Story: “Desperate For Love” (Episode 3)

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    I led the way while she brought up the rear. When we got to my bedroom, I asked her to take off her clothes, but she was shy.

    “I have never been n@ked in front of a man before.” She protested, shyly.

    “I understand. Don’t worry, I will help you.” I assured her.

    I took off her dresses, one at a time.

    When I got to her undies, there was a small struggle before I finally succeeded. She laid on the bed with both of her hands covering her face.

    “Will it be painful?” She asked.

    “So, I have heard. I am not a woman, you know? But don’t worry, I will be gentle.”

    “Please, slowly, very slowly.”

    “Trust me”

    I had taken off my clothes now. I spre@d her legs and got on top of her, but she screamed terribly and pushed me back.

    “What’s the matter?” I asked.

    “It’s painful, please. Let’s leave it for another day.” She proposed.

    “There is no better day, my dear. Do not leave until tomorrow, what you can do today.”

    I tried to get into her again, but she screamed louder than the first time. I went back to the living room, turned the music on, turned up the volume and came back.

    When I came back, the real struggle began. I realized that if I waited for her to give in willingly, it would never happen. She needed a little motivation. So, I applied force, and the fighting began. We fought for about two hours before I finally succeeded to penetrate her. All the while, she was crying and scratching and biting and kicking.

    We were done now. I got up and went to the bath, but she stayed on the bed, crying.

    “What’s the matter now? Still in pains?”

    “Yes, but that’s not why I am crying. I have just lost my virginity. I had kept it all these years for the man who was going to marry me. Hope you will keep your promise to me?”

    That was when I realized that I wasn’t ready to marry her. I had a beautiful fiancée. I should have told her, but I had been selfish. I just wanted a piece of her, and now that I have had her, my feelings for her had already started diminishing.

    I avoided a response to her question. Instead, I told her to calm down and go clean herself up. After she was done, I drove her home.
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    It had been three months now since she lost her virginity to me. Florence had become what I didn’t bargain for. She was extremely loyal, caring, committed and loving. Those virtues would have, under normal circumstances made me love her more. But my life was now complicated because I had a fiancée. I did everything I could to make her hate me, but she refused to hate me.

    Many times, I was rude to her. Sometimes I refused her not to come to my house. Other times, I deliberately, for no reason, created trouble between us, just so that she would go and not come back. However, she always kept apologizing even when she was right.

    When she asked me to give her money to cook for me and I refused, she would use her own money to cook. When she asked for transportation and I refused, she would use her own money. I tried to get rid of her in many ways, but she kept being forgiving and nice to me. I was frustrated and came to realize that I had a serious problem to solve.
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    One Sunday, she proposed that we spent the day together. I told her that was not going to be possible. My fiancée was in town, and I didn’t want trouble. She had always called me before coming to my house. So, that Sunday, I was sure that I wouldn’t be having any interruptions. But that was not to be. I was in the living room with my fiancée, having lunch when I heard a knock on the door. My heart skipped. I had a queer feeling that it might be her. I went to the door and opened it, and I almost collapsed. It was Florence.

    “What are you doing here?” I asked. “I thought I told you to call me before coming to my house. Is something wrong with your head?”

    “I am sorry, baby. I was in your neighbourhood. So, I thought I should just pass by and say hi.”

    “You are not serious. You are stark raving mad.” I said angrily.

    “I am very sorry, babe. But it looks like you have a guest. Who is she? I just heard a female voice.” She said, trying to peep through the drapes. I blocked her way and was about to lie to her that it was my sister. But my fiancée spoiled my plans.
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    “Who is that babe?” She asked.

    “Nobody important. Just a friend.” I lied.

    “So, why don’t you ask her to come in.” She proposed.

    “Well, she is just passing. Another time maybe.”

    “No, ask her to come in. I haven’t really met most of your friends. Let her come in and make herself comfortable.”

    I cursed under my breath as I ushered Florence in. She was offered food but refused to eat. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She thought she was dreaming. All the while, I avoided eye contact with her because I didn’t know what to do.

    Finally, I left both ladies and went to my bedroom. Before going, I managed to look into Florence’s eyes and gave her a stern look, warning her to keep her mouth shut. When it was time for her to leave, I told my fiancée to tell her that I was asleep and wouldn’t be able to see her.

    Two days later, my fiancée left, and Flore came to see me. She started weeping as soon as she walked through the door. I offered her a glass of water, but she refused.

    “You lied to me, John. You have a fiancée, and you didn’t tell me.” She wept.

    “Well, now you know. So, what do we do about it?” I was unapologetic.

    “You said you were going to marry me. You promised me with all your heart.”

    “Yes, I did. But you asked that question when I was very vulnerable. Any other man would have said the same thing. So, you can’t hold that against me.”

    “I gave you my virginity based on that promise, remember?” She asked.

    “What’s so particular about you giving me your virginity. Women have been doing that since the beginning of time. What makes you think your own virginity was special? Do you know how many girls who have lost their virginity to me?” I asked, scornfully.

    “John!! Are you the one talking to me like that?” She asked in disbelief.

    “It is me, flesh and blood. In fact, now that you know I have a fiancée, better get used to the idea. You have to be prepared to be a cowife.” I told her.

    “I don’t want to share you with anybody.”

    “Then let’s break up now that it’s still early. I can’t leave my fiancée for you. You either be the side chick and know your place or nothing.” I said, rudely.

    “You are wicked, John. God will not forgive you.” She said, sobbing.

    “Are you one of God’s angels to know whether He will forgive me or not?” I asked angrily. “In fact, it’s time for you to go. I have had a long day.”

    “I am going nowhere.”

    “Oh!! Alright, I will help you.” I said and dragged her out of my house. She clung on the door frame, refusing to go. I used force and pulled her until she gave up.

    “John, the blood I shed on the day I lost my virginity to you was a contract we signed. It was a bond. Remember that you promised to marry me. If you don’t marry me, you will pay dearly.” She threatened when she was out of the gate.

    “You are still talking? I replied. “Alright, wait until I meet you there.”

    She hung her handbag on her shoulders, used a paper napkin to wipe her tears and started walking away sorrowfully. I slammed my gate and got back into the house nonchalantly.
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    However, in my heart, I was worried about the threat she had just made and knew I hadn’t heard the last of her.


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