Story: Compatibles (Episode 3)

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    Red went over to the office later and helped out with the project but Oluchi was unaware that he addressed the meeting and project perfectly. She thought it was the board.

    Oluchi and Red are becoming really close. Oluchi has learnt to spend time with Red, and even the aides in the house could see this and know that something is up.

    “Boss, Miss Oluchi was here looking for you” Tom said; Tom is one of the senior body guards.

    “You mean she came to our quarters?” Red asked.

    “Yes she did, she told me you should come see her”

    “Ok” he said and was about to leave but Tom called him

    “Boss, I think that lady is in love with you” he said smiling

    “Don’t say what you don’t know, Tom”

    “(smiles) Look man don’t deny it you love her too” he said smiling

    “Shut up” Red said laughing as he walked away

    He went up to meet her; she was sitted in the balcony with her phone

    “Hello Madam” he said

    “Hey Red, come sit here” she said tapping the space beside her. He sat down

    “I’ll be having a conference in south Africa tomorrow and I want you to come with me”

    “Of course I will be there to protect you”

    “Come on please not as a body guard but as a friend” she said smiling

    “Ok, all the same” he replied

    “No not the same, you wouldn’t be my guard but best friend”

    “Ok, I’ll be your friend”.
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    After 3 months, Oluchi was familiar with the home and company, and her feeling towards Red has increased.

    Since her dad left Red has made her feel so comfortable, he showed her around, took her to the field to play football and has taken her where ever she wanted. Her feeling for him has grown but she wasn’t sure of dating him since he’s her father’s guard or so she thought

    A beautiful morning it is, Oluchi is smiling as she sleeps & roll on her gigantic bed, a big bed enough to take 6 personnel. Rolling from side to side she enjoyed the softness of the bed sheet’s friction on her thigh which made her sleep more, she opens her eyes to look at the time but she ignored it since she was the boss but, the alarm clock disagreed; it rang so loud that she had to shut her ears, she jumped up & stopped it

    After taking her bath, she dressed in a red gown that revealed her shapes & her cleavage slightly.

    She picked up the phone by her bed & called the kitchen & asked for a cup of coffee; it arrived in 3 minutes. The house belonged to her father; it’s a really big maison, it was so big that if she had thieves living with her she wouldn’t notice it.

    Her master bedroom can take 10 cars, the bed is built on a higher floor 5 steps from the normal ground, which made it look like a throne room, a beautiful sitting room just ahead of the bed, a large flat TV on the wall & a ps4 (she loves games), four different doors in the bedroom, one leads to the largest bathroom you can ever imagine, a bathroom with more than 6 bath tubes built to the floor & of different shapes & toilet with transparent glass doors arranged in rows, with red tiles on the floor & wall of the bath tubes; there is a particular level of water that never dries on the floor, up to the ankle, its colorless & neat.

    Another door leads to the inside house, this is a house worth over 2 billion dollars with over 90 rooms, 10 sitting rooms & 1 cinema, game room, library etc.

    Outside the house are beautiful gardens with an express lane leading to the main gate, a football field, a helicopter landing pad at the back over 20 bungalows for all the guards & cooks.

    Another door leads to the library, and the last door leads to the balcony which is wide and big as a sitting room with different chairs & table arranged like a restaurant with a wall TV.

    She walked into the balcony and the wind blew into her and she took a deep breath and exhaled. She wondered why her father left her in such a big maison

    “Ma, what car would you like to go out with” she turned to see Red, the leader of the military guard, he was good looking & was not smiling & looked like he would kill anyone.

    “I don’t know they are so many. Help me chose” she said smiling; he smiled back.

    “Ok take the new SUV” he said.

    “O thank you” she smiled that was the car in mind

    “Your pilot will be out in 60 seconds” he said with a smile & left but she called him back

    “Red please I need you to show me around Lagos”

    “No problem” he said smiling. He stood there staring at her and smiling

    She thought to herself why he was smiling

    “What!” she asked in a weak tone like she was expecting him to say something; he was silent for some seconds then said

    “you are beautiful, ma” he said smiling; she smiled like a shy little girl


    “we’re good to go” he said

    “Okay thank you” she said & walked down the stairs at the right side of the balcony. She arrived at the door of the car, one of the guards opened the door & she went in, two cars followed right behind her & two in front.

    Oluchi looked from left to right at the people on the road. It was a 15 min drive from home to work; she got there by 10:30 Am.

    She entered the main building; the reception is a very large hall with a very beautiful tiled floor with mirrored tiled & the name of NGT was written boldly on the floor. People of different sizes, shapes, country & races moved around at random. She stopped at the door to look around for 10 seconds with Red & the other guards behind, and then she moved towards the elevator.

    Each step she took blew them away, she could hear a lot of greetings from left to right, she smiled at them; some starring at her ended up bumping into other persons; she just held herself from laughing; she walked straight down & went down a 5 step stairs & turned right to the elevator.

    Immediately she entered her office, she felt at home, she sat on the chair comfortably, turned it 360 and immediately caught Red starring at her & standing in front of her table. She froze

    “What” she said.

    “Do you need anything?” he asked

    “No thank you” she said; she watched as he walked out. She picked up one of the phone & called Jane……

    …..this people just dey whine us o… Make them start the action na…. Abi you never tire for the whining?

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    Make them start abeg


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