Story: “Even The Rich Also Cry” (Episode 17)

    Egbe stepped away from Major Festus’ arms, suddenly uncomfortable. She could see the disgust in Doctor Doyin’s eyes. She didn’t want anyone to think that she was a home breaker or anything like that.

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    She quickly walked to the bed and placed a kiss on Desmond’s head and rushed out of the room. Doyin and Major Festus stared at each other, their obvious dislike for each other becoming obvious for the first time. Major Festus shook his head and rushed out after Egbe. Doyin stared at the sleeping Desmond in anger, then he too, ran outside. He got to the hospital car park, just to see Egbe enter Major Festus’ car and they drive off.

    “They are probably going to finish what they started somewhere else.” He thought to himself. He entered his own car and trailed after them.
    Major Festus: “I am sorry for kissing you. I could not help myself.” He said, darting to look at her quickly before turning back to the road ahead.

    Egbe simply nodded and stared on. She didn’t know what to say; “It wasn’t your fault, I let you. I even enjoyed it as much as you did.” Or does she say; “Major you are a married man, and I am not even supposed to be here, alone, with you.” all these thoughts ran through her head but she said nothing; she just kept her face faced forward.

    Major Festus looked at her from time to time, then he sighed. As they got close to Egbe’s home, a truck used for carrying timber from the forest burst out of a side street and hit the car. The car spun on the road then ran into a ditch on the side of the road. The truck stopped and two men came down and started walking towards the car, when suddenly a gun fired and one of the men fell on the road, the other man ran back to the truck, jumped in and drove away; bullets pursuing him.

    Major Festus kicked his door open and stepped out of his car, holding his service pistol.

    He had taken to carrying it about him for some months now and he thanked God that he had followed his instincts. He was bleeding in his arm but he could barely feel the pain; his military training had kicked in as soon as his rearview mirror caught the truck coming at them with full speed. He looked around for any other attackers but saw no one. He rushed to Egbe’s side of the car. He saw that she was unconscious. He placed his hand on her neck and he could feel the fluttering beat of blood still pumping inside her. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned as a Lamborghini drove up and Doctor Doyin rushed out of the car; his face a mask of fear.

    Major Festus: “thank God, you are here. She is unconscious.” He said, forgetting to wonder at Doyin’s presence in that area.

    Doyin joined him and between them, they were able to lift Egbe’s comatose body out of the car and placed her in Doyin’s car. Major Festus called one of his drivers to come and pick him up as soon as Doyin drove away. The man arrived and drove Festus back to the hospital.
    At the hospital, Major Festus tried to get information on Egbe’s state but he is shushed by a chubby nurse and led away to a room where his injuries were checked and treated. He felt dizzy having lost a lot of blood. The injury in his arm was stitched and a doctor examined him for any broken bones or internal injury.

    Doyin, after leaving Egbe with other doctors, quickly rushed to Florence’s room. He entered and closed the door behind him.

    Doyin: “you sent assassins after your husband?” he asked softly.

    Florence opened her eyes which had been closed and stared at him for some minutes.

    Florence: “what are you talking about?” she asked, frowning.

    Doyin: “what games are you playing? Your husband was hit by a truck this evening and the men in the truck came out with the intent to do evil. They only stopped after your husband started firing at them. I think he killed one of them sef.” He replied harshly.

    Florence: “so he is still alive. That is very sad.” She muttered to herself, then she raised her head and saw Doyin’s surprised look; “Awww… come on. Don’t act like you are innocent. You know what is at stake here. You better keep your weakness to yourself or you and I would end up in an unpleasant place, do you understand me?” she asked harshly.

    Doyin: “is that a threat?” he asked softly.

    Florence: “just go treat somebody or something lover boy.” She replied, obviously irritated.

    Doyin stared at her quietly then he abruptly turned and left the room. As soon as he was out, Florence got up from her bed and slowly walked out of her hospital room.
    Festus after being confirmed as healthy apart from the injury on his arm, left the doctor and went to check on Egbe. He was informed that she was still in shock and had not opened her eyes yet. He hung around for a bit but when he realised that he was not going to see her any time soon. He decided to go check on Desmond. He entered the boy’s hospital room to see Florence bent over him

    Major Festus: “what are you doing?” he asked, softly; his eyes watching her intently.

    Florence turned and sighed. She sat down on the bed and stared at Desmond’s sleeping form.

    Florence: “by now, Desmond will be ten years old.” She said softly.

    The pain of the memory flashed in Festus’ eyes. He turned away and looked at his son.

    Florence: “you have forgotten about him, haven’t you? You have forgotten his smile, the way he laughed, the way he walked, you have forgotten all of that, haven’t you? You have replaced him with this.” she said, nodding to Desmond on the bed.

    Major Festus: “I do not know where this conversation is headed.” He replied, finally turning to look at her.

    Florence: “why did you take him from the policeman, Festus? Was it to punish me? It was a mistake, I swear. The driver said he could do it, I trusted him. I was with no man that day, I swear.” She said.

    Major Festus just looked at her; he said nothing.

    Florence: “please, let me go. I am tired. My father is dead and gone. whatever promises you made to him is null and void; please.” She cried.

    Major Festus: “I made a promise to your father. I can’t go back on my word. You will not bring shame and disgrace to the name of an honorable man.” He replied.

    Florence: “okay, okay… settle me, let me pay you half of my inheritance. i will stay married to you.” she said

    Major Festus: “your father’s will was clear. If we path ways we loose everything. if not for this boy, i will gladly be rid of you but no it can’t happen.”

    Florence: “you are a bastard Festus! you and your dirty son…” she said, her eyes shining with unshed tears. She looked at him, her chest rising and falling rapidly. She suddenly got up and left the room.

    Desmond opened his eyes slowly and gazed around the room then he turned to his father. Major Festus was gazing into the distance, his hand rubbing his bandaged arm absentmindedly.

    Desmond: “is she gone, daddy?” he asked, tentatively.

    Major Festus: “yes son, she is gone.” he replied, without turning around.

    He was worried. He knew that his marriage was not built on love and all that romantic stuff, but they had been comfortable; they had understood each other, even became friends after a sort. This sudden itch to get out of this marriage was suspicious. “That woman is up to something. I need to get to the bottom of it. and i suspect, it has something to do with her father’s will.” he thought to himself.
    Olamide’s eyes did not leave Nico as he reported to him that they had not been successful in the assassination attempt. When the man was done talking, he got up and finished his drink.

    Nico: “you are not saying anything?” he asked, staring at Olamide curiously.

    Olamide: “if you want to do something well, do it yourself. I will need a gun.” he said, his eyes hard with determination.

    Nico: “I can still make it right. Give me another chance.” He replied, standing up too.

    Olamide: “Nico just get me a gun. I will kill him myself.” He said………








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