Story: Compatibles (Episode 5)

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    “red, where do we go”

    “madam I think…. Stop” Oluchi interrupted

    “Stop calling me madam”

    “Ma am sorry I cant”

    “Really? We have been friends for some time now and would feel better if you called me Oluchi” she said

    “it’s my duty to protect you, I cant”

    “Come on, what has protection got to do with this, just call me Oluchi”

    “Ok, I will” he said

    “What is your name?”


    “Are you serious? I mean your real name”


    “Danny or Daniel”

    “No Danny”

    “Ok Danny am Oluchi” she said smiling, he didn’t know what to say

    “Well, I know that” he said

    “You are suppose to say, Nice to meet you”

    “Ok nice to meet you” he said and she smiled.

    She drove and stopped at an eatery downtown

    “let’s go in” she said

    “No madam. Sorry Oluchi I don’t think we should”

    “Don’t think, just do it” she said and came out of the car, he hesitated and then later followed her

    The security man at the entrance froze at the site of Oluchi, am very sure in his life he has never seen anyone so beautiful, he forgot his duty; Red knew his state of mind and went forward to open the door for her

    “Thank you” she said smiling

    The restaurant was very large and lively, as they walked people stared at them and even after they did, they were still staring

    “I’ll go get you something” he said and was about to leave

    “Wait, they’ll come around” she said

    “No, in here you go make your order yourself over there” he said pointing; she didn’t really like that. He went over to get something, just then a young man walked to Oluchi

    “Excuse me” he said smiling

    “yes?” she said pressing her phone without looking at him

    “may I sit?” he said, she then raised her head to look at him. A young handsome man was standing right in front of her as handsome as Danny himself or slightly less

    “Yes you may” she replied and he sat

    “Am d!ckson” he stretched his hand

    “Am Oluchi” she received it

    ‘I must comment, you are clearly the most beautiful human I have ever seen”

    “Thank you”

    “you look familiar” he said

    “Well, you don’t”

    “From your accent I guess you are not from here” he said

    “Yes and No” she said

    “Meaning?’ he asked

    “I was born and brought up in America but my mum is a Nigerian” she said

    “Interesting, and Dad?”

    “from Mexico” she said

    “So what brings you to Nigeria” he asked, she was worried what’s keeping Danny

    “Am here for business”

    “what kind of business” he asked; she was getting uncomfortable with the questions

    “My father’s business”

    “What kind of business does your father do?” he asked

    “And why are you so concerned about her father’s Business” Danny said with two trays in his hands as he dropped it on the table

    “This is for you” he said to her

    “Thank you”

    “O my God, am so sorry, I didn’t know you are here with your boyfriend” d!ckson said and Oluchi smiled

    “Am her personal Guide” he said to d!ckson, Oluchi was not happy with that and she gave him that “Really?” look but he ignored it

    “Actually, he’s my best friend” she specified

    “Ok am sorry for the question but I need a Job” he said

    “So is that why you are here?” she asked

    “No No, that’s not why am here” he said

    “then tell me why” she said

    “I would fancy a friendship with you and get closer to you” he said

    “well, d!ckson ain’t you close enough?” she asked. d!ckson laughed, just then her phone rang, it was Sylvester, she got angry but didn’t show it

    “Danny let’s go” she said standing up

    “Did I say anything wrong?” d!ckson looked surprised

    “no, you didn’t, We just have to go”

    “What about the food?” Danny asked

    “Forget it” she said

    “Forget it? The plates are disposable lets go with it” he said

    “Alright then” she said

    “can I have your number” d!ckson said

    “I don’t give out my number like that”

    “At least something to keep in touch” he said

    “Ok, here is my card” she gave him a card, he collected while looking at her face. She and Danny left. d!ckson looked at the card and was surprised at how beautiful the card was and when he read it he was even more surprised that he had been talking to the Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo who is the daughter of Mr. Romero, the man he and his gang robbed and most of his men died and almost lost his life too, after being shot by Danny; he now remembered Danny’s face well enough but Danny didn’t know him because he was masked; he looked at the card again he wondered what they were doing around here with no Guards.

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