Story: “Desperate For Love” (Episode 9)

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    Glory had killed me. Or was it karma? Was it because of what I did to Florence? The whole of that night, I couldn’t sleep. I felt lonely and frustrated and angry and sad. I was trying to device a means to raise that money before my company found out. I thought of my friends, but decided it would be a waste of time. None of them would help. They had always considered me richer than them. They always complained of being broke.

    The next day, I drove to Glory’s father’s house and told them everything. They said they were aware that Glory was going to leave the country. However, they thought I was aware of it.

    They felt disappointed that their daughter had behaved like that. They apologized on her behalf, but that’s all they could do. I left the house angry and in a very bad temper.

    On my way home, I decided to see my friend, Eric. After I had explained everything to him, he told me that he wasn’t going to be able to help.

    However, he would take me somewhere I would be able to raise the money. I was afraid it involved money rituals. I didn’t want to kill anybody for money. He assured me that I wouldn’t be killing anyone, but it had to do with something fetish. I decided that I would give it a try.

    The next day, he took me to see a ritualist and explained everything to him.
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    “Young man.” The ritualist began. “I know your fears, you won’t be killing anyone. You have to do it yourself. There is no blood involved.”

    “What do you mean, Sir?” I asked.

    “You would have to undertake a journey. During this journey, you will work your money yourself. What you earn is yours to keep.” He spoke.

    I turned and looked at Eric, because I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

    “What’s going on here, Eric? You brought me here to meet a clown?” I said in full hearing of the ritualist.

    “Young man, watch what you say.” The ritualist warned.

    “Don’t tell me that, I am a very busy man, and I have taken out time out of my busy schedule to come here and you are telling me nonsense.” I was very angry.

    “Hahahahahaha!!” The ritualist laughed. “Don’t be too quick to condemn. I can see you have a fiery temper. Hold on to it. Hold on to that temper, it will serve you well in the coming days.”

    “What are you talking about?” I was frustrated with him.

    “Young man, no matter how long you live on this earth, you would be dead for much longer. That should tell you how many people have died since this world was created. The world of the dead is far more populated than the world of the living. Most of the dead, died as extremely rich men. Most had investments they didn’t enjoy and, most had dreams they didn’t fulfill.” He narrated.

    “Thanks for the lecture but, what has that got to do with me making money?”

    “You will have to make a journey to the underworld to mine your money. Have you heard of bitcoin before, and the mining of crypto currency?” He asked.

    “Yes, Sir”

    “That’s what you have to do. You will be going to the underworld to mine your own money. You are not the only one. There are already three people who have been here for the same purpose. You all will die temporarily, and your spirits will go to the underworld to make money from the riches of the dead. After three days, you will come back to life, and you will be rich for eternity.” He explained.

    “So, you mean I am going to die?” I asked in disbelief.

    “Only temporarily. I will put you guys in coffins and your spirits will go to the world of the dead. Your bodies will stay here and, three days later, you will return.”

    “Are you mad? What if I don’t return? Eric, let’s get out of here.” I spoke, angrily and went out of the place.

    Eric followed me and we had a very lengthy conversation outside. I would rather call it an argument. At long last, Eric succeeded to convince me that the process was safe, and I shouldn’t be worried. We got back into the temple and told the ritualist I had accepted to do it.

    “Alright, young man. Tomorrow, the other boys will be here, and we will carry out the process. But there is one more thing. Going to the world of the dead is not an easy thing. It’s not a walk in the park. You must be warned, if you had caused the death of any person, you might not be able to come back. The person might kill you. Now, young man, have you caused the death of anyone before?” The ritualist asked.

    I immediately thought of Florence, but I said no.

    “We see tomorrow then, good luck to you.” The ritualist spoke, and Eric and I walked out of the place.









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