Story: “Desperate For Love” (Episode 2)

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    It was Sunday now and we were already at our dating venue. Her dressing today was more casual. She looked more beautiful than she looked the other day at her work place. I figured it was because she had some make up on. She also smelled good.

    We ordered grilled fish and miondo, and two bottles of Chill. We talked as we ate.

    “You asked a lot about me yesterday.” I spoke. “Can you please tell me something about you?”

    “What do you want to know?”

    “Marital status, age, preferences, temperament…anything”

    “I am not married.” She spoke, showing me her fingers. “As for my age, forget it. You will find out about that someday. Preferences? Ehmmm, well, I love music, hanging out and praying to God.”

    “Wow!! That’s cool. So, how come you are single. A beautiful woman like you should have a prince charming.” I said and she smiled.

    “Well, I am just taking my time.” She spoke.

    “How about you? Are you married?”



    “No” I lied. A lie that would cost me dearly, very dearly in the future.

    “You are single? Don’t tell me that as cute as you are, you are single.”

    “Yes, I am single.” I lied again.

    “That means I am fortunate.” She said and then winked at me.

    “How do you mean?”

    “I am fortunate to have met a single and cute guy who has caught my interest. But the question is, have I also caught his interest?” She asked.

    “Oh!! That? You are a nice lady. That’s all I can say for now.” I spoke. How many boys have you dated in the past?


    “How many have you slept with?”




    “Are you saying you are a virgin?” I asked in disbelief.

    “Yes, I am.”


    “Because I have promised God and myself that I will only sleep with the man whom I will get married to.” She explained.

    “So, you are saying that, just in case we start dating now, you won’t allow me to have the “ebube dike”? I asked.

    “If you will get married to me, what is the problem? I will give it to you freely.”
    ***RepNaija Story***
    It was at this point that I should have known that it was time to back out. I should have known that Florence was no ordinary girl. She was highly principled and intentional. She also looked like someone who falls in love desperately and can do anything to keep that love. I, on the other hand, was a player. I used my good looks to lure ladies. They fall into my hands, and I fall into their pockets and … you know the other thing.

    I had lied to her that I was single but, I was in a serious relationship and even planned to get married to the lady I was dating. Trouble was brewing. I was sensible enough to see that but took little notice of it.

    We were done eating now. I walked her out of the place, and we got into my car. I would have loved to take her to my home, but it was late, and I didn’t know yet whether she lived alone or with her parents.

    When I asked her about it, she said she lived with family. So, I drove her to her home. When we got to their house, she gave me a gentle peck on the jaw, and then got off the car. As I drove away, she rang the bell for her sister to come and open the gate for her.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    Florence and I had been hanging out for almost a month now. We were getting quite close but nothing serious had happened yet. She hadn’t even come to my house. However, she had asked for the direction to my house, and I had given her a vivid description of where I lived.

    One Sunday, I was in the living room, lying on my soft carpet when my doorbell rang. I was half asleep so, the sound of the doorbell ringing startled me.

    “Who’s there?”


    “That is everyone’s name. What is your real name.”


    I jumped up and rushed to the door, opened it and was greeted with her very warm smile. She looked good in her Sunday outfit. I was half happy and half angry that she had come. I was happy because I was bored but was angry because she hadn’t called. What if my fiancée was around?

    “Come in Florence. I am so delighted to see you.” I said, ushering her into my beautiful living room.

    “Thank you.” She said, sitting down and looking around. “Your place looks good, enjoyment minister.”

    “Thank you.” We both laughed.

    “What should I get for you? I have ice cream, soft drinks, alcohol, what do you want?”

    “Alcohol, whisky to be precise.” She said, laughing. I looked at her with my eyebrows raised. “I am only joking. I will take ice cream, thank you.”

    I went to the fridge and got her ice cream. I got some for me, too. We ate and chatted. Everything was going well until there was a power cut and it started raining. The weather became cold and wet. However, that wasn’t a problem because I knew when it was time to go, I would drive her home. But then, with no electricity, and the TV off, we had to concentrate more on ourselves. She was the one who started the whole thing.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    She offered to feed me with a spoon full of ice cream. I returned the favour and we both laughed and took it for a joke.

    Ice cream was finished now, and power had still not been restored. I started telling her stories. I was a master storyteller and I told her a story about the day my mum sent me to the market to go buy a large bunch of bananas. On my way home, I met my crush. I missed my step, tripped on a stone and fell down, bananas and all. I was very embarrassed. When I got up from the ground, I realized that my slippers had cut. I had no choice but to walk home with one of my feet bare as my crush and her friends mocked at me. Poor me…. RepNaija Story!!!

    She laughed until tears came to eyes. I laughed too but I was very embarrassed on that day.

    Women have this way of laughing and falling on someone’s body. That was what she was doing, and before I realized, we had become close. Our bodies were touching each other and that gave me a tingling sensation.

    The skirt she was wearing had gone up, revealing her soft, fresh and brown laps.

    Power was restored, thankfully. But when I turned on the TV, as the devil would have it, there was a l0ve making scene going on. I turned to look at her and realized that her eyes had become all smoky. She badly wanted something.

    The rain, the cold, the movie going on, everything seemed to have put her in a hor..ny mood. I kissed her and she responded as if she was waiting for it.

    She kissed me so violently that for a moment, I thought my tongue was going to fall off from its roots.

    I was still sitting on the sofa as she got on top of me, kissing and cares, sing me with reckless abandon. It was evident she hadn’t been close to a man in a very long while.

    I sent my hand inside her bl0use and touched her bre@sts. They felt good and plump. I unbuttoned her blouse, took one of her bre@sts and s#cked gently.

    She arched her back in pleasure and I transferred my attention to the other bre@st and did the same thing. She was crazy now and I figured it was time for me to go all the way. I sent my hand in between her legs, but she held my hand.

    “What is the matter, Florence?”

    “Remember, I am still a virgin. If you are going to make love to me, it means you have to marry me. Do you agree?”

    On a normal situation, I would have stopped doing what I was doing.

    However, half of my sense was gone. I was already deep into the process and had no choice.

    “Yes, I will marry you.”


    “Yes, Promise.”

    “With all your heart?”

    “Yes, with all of my heart.”

    “Okay, let’s go to your bedroom.”









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