Story: “Ekaette’s Confession” (Episode 2 (+18)

    Rich: Morning Ekaette, you look gorgeous today

    Me: Thank you Rich. I hope you are good. I answered but sober

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    Rich: Yes I am. Thank you for asking. Would you care to join me for dinner tonight at the restaurant across the road or far away from here? I heard a voice ask. The voice was unmistakable. It was Rich’s voice asking me for dinner instead of scolding me for coming late to work.

    Me: Did you just ask me out on a date? I pretended as if I’m not interested. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be work related or not. After I asked him that question, the look in his eyes immediately told me exactly what his intentions were.

    Rich: Sure, I did ask you out on a date. Rich said in a raised tone.

    I was quite embarrassed. I looked around me to see if there were any colleagues in earshot. If I did eventually get a promotion at work, I did not want anyone to know that I got the promotion by sleeping with the boss.

    Rich: Why don’t you accept my advances? If you are promoted today, you would enjoy a higher salary, and I believe you desperately need this Truly, I desperately need this as I was trying to save up to put down a deposit on my own house in Lekki.

    Me: I will go to dinner with you Rich, I said to him in a near whisper.

    His name was Richard Bozo but he asked everyone at the office to call him Rich. Richard was a very dictatorial boss. Everyone feared him. Well perhaps he was not feared by the colleagues that he had fucked. Rich certainly liked the ladies and he had probably fucked more than half of the female staff at work.
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    This is how I joined his company. Richard Bozo is the Managing director of our Organization. I wouldn’t want any sexual relationship with him because he’s married with 3 kids. Despite the fact I’m a Nymph does not mean I was attracted to him in one way or the other.

    I joined his organization in 2006 when he with some other team came to deliver a speech to my NYSC camp. I approached Richard to ask few questions about his organization. I made him understand I was looking for a job in the HR department. We decided to grab a table sit down and continue the conversation. He made me to understand he had a position available that was right up my alley.

    I sat down, and then he took the chair right next to me on the same side of the four-seater table. I found it a bit strange, but I continued on with our conversation, which soon turned to the position he was trying to fill. I was so lucky to get the job at the time.

    As Richard was giving me his business card, he flipped it over and wrote his home address. Then, he invited me over on the weekend. An offer that disoriented me so much I couldn’t even speak. A few minutes later, as we were leaving, I went to shake his hand, he ignored me and kissed me on the top of my head. We parted ways and I left. I was hurt and annoyed.

    Me: Why did he push the boundaries so far and use the guise of a job offering in order to slip inappropriate actions. I said to myself

    To cut long story short, I joined his organization. I became Richard’s Personal Assistant at the HR Department. I thought he was a great boss, patiently teaching me what I needed to know and making sure I didn’t miss my meals. He seemed to care a lot about me and never raised his voice. I thought I was the luckiest employee in the world until he started making sexual advances towards me.

    The only issue I have was that I was always being passed over for promotion at Richard’s desk and I was pretty upset about that. It seemed that the only women who got promoted were those who had slept with Rich at one time or the other. After a while, I came to realize that was the only way I was going to be promoted, and enjoy the resulting benefits of being in a higher position at the company.
    ==RepNaija Adult Stories==
    We got to Lagos African Cuisines in VI far away from our working environment. Many things ran through my mind as we sat. We sat at a table at the cheesy hotel in VI when I eventually took the stage. Rich got hypnotized immediately the way I swayed my hips and puckered up those dark pink lips of mine. I was fleshy in all the right places, It was the way I moved that really got him. We had our dinner and enjoyed the drinks together.

    Finally, around 10pm, Rich led me upstairs by the hand. we headed to a back room, got a clean one. I sat on the bed waiting for Rich to act first. He offered to buy more drinks for us getting tipsy before the real action began

    Rich: What drink do you care for?

    Me: I’d love a vodka

    Within few minutes, we were served as requested. I gulped down the drink within few secs. I was tipsy and ready. We got n*ked, Rich was kissing every inch of my beautiful, voluptuous, tanned body. My hair was long, sleek and soft and my n*pples were hard and look beautiful like these perfect little raisins begging for suckling.

    My c**kie was yearning for a good f*ck. I could not suppress my s*xual desires anymore. I had to act. I had to do something to satisfy myself. I felt that I had to have an orgasm otherwise I would go crazy. I finally concluded that I had to let Rich know exactly how I felt at that moment.

    Me: Why don’t we f*ck each other senseless?

    Rich nearly fell off the bed, He certainly wasn’t expecting me to ask him for sex that way

    Rich: I’m not sure I heard you right?

    Me: You heard me right Rich. I fired at him

    Rich reached for my pant, turned me around and made me bend down over the bed. We did not use a condom, which was a stupid thing to do. I pulled down my panties after he raised my skirt. As soon as my panties were around my ankles, I felt his JT deep inside my c**kie. He f*cked me until he ejaculated a couple minutes later.

    Me: That was a great f*ck. I told Rich after we had sex and putting on our clothes.

    Rich: You are right. We should do this again sometime. He added. Since then all I could think of was rich until I resigned from the company for a better offer
    ==RepNaija Adult StOries==
    I am now living on my own. No more with the parents. It’s been over a month since I decided I want to go celibate. No man but me ONLY. I was preparing a lunch on a bright Saturday afternoon when I looked out of the kitchen window. My Muscular Yoruba Gardener, Kabiru was working out outside. He was planting the new flowers that I had bought the previous day.

    I could not help but notice how sexy he was. I was getting f*cking horny and the fact that I had not had sex for that month did not help matters. I had never had a real boyfriend. The only one I was putting on with was JOHN my step-brother but he stopped sleeping with me due to conscience disturbing his feelings.

    Kabiru, my newly hired gardener, was married, just like most of the men that I had slept with in the past. I knew that he was married when I was hiring him. That was perhaps one of the reasons why I chose to hire him over the four or five other applicants who I interviewed in my living room a few days previously. But I was able to control myself.

    Me: hell “NO” I’m not going to do that. I won’t sleep with my gardener. NevER!!! I challenged myself.

    I heard a knock at the door. I opened. Lo & Behold, that was Kabiru standing before me at the entrance door. He came for his usual Lunch Box as part of agreement we had when he was recruited. I will be providing him free Lunch and Dinner but he would be taking care of his Breakfast except Saturdays and Sundays due to work.

    Me: You must be thirsty and hungry Kabiru? I said to him. Why don’t you come inside and have something to eat and drink

    Kabiru: Errrrmmm… I don’t feel comfortable sitting here ma’am. I would prefer taking my lunch box to the BQ where I stay…..








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