Story: Compatibles (Episode 7)

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    Danny went back to meet the guy but Oluchi quickly followed him thinking he was going to continue

    “If I ever see you, I will do this to you again and again” he said and walked away holding Oluchi.

    “I’ll drive” he said and she didn’t argue.

    Danny drove out of the environment and headed back to the house, after some time he stopped the car

    “Am sorry about what he did to you, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have left you there”

    “It’s not your fault, I should have listened to you” she said lowering her head, Red was silent for some seconds.

    “I couldn’t stand back after seeing what he did” he said.

    “I know but you almost killed him”

    “I planned on beating him to death” he said and she turned to look at him with surprise

    “What?” she said

    “I wouldn’t allow certain person come to you talk less of slapping you. I’ll kill” he said and she was silent

    “I saw you in tears for that I needed to repay him” Red said

    “But he started crying” she said

    “Crying wasn’t enough, I wanted to shed his blood for making you shed tears”

    Oluchi was silent, she knew he wasn’t protecting her because it’s his job but because he was in love with her

    “I appreciate everything Danny but I don’t want you to kill. I really like you, you have been my best friend since I arrived Nigeria” Danny was silent for some time; he then started the car and drove off…

    The next day she got up early and dressed for work, the morning was cold so she put on a white turtle neck sweater and black jeans. She left the house and went to the office with Red and co.

    She picked up her office phone and called Jane

    “Jane, what do we have today?”

    “Madam, we have expertise coming from Jax technology and Microsoft who have received and accepted your proposal”

    “O thank God, spread the word to the others.

    And what time will they be here?”


    “Ok thank you” Jane was about to leave the office

    “Jane wait, please send a message to our robot engineers reminding them of the experiment by 10:00am today, and additionally Google android engineers will be present in the program, so we need to prepare but am sure they wouldn’t disappoint” Oluchi said

    “You can count on that madam and there is someone here to see you” Jane said

    “Ok, send the person up”

    It was d!ckson, as he came into the office the sight of Oluchi made all his senses go the four wings of the earth (East, west, north and South), he took a deep breath then returned to himself.

    Oluchi was writing a letter

    “I can’t believe I received such an executive hospitality” he said walking towards her, she raised her head to look at him

    “So it’s you” she said and continued writing

    “You look beautiful” he said smiling

    “The card I gave you gives you an express entry to the Ceo’s office and expires after you leave this office” she said ignoring his last statement, he was silent and his silence got her attention; she paused to look at him

    “You said you needed a job”

    “O Yes I do” he said bringing out his papers and gave it to her

    She was impressed with the results on his paper

    “Waw, this is impressive” she said smiling.

    Oluchi liked him, there was no vacancy at the moment but she was willing to create one for him, even without an interview

    “you have the job” she said

    “Just like that?” he was surprised

    “Yeah” she smiled

    “Waw, thank you so much’ he said happily.

    She called Jane into her Office and did a little paper works and asked her to fix him in the Physics lab department. d!ckson was excited and knew this was the beginning of his plans.…

    At dusk, a lot of people are seen moving around the premises inside and outside, some coming in for night duty and some going home. Oluchi came out of the main building and saw d!ckson waiting and smiling

    “What are you smiling at?” she asked as she came down the stairs outside the building with Red and some guards following

    “I felt you were still inside so I decided to wait”

    “Wait, why?”

    “We have an unfinished conversation”

    “Come on let me drop you off” she said smiling

    Red was not happy, she didn’t notice.

    Another guard Sean opened the door for them

    “Hey Danny are you going join us” she said

    “No thanks I’ll be in front”

    She wondered what’s wrong with him but forgot about him and went in with d!ckson

    “How was working in the company like” she asked him

    “It was awesome”

    “Really, or you’re saying that to impress me” she said suspiciously

    “No of cause not”

    “Don’t worry soon you’ll get bored” she said

    “Bored? That’s not possible as long as you are there”


    “You know you didn’t give me your number”

    “Ok” she said and gave it to him

    “I’ll call you tonight”

    “I don’t pick later night calls so you better call from 7:00pm to 9:00”

    “a lady with rules. I like that” he said smiling

    She was falling for him…..

    “Drop me here” he said

    “Is this where you live?”

    “No I wanna pick up some things” he said

    “Alright, stop the car” she said and the car parked

    “See you tomorrow” he said

    “Yeah bye” she replied………

    #Kachi: I don’t like this…. This is not looking good guys…. What do you think?

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    Not looking nice at all,but let’s continue


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