide deep into her. Long slow strokes helped to lubricate his length, then he quickened his pace and his pelvis was soon hitting hers as he slammed into her. The room was soon filled with the squeaking bed, his grunting and her gasps; air left her lungs with each thrust as she came again and again and again, then he finally came hard. He let every sperm spill into her as he caught his breath. When he looked at her, her eyes were closed, a small smile of satisfaction on her lips. He nodded his head; “you are mine now, woman.” He thought to himself.
    Egbe was right; Desmond was placed in her class. It was a small victory. All the hard work was beginning to pay off. Major Festus had come to the class with the boy and the headmistress. While the headmistress addressed the class after Desmond had been assigned his seat, Major Festus called her to the corner. Egbe’s face did not reveal the fear she felt as she walked close to him. She knew he had never met her but she wondered if he had probably seen a picture of her somewhere. The man did not smile at her which made matters worse. She managed to get to where he stood outside the classroom without falling. She fixed her eyes on him by force of will, forcing her trembling lips to stay still.

    Major Festus: “Good morning. I am Desmond’s father, Festus Olayinka. You can call me Festus.” He said; his eyes hard like iron. They never left her face but she was sure those eyes saw everything.

    Egbe: “Miss Martha Bakare is my name. Good morning sir.” She replied, remembering to breathe through her nose.

    Major Festus: “Are you by chance related to Barrister Yemisi Yahaya?” he asked, his eyes brightening on hearing the name.

    Egbe: “sort of. We don’t announce our relationship though. I leave with mummy.” She replied.

    Major Festus: “Nice family. This is good. I want to ask you a favour.” He said, turning back to look into the classroom, where Desmond was seated quietly listening to the headmistress.

    Egbe: “Anything within my power sir, I will do.” She replied.

    Major Festus: “My son… He is very dear to me. I want you to give him all the love that you can muster. I am not saying you should ignore your other charges but please try to make him happy. Maybe I am not putting it properly. My wife… my wife is not to fine. She’s…” he tried to explain.

    Egbe: “you don’t have to worry sir. Desmond will be happy here, I promise. Do you have a home lesson teacher for him yet?” she asked.

    Major Festus: “No… is that necessary? Isn’t he too young for all that?” he asked, turning to look at her with worry in his eyes.

    “He loves the boy. He loves my son as his own. Is that a good thing?” Egbe thought to herself as she noticed his expression. “It is necessary. I believe that you are a busy man and Desmond probably has a house filled with gadgets but no one to talk to. I can take him home from school, spend time with him until you come home or your wife comes home, then I go home.” She said.

    Major Festus: “you will do that? God! That will be very nice. But you will have to wait until I come home, even if my wife is home already.” He replied, evident relief in his eyes.

    “There is trouble in that home o. it seems this man has marital issues o; probably caught cheating on the poor woman. She could not take it like I took Osunbor’s bullshit back then. Well, it’s not my business as long as it does not affect Desmond’s welfare.” Egbe thought to herself and sighed.

    Major Festus: “I will pay you well, I promise.” He added, mistaking her sigh to be a sign of reluctance.

    Egbe smiled as the headmistress came out. She shook hands with Major Festus and turned back into her class. She stood and watched the huge man walk slowly with the headmistress. He had not said good bye to Desmond but she could see that he kept turning back to look at her. She smiled and turned to see Desmond staring at her. Her heart skipped a beat.“My son…” her thoughts whispered to her. She smiled at him and slowly he smiled back and the world was perfect for a moment.
    Major Festus drove straight home from the school, his thoughts full with the face of his son as well as the pretty dimpled smile of the class teacher. “Never knew the Bakare’s had such a pretty daughter o? What are you thinking man; you are married to a beautiful woman. Quit this.” He thought to himself as he drove through the morning traffic.

    He drove into his compound and he saw Olamide seated outside, smoking. A bottle of Remy Martin sat on a stool by his side, a half filled glass of the amber liquid sat beside it.“It is barely 8:15 am and the dolt is drinking…God, give me strength.” He thought to himself as he got out of the car. He walked to Olamide and stood looking at him;

    Olamide: “hey lil bro, come seat with me. I am trying to pierce the darkness and gloom of boredom with liquor and nicotine; doctor’s orders, I swear.” He said, smiling.

    Major Festus: “Go and get dressed, you are coming to the office with me. Let’s see what sort of job we can fix you in.” he said quietly, ignoring the offer.

    Olamide smiled in triumph and stood up. He looked at his brother and grinned again.

    Olamide: “you are doing the right thing brother. You are.” He said softly, then turned and walked into the house.

    Major Festus: “Maybe you will not be so quick to praise when you find out what I have store for you.” he muttered to himself.

    To be continued.








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