Story: “Desperate For Love” (Episode 5)

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    I really felt bad that Flore had been locked up all on my account. For the first time since I started dating her, I felt guilty. I asked to see the manager of the establishment, and I was ushered into his office.

    “Good afternoon, Sir” I said, soon as I had been offered a seat. “I am here in respect of Florence.”

    “Oh!! I am so sorry, Sir. It is the fault of the assistant manager. I was out of town, and he took matters into his own outraged hands without even consulting me. I was just on my way to the prison before you walked in. Flore is a dedicated staff with a clean record and doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.” The manager was feeling so bad for Florence.

    “In that case, we could go together. My car is parked outside.” I spoke.

    We were at the prison now. We had first of all been to the State’s Council’s office to secure her release papers. With both of us seated at the waiting room, Flore was brought to us. She looked so weak, starved and worn out. However, she was still able to keep her famous charming style. I got up as soon as I saw her.

    “Omg!! Flore, I hope they have been treating you well?” I asked.

    “I am alive and that is enough for me. Thank you for coming to release me.”

    “Actually, the credit should also go to your boss. We did it together.” I spoke.

    She turned to her manager, and with her face bowed to the ground, she thanked him for everything and apologized for the money. The boss waved it aside and told her not to worry. He assured her that they would sort things out later. For now, she needed to go home, clean up, have a decent meal and then rest.

    The boss took a taxi back to his workplace while I took Florence home.

    I apologized for treating her that way but all she did was just stay silent. She was too weak to engage in any meaningful conversation. Soon, we arrived their house and she got off the car. I walked her to the door; told her I would see her later and left.

    It had been three weeks now. Flore had resumed work and I had been trying as much as possible to be nice to her. For once, she felt loved and she was thankful to God.

    She had stopped worrying me about the money. Her boss had decided that part of it would be erased and considered as reparations for her being locked up by the assistant manager.

    The remaining one would be slowly deducted from her salary over an extended period of time, so that she doesn’t feel the pinch. Her boss was really a good man.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    One day, I decided to take Flore to club. I wanted an informal setting with her. I was looking for every means to make up with her.

    After, her time in prison, I was still feeling bad and decided I would do as much as I could to recompense for my sins.

    My fiancée had gone back to where she lived and worked. It was an opportunity to do some catching up with Flore. So, I decided that I would take her to Platinum. She gladly accepted.

    She had never been to a club before and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to engage in something new and exciting.

    That evening, I called to find out if she was ready yet. She said she was. She also informed me that she would love her friend, Solange to accompany us.

    I had no problem with Solange coming with us, we were going out for fun and there was no problem having an additional person with us.

    When I went to pick them up, I was astounded at how they dressed. Flore was wearing an extremely short mini skirt and a strapless top. Her shoes were stilettos, and her makeup was otherworldly.

    I knew who was behind that look. It was Solange who was wearing a very revealing bump shot and a cropped T Shirt that revealed most of her tummy.

    They got into the car, and we drove to Platinum. The surrounding was packed with club goers, mostly girls who were scantily dressed. Some were almost naked.

    We walked into the club, secured a place to seat and ordered drinks.

    Florence wanted to take non-alcoholic wine, but Solange encouraged her to take alcohol.

    “We are in club, Flore. It’s your first time. Take something that will make you feel belonged.”

    “I have never taken alcohol before.” Flore protested.

    “I think you should take a little bit, babe.” I added my voice. “Don’t worry, you are in safe hands.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, babe.”

    The drinks were served now, and we were sipping and watching other clubbers dance. The dances were so erotic that it made Flore feel so bad and out of place.

    Solange held my hand and asked us to dance. I stood up and we started dancing to the rhythm of Patoranking’s Abule. Solange was a good dancer and a rough one too.

    The way she was dancing with me made me felt uncomfortable because Flore was around. She was dancing so erotically and suggestive and it made my body move. The song was over now, and I told her I wouldn’t be dancing any more.

    Flore wasn’t comfortable being in the club so, she proposed that we go somewhere else. Solange was already half drunk and refused to leave the club. However, after a little bit of persuasion, she agreed to go with us.

    We went to a snack bar opposite Platinum called Johannesburg. We got seats, ordered more drinks and continued drinking.

    Flore was sitting beside me while Solange was sitting on the seat opposite me. I noticed that Solange was up to something. She was rubbing her legs on mine under the table. It made me feel uncomfortable. I was worried at what Flore’s reaction might be if she caught her doing that.

    Flore excused herself and said she was going to the ladies. As soon as she left, Solange took the opportunity.

    “You are such a nice guy.” She began. “I wish I had you for myself.”

    “You clearly don’t know who I am. Not all that glitters is gold. I am a bad guy, so be careful.” I warned her.

    “But I love bad guys. Come to think of it, if a Sister Mary like Flore can handle you, what about a crazy chick like me.” She asked, rubbing my arm erotically.

    “Be careful what you wish for yourself. Breaking hearts is my favourite pastime. So, be careful.”

    “But you can’t break my heart.” She countered. “I won’t allow myself to fall in love with you in spite of your good looks. We could just do NSA.”

    “What is NSA?”

    “No Strings Attached.”

    “But I am dating your friend, Solange.”

    “She said you have a fiancée. So, I am sure there is space for one more person.”

    Just then, Flore got back and interrupted our conversation. We got back to drinking and chatting and Solange rubbing her legs against mine under the table.

    I checked my watch and realized that it was 3:00 AM already. I decided that we should leave.

    By now, both Flore and Solange were heavily drunk. I bundled them into the car and drove off. Our destination? My house.

    Solange complained that her neighbourhood was really dangerous and the bad boys there would attack and rob us if I took her there at that time of the night.
    ***RepNaija Stories***
    We were at home now. Solange slept at the guest room while Flore and I were in my bedroom. Flore slept as soon as she hit the bed. It was an exhaustive experience for her, coupled with the alcohol and all the noise.

    Luckily, the next day was Sunday. She had all the time to sleep and rest. On the other hand, I wasn’t drunk. But I was horny, and Flore was asleep.

    Then an evil thought came to my mind. I was talking to myself; why don’t I go to the guest room and make love to Solange. She had already revealed her wanting for me. Flore was deep asleep and would never know.

    The thought festered my mind so much that I decided to go see her.

    When I got, there, she was already asleep. I climbed on the bed and started caressing her laps. I moved my hand up to her sugar pot, undid the zipper of her bump short and started removing it.

    She opened her eyes and saw me.

    “Oh! John, it’s you. You want it?” She asked.


    She removed the short herself, removed her undies and I got on top of her and started pounding.

    Sex actually felt good, when there was the danger of being caught. The adrenalin added to the pleasure, not to talk of the alcohol we had both taken.

    She was screaming and moaning in spite of the fact that Flore was just in the next room. In the heat of the moment, I had forgotten to lock the door.

    I was so deep into the sex that I didn’t notice the door opened. I heard a sound behind me and turned around. It was Flore standing there, staring at us with her both palms over her mouth in shock.

    ……..this guy sha…. Chai!!



    Kwontinue biko
    This flore why don’t you leave this good for nothing guy

    i pity flore honestly but guy i knw he will regret his action







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