Story: “Even The Rich Also Cry” (Episode 6)

    The school Egbe taught in was one of the most prestigious schools in the area. The school catered to the children of the rich business men, politicians and professionals living on the Island. She was not surprised then to see Desmond walk in, led by Major Festus. She watched them through her class window as they walked towards the administrative block. She saw that the boy looked well fed and catered for. Her eyes fixed on the way the boy held his father’s hand.

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    “I should be the one holding him like that, taking him to school, bathing him, watching him sleep. I should be the one.”She thought to herself. She let the anger simmer down then she turned her gaze to Major Festus. He looked older than the last time, she had seen him which was in the hospital, when she had heard him send his boys to get her son. There were grey hairs peeking out from under the cap he wore on his head. His big frame had reduced too, and his face was filled with worry lines and wrinkles.“It had not been easy for him too…good, very good.” She thought to herself as she turned away from the window.
    Major Festus sat with the Head Mistress of Desmond’s new school and listened as the woman listed the programs available in the school. When she was done, he turned and looked at Desmond, who had a comic book opened before him, completely engrossed.

    Major Festus: “I want him placed with a teacher that is willing to be patient with him; listen to him and treat him like her own. He is a special child and deserves the best.” He replied softly.

    Head Mistress: “you don’t have to worry. All our teachers are expected to be not just teachers but also mentors and friends to their pupils. He will have no problem here.” She replied, smiling. “Desmond, come let me show you around.” She added.

    Desmond looked up and smiled. His father came to him and the three of them left the office. The Head Mistress showed them the library, the games room, the assembly hall, the office of the school counselor, the sick bay, then brought them back to her office.

    Major Festus was satisfied with the school and it seemed Desmond was satisfied as well. He promised to bring the boy to school on the Monday of the next week. He intended to use this week to get him some of the stuff he needed for school. He thanked the woman and they left the office.
    Florence stared at the clothes with barely hidden irritation. She would have preferred doing her shopping in Dubai but she wouldn’t dare utter the words ‘trip’ to her husband right now. He had made it clear that Desmond was his only focus now. Well the marriage had always been one of convenience, so no need to worry. She looked up as her eyes caught a pair of long legs clad in jeans, in the dressing mirror in front of her. The owner of the legs had his back to her. Her eyes followed the length of the legs up to the firm muscular buttocks. She raised her eyes further and saw the sweatshirt draped over massive shoulders then she saw the man’s eyes. The man was standing before the opposite dressing mirror and he had watched her study him from his legs to his back. The man winked. She bent her head, blushing with embarrassment.

    Her heart beat raced beneath her chest as she heard footsteps tapped towards her and stopped;

    Doyin: “You never said if you liked what you saw?” he said. His voice was deep and sexy.

    Florence felt her skin warm up, as if his voice was caressing her body. She shook her head

    Florence: “It is fine. You have… erm… a fine physique.” She replied, spluttering. Her head was still bowed over the gown she had been looking at.

    Doyin: “what are you buying?” he asked smiling

    Florence looked at the gown as if just realizing that she had it in her hands. She frowned at the gown and tossed it aside. She stood up and turned to the man then she realised that it was a bad idea. She was not a short woman. Festus was a tall man himself and she still stood a little above his shoulder. She looked at the man’s chest; that was as far as her head got. She raised and stared at the man’s face.“God! He is so cute. Where was he when I was 25, with a slim waist and wide hips? There’s a lot I could have done with such a man.” She thought to herself.

    Doyin: “you don’t like what they have here?” he asked.

    Florence realised that she had not answered his questions;

    Florence: “I am not really shopping, just bored. Do you know a place where an old woman like me will find some entertainment?” she asked, turning away from his devastating face to gaze at other shoppers; a deliberately mysterious smile on her face.

    Doyin: “old? I don’t see any old women around but I do know a place where they welcome lovely ladies…if you care to join me?” he asked.

    The question hung in the air like smoke. Florence tasted the word ‘lovely ladies’ with her tongue and smiled. It had been a while since she had been flattered and it still felt good. She walked out of the shop, her heels tapping on the tile floor in sync to the languid strides of the long legged stranger. As she strapped the seat belt in his red Lamborghini, she realised that she had not asked his name. She felt giddy like a secondary school girl; a feeling that she had not felt in so many years.

    Doyin entered the car and they drove off in puff of dust and engine growls.
    Egbe felt all of her 30 years when she entered her room after a long day at work. The pay at her place of work wasn’t so great so she supplemented with home lessons for pupils from her school. She usually got home by 5pm, tired and hungry. Mrs. Bakare never bothered her much. She had gotten another caregiver and she seemed to be keen on turning her into a classy lady. Fortunately for her, Mrs. Bakare’s daughter, Yemisi Yahaya, seem to find the whole arrangement interesting. She wanted her mother to be happy and feel alive; if turning a semi-illiterate into a high society lady is what will achieve that, she was okay with it.

    She threw her bag on the bed and fell on it too. She thought back to the sight of Desmond and Major Festus. Unlike Desmond, who looked like a fresh bloom of flowers, the years had not been good to the man. Anyone seeing him will find it difficult to believe that he was just 45. He looked to be in his late 50’s.“I wonder where his wife was. She must be a nice woman for Desmond to look like that. I wish she came to the school. I will definitely be able to get close to Desmond, if I worked through her.”she thought to herself.
    Major Festus got home with Desmond to find that his wife was not home. He sighed in irritation and entered the sitting room to find that he had a visitor. He told Desmond to go to his room, then turned to the man seated comfortably on his chair, drinking his wine. He was an older man; dressed poorly. His hair was graying on the sides and his face had wrinkles like him too. His frame was lean; obviously he had not had a good meal in a while. The resemblance though, was strong. They had not seen each other for years. He was his elder brother.

    Major Festus: “Ola, what are you doing here?” he asked in sudden anger.

    Olamide: “Aww come on, is that how you welcome a brother you have not seen in over 15 years?” he replied, smiling.

    Major Festus: “when were you released?” he asked, letting the anger go wearily.

    Olamide: “a while ago. You were a bit difficult to find.” He replied, frowning at his glass of wine.

    Major Festus: “but you found me, didn’t you?” he asked.

    Olamide: “yes I did. You see I am desperate man. A desperate man will do strange things especially if they find out that their younger brother had left them to rot while he lived big. I have come for what is mine, baby brother.” He said; his eyes suddenly hard.

    To be continued.








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