Story: “Ekaette’s Confession” (Episode 12 Finale (+18)

    Dad: My Goodness! What’s happening here? Ekaette, get down here this minute! He yelled at the top of his lungs.

    Pastor Aro forgot putting on shirts and trousers when coming downstairs. He was only with a white towel around his waist.

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    Pastor Aro: I … I … I can explain Mr Josie.

    Dad: Explain what? You this Devil incarnate. He fired at Pastor Aro. “Ekaette, must I call you again? Get down here this minute!” He ignored Pastor Aro

    Not sure why Pastor Aro had to setup his praying altar upstairs. I was so foolish to have followed his instruction stripping off myself all in the name of Deliverance. There was more silence from upstairs. I couldn’t answer my Dad. I was so ashamed of my acts. My Dad finally heard a voice coming from upstairs. That was me. I couldn’t gather that courage to look at my father face to face. I was so ashamed.

    When I was coming downstairs, I couldn’t recollect the moment I collapsed at the bottom step of the stairs and started crying. I lost my courage and grace before my Dad. I was fighting tears.

    Me: Dad.. I’m so sorry! I am so worthless. A big Sinner. I don’t think God will forgive me anymore. This is the type of sin I’ve committed. I don’t deserve to live on this planet earth. Tears rolling down my cheeks massively.

    My Dad came closer. He held me, hugged me and said to me:

    Dad: You may be a sinner, but you’re not worthless. He felt pity for me. He continued “You are so valuable that God sent His Son to die in your place, and pay the penalty for all your sins.

    Me: who is the Son Dad? You mean Jesus Christ?

    Dad: Yes! Jesus Christ is the Son. God thinks you are worth the death and Blood of Jesus. If you want to be cleansed of all sins (no matter how heinous they may be including the one you just did with this fake Aro Pastor) and start a new life with a clean slate, all you have to do is “receive that cleansing and forgiveness Jesus Christ purchased for you. It’s already bought and paid for! There’s nothing you can do to earn it. It’s a free gift!

    Me: You mean I don’t have to pay for it? It sounds like salvation lies in my hands. I may not need to see Pastor or if needed.

    Dad: Yes my daughter. Salvation lies in your hands. God looks at your heart. How serious you are committed to him. His mercy is so infinite that no matter how big your sin was, he would forgive. Afterall, David continued committing more sins, the moment he asked God for forgiveness. He forgave him. So likewise you.. all you need is just “Open your mouth and say it”. Most times, Devil makes you feel reluctant to say it but you need to fight it hard by saying it out “Lord, I’m a sinner again, please forgive me”. He will forgive you my daughter. Yes He will.

    Pastor Aro was standing speechless. He was ashamed. A Sober Crying I mean. I couldn’t raise my head looking into my Dad’s face. It was a big shame.

    Dad: If you want to receive Jesus now, say this to Him, and mean it with all your heart; JESUS, come into my Heart and save me. I receive you now as Saviour and Lord. I give you my heart. I give you my Life. Thank you, Lord. Amen.

    Me: Lord Jesus! Come into my heart and save me. I receive and confess you as my Saviour and Lord. I give all my heart to you. I give you all my Life. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen. I repeated as advised

    Dad: That’s good my daughter. That’s just all you need to do. The book of Psalms 103:12 says “As far as the East is from the West, He has removed your sins. The book of 1stJohn 1:9 says “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    Me: Amen

    Dad: You are worth so much to God that, not only did He give His Son to die for you, He also adopted you as His own child.

    Me: I have to start going to church to be closer to Him.

    Dad: You don’t have to go anywhere to meet God. God is everywhere. Man can fail but God will never fail. What just happened between you and Pastor Aro is a failure on his own part. I was at fault, I shouldn’t have brought you to him. Wherever you are, you can cry out to God, talk to God. You might be inside Toilet or kitchen, yet still pray and praise Him. You don’t need to go to a church, or Christian gathering to ‘meet God’ but you can still go, if you want to. Just know that If you have invited Jesus to enter your heart, He will live in you the moment He is in you! This can be backed up from the book of 1stCorinthians 3:16 and also 2ndCorinthians 6:16).

    Me: After i confessed Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, is there anything to do again?

    Dad: Yes, there’s one more thing to do! With that you will be totally cleansed

    Me: What could that be?

    Dad: Fasting and ensure you read your bible daily

    I do find it hard to fast. Despite the fact that fasting gives us good opportunity to cleanse ourselves from the sinful layers covering our conscience. It is also the death that we wish for our sins. I still find it hard to fast.

    Me: But I can’t do that. You know I can’t play with my food. I said.

    Dad: Yes my daughter, fasting could be hard sometimes. But God honours the person who denies her own bodily desires for a time and devotes herself to prayer and fasting. It is clear from Scriptures that God expect us to fast. The book of Matthew 6:5-18 is a good backup.

    We left Pastor Aro’s place. I started my 3 day fasting. I was committed to God, I read my bible daily, prayed for forgiveness of sins. In the event of my fasting on the 3rdday, the devil came up for testing.

    That same night before I slept, I was deeply troubled by what I had seen, felt and heard, I begged God in prayer for an answer as to why in his providence he would allow me to go through such a terrible experience.

    Me: what does it all mean Lord? I fervently asked. “why Lord?” I said again. “Why in your purpose, did you order such a horror for me, making me a sex slave object?”

    The answer wouldn’t come as the day was dawning. This time there was no voice, neither a heavenly angel to deliver the message, just a sweet and peaceful impression I knew was the spirit of God, telling me: “You are afraid of so much that you can see, but there are more fearful things around you which cannot be seen that mean you harm.” I felt good about that feeling. I dozed off.
    ==This is a RepNaija Adult StOry==
    Few hours later, i was awake. I was experiencing a sleepless night and restlessly pacing about the house while my Dad was fast asleep in his room. I settled down in the recliner in our living room, when suddenly, I found myself in a zone that I can only explain as seemingly a place between sleep and being awake. Yet, I was wide awake and my senses heightened, but I could not move.

    My eyes spied a shadowy humanoid figure in the corner of the room. The entity exuded the purest form of hate and cursed me with a profanity so coarse and filthy that it was somewhat nauseating. Nothing told me so, but I knew that this was a devil – a demon.

    Devil: You Ekaette. You are my product. You aint going no where. I have been following you throughout your life. I have failed again and again to destroy you, but tonight I will kill you.

    I was freightened. But then there came a calming and gentle voice, which instructed: “Rebuke him in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and he will leave you”

    So I did:

    Me: I rebuke you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Leave now in Jesus Name.

    Immediately the devil was gone and I could move again – no longer was I suspended in a trance-like state. I became FREE. I am no longer a nymph. The Lord Jesus has taken over my life.

    He’s the King of kings and Lord of lords of my Life. Halleluyahhh!!!!

    THE END!!!

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read our stories, God bless you all and please share your thoughts about this story and the lessons learnt. Thanks and God bless y’all.








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