Story: “Ekaette’s Confession” (Episode 9 (+18)

    You can’t really help who you’re attracted to, but what if the person you’re the most attracted to ever happens to be a blood relative? Like your father? Such was nothing but my case.

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    I know it wasn’t easy to come out of the closet and confess something as bizarre as this. Yes, I am a nymph and I have no shame admitting it. Sex might be a normal phenomenon for most human beings but for me, it’s ALL that I want in Life.

    Strangely, I don’t even need the temptation to feel sexually aroused, like men, I am ready for some action in the bed ALL THE TIME. Morning, Afternoon, evening or night, I don’t seem to be getting enough of it. Sigh!!! Well, I know after reading my story on, you may think I possess animal instincts and feelings do not hold any importance in my life. Whatever you say, guess I have left behind this fear of being judged and that too for something that I love to indulge in and that makes me happy in life.

    I have been having sexual fantasies about my dad. it has become more an addiction to masturbation. I think I’m lucky having him now that mom is gone. I could recollect when I was a teenager, My Dad will always want me sleep with them in their room. My Mom can sleep inside water without waking up till following morning. Each time my dad would take a shower at night I would peek in through the door and watching him naked. I was curious to see his ‘thing’. This became a nightly thing and my dad did not know, same with my mom. I began to have sexual desires for him and think about sex alot. A few months later i found a video tape in a taped up box – it was a home video my parents made, having sex. it was summer and i watched it every day for like a month and started to masturbate. I did have this feeling of taking my mom’s place for him.

    When I clocked 18, We did talk about sex but kinda danced around this and I never told him how I really felt. My dad began to wonder about this and we had many talks about sex and stuff. I was doing everything to turn him on like letting him catch me naked in my bed room and wearing revealing clothes at night. All proved abortive.
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    I could hear my father breathing. He was awake. His breaths were irregular: sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes not there at all. I knew he was still thinking about her. For him, it would be hard to forget. It would be hard to fall asleep.

    I tried to comfort him. I pulled myself next to him, lay my head on his shoulder, and curled my arm across his stomach, the way my mother used to hug him. His belly was soft and fleshy. He had just eaten but it felt like his stomach was empty.

    His breathing stopped completely, and he froze. I guess for him it was awkward. I had never been an affectionate daughter. I had never hugged him like this. Or maybe it just reminded him too much of my mother.

    I understood where he was coming from. But, all the same, it stung: tonight was when I needed him. I held his hand and took him upstairs.

    Me: Dad, I’m not going to leave you alone in that room

    Dad: Why?

    Me: I won’t Dad. Because of your present condition. I won’t want you to commit any suicide just because mom is no more. I understand your situation. That’s why I must sleep beside you on this bed.

    Dad: It’s ok my daughter. I will surely be fine

    Me: No Dad! I insist

    I kissed him on the cheek and slowly pulled away. We lay a foot apart on the bed, and the only sounds were the two of us breathing, trying to fall asleep, to escape the awkwardness.

    I turned on my side and faced away from him, closing my eyes. I opened them after what felt like hours. I couldn’t sleep. Neither could my father. He usually snored – big, monstrous snores that could keep people in the next room awake. The night was painfully silent. A buzzing began in my ears and it was deafening.

    My Dad felt the stir and how the bed shifted. He could feel the heat from my body as I moved closer to him. He sensed my arm stretching out behind him. I tried to pull him into an embrace.

    I felt tears in my eyes as he pulled away. I didn’t know why I was crying so soon after I had stopped. I tried my best to conceal it. I sniffed as quietly as I could. I pressed my face into the pillow.

    Me: Lord! Why me? Why would you create me like this? This is my father I’m about having sex with? This is a big punishment Lord. Why would you create me like this?

    I was crying inside. Tears flowing easily down my cheek. My Dad sensed I was crying. He came held my arm and drew me closer

    Dad: It’s ok Ekaette. I know you must be missing your mom badly. She was such a rare gem. A treasure hard to let loosen. I love Jessica. Rest in Peace Jessica.

    I stopped crying all of a sudden. Didn’t know where the courage came from. I decided to let out my feeling to him. My cry wasn’t for mum but my true feeling for him.

    Me: Dad?

    Dad: Yes my Dear

    Me: Can I share a secret with you?

    Dad: Go ahead Sweetheart. Remember I’m your father. You should be able to tell me anything that bothers you.








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