Story: “Ekaette’s Confession” (Episode 7 (+18)

    Uncle James: I love you Ekaette. Why don’t you give me chance to know us better? He pleaded.

    Ekaette: But you are married to my Aunt with kids. I won’t do such a thing. Besides, this is a car, we can’t feel comfortable doing it here

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    Uncle James: You mean sweating out together here? Yes, it will be so sweet. I assure you.

    I was a bit hesitant about the idea; I just didn’t feel comfortable as there were chances of being spotted by people.

    Me: I’m sorry! I can’t do it. Let’s go home if you are no longer buying fuel as planned.

    He started the car and leaving to the fuel station. While he was driving, he was still assuring me we would enjoy it together if given the opportunity. I haven’t had sex in a car once. I thought of giving it a trial and see how it felt. I decided to fulfil his wish.

    Me: Stop the Car!

    Uncle James: What? Are you ok? He slammed on the break system

    Me: Just stop the car, Stupid. I replied.

    The moment he stopped the car, I kissed him. We started making out and at one point I just whispered in his ears that this was not going to end just here. He got the hint and was beyond joy to know he was finally having his wish fulfilled.

    We started our foreplay. But then, it wasn’t comfortable, so I said that we should move to the backseat. Again, he struggled to move out from the position we were in and get out of the car. He was so tall, 7 ft to be precised.

    He had to get out of the car to get to the backseat while I just climbed back from the inside. I took off his shirt as we were kissing, and then I started to unbutton his pants.

    Gosh! that turned me on. He laid me down on the seat and crawled on top of me. He bit his lower lip and pressed his bulge into me. I arched my back and let out a whimper. He looked back and closed the door with his foot. He had his hands on either side of my head to hold himself up. He leaned his head down to kiss me and pressed his bulge harder on me. I moaned loud and arched my back upward. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside my mouth to deepen the kiss. He kissed me gently and thrust into my hips. He did it over and over bringing me close to the edge.

    Me: Wow! This is amazing! I confessed. “But why are our pants still on? i asked

    Uncle James: Ok.. let’s get rid of these things, he replied.

    I slipped my hands under his pants without breaking the kiss. He came down on me again, but this time with force. I moaned loud and clawed the skin on his back. When he pulled away to reset himself, my hips followed his. I tore off his pants and moved my hands to his bum. I pressed myself into his JT. I started to grind on him.

    I felt myself getting closer to my climax. His lips went to my nipples and bit lightly on the left while he had the other between his fingers. I bucked my hips into his and I felt him moan into my boobs.

    Me: Ohhh shit.. this feels so good. I confessed

    I felt myself get closer to my climax. I couldn’t hold it much longer.

    Me: Bang me harder James. I stopped calling him “Uncle”. The “James” name alone sounded sweeter and sexier to me. It really turned me on. Baby.. I’m… I’ … I’m going to cum! Harder!!!! Now! Now!

    I screamed it out. He immediately started pumping hard into me. His thrusts were sloppy because he was close too. We both came at same time. We later went for the fuel and decided going home.
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    I was still feeling horny. After we cleared out the car, we noticed no one at home. The Police Officers later found kemi, came home and took Aunt Sandra to their stations. She was to answer some questions before they could release her daughter.

    Me: Why not let’s go upstairs to finish what we started before heading to the stations?

    James: Are you sure you want to do this again?

    Me: Oh yeah.. Absolutely!

    We made it upstairs in one piece watching program in the TV. I was still super horny, The TV was on. It was taking away his concentration on me. I stretched for the remote control, clicked off the television and grabbed his hand, leading him into the bedroom. James was already exhausted and I felt for him.

    Me: Are you tired?

    Uncle James: Hmmm.. kind of! He answered

    Me: Well, you started it, so you must finish what you initiated. I’m sorry

    I knew that he was going to crash and a little part of him died knowing we wouldn’t be having sex.

    Uncle James didn’t put up a fight when I stripped him down to his boxers and laid him on the bed, although he did look at me with a mix of confusion and amusement. I just shrugged and went into the bathroom to get a towel. It only took me a total of 30 seconds but when I came out he was on his stomach, his eyes were closed, and his mouth was parted…………








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