Story: “Ekaette’s Confession” (Episode 10 (+18)

    I was disgusted by the thought of having sex with my Dad, but more like I was intrigued. I felt so weird, wrong and perverted; that the thought of telling him was unbearable. I jumped out of the bed, walked straight to the balcony, the view was amazing, the moon was just setting, making me inhale a breath of fresh cool breeze.

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    After couple minutes, I walked back into his room from the balcony, walked up behind him and snacked my arms around his muscular chest. And I said to him,

    Me: You know what? Never mind Dad. I can take care of myself. Meanwhile, let me go back my room. I will talk to you tomorrow morning

    Dad: Ssshh.. Do not say that. Something seems to be bothering you. You can confide in me. I’m your father. Besides, you can sleep here. You promised not leaving me alone tonight. Why the sudden change?

    Dad went back to bed and covered up with a blanket. I changed my mind and decided sleeping in his room, climbed in next to him. The blanket was warm and comforting. I could feel my father’s body heat, we lay so close together. The light was still ON.

    His head swiveled to look at me.

    Dad: “You look so much like her,” he whispered. His eyes, which had been clean of any sign of tears, returned to almost-crying.

    It was sudden when he hugged me. He looked so emotional. He couldn’t control the tears rolling down his cheek. I was surprised, but I relished in his warmth. He kissed me.

    Dad: Haa! Jessica? But why? My Dad was so emotional. The facial expression could tell it all. He kissed me again

    Again and again, on my cheeks, my lids. His lips traveled to my neck and his hands began to slide, up and down, on my arms, my waist. His kisses reached my neck, soon traveling to my lips where they lingered, warm and moist.

    My father’s hands were warm on my naked back, and he was murmuring her name. Over and over again, he whispered it. He moaned my mother’s name, his voice broken by tears and crying.

    Dad: Haa! But why Jessica? Why did you leave so soon? I love you Jessica. OOoooohh! How am I going to live in this world without you? He was saying in a low-tone

    I could hear the sadness in his voice. He wasn’t saying it loud, but I knew he was dying to ask, “Why did you leave me? Why did you go and leave me alone with our child?”

    My underwear was so wet and soaked. I was ready for action.

    Me: Hey! I want a real kiss. I challenged him

    My Dad had really turned me on with his kisses. I started to move my hand down to his panties to caress his JT. He froze, suddenly, he looked at me with a red eye

    Dad: “Stop. This isn’t right. You shouldn’t be doing this.” I’m your Dad. He cautioned with a concerned face.

    Me: No Dad. I thought you wanted it. Was it not the reason you were kissing me? It’s just for one night. We won’t do it again. Afterall, Lot slept with his two daughters in the bible. God still loved him. When God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He sent his two angels to make sure they are out of Sodom before the city was punished for their wicked ways. If I don’t know anywhere in the bible, at least I was sure about that. I was super-charged. I needed him ‘pounding’ me from behind. A fantasy I always craved for since my childhood.

    Dad: I was kissing your mother, not you. I see her in you. I was only emotional, not sexually attached. Something must be wrong with you Ekaette. So because God had special grace for Lot and his daughters, I should now climb my own daughter? He quickly cleaned up the tears rolling down his cheek. He put on a mean fatherly look.

    I knew I’ve crossed the line. My father wasn’t expecting such from me. He was only offering me a fatherly/holy kiss, not otherwise.

    Dad: You need deliverance Ekaette. I’m taking you to my Pastor first thing tomorrow morning. You may go to your room now. Have a good night!

    Me: No Dad! It’s just something I needed to satisfy and forget about it.

    Dad: Do you know that you are right in the middle of a war? This is Spiritual Warfare! Ekaette, you need to pray against it. If you didn’t know, let me be the first to tell you. This is not what an ordinary eyes should ignore. It is not a regular battle for land or oil. This war is for our very souls. “For your struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”. This is what we call “INCEST” …. Not just ordinary sex. Haaaa! Jesus! My daughter has been possessed. Take Charge oh LORD! He prayed.

    I felt rejected. I must have really crossed the line. My Dad wouldn’t want me. I have pushed this beyond far. Something must really be wrong somewhere. I need true deliverance as suggested by my Dad. Yes i need! I’m ready for my salvation and redemption.

    Me: What should I do Dad? I need God to intervene in my situation. I’m really ashamed I’m passing through this. Please help me Dad. I need Solution.








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