Story: Compatibles (Episode 2)

    “Sweetie come sit over here” he said holding her on the shoulder and moved her to the sofa and she sat down; two guards were standing behind him, he turned to them

    “Please call me Red” he said and they left

    Oluchi was wondering what kind of name that was

    “Red? What about Blue?” she thought to herself smiling.

    “Why are you smiling?”

    “Nothing” she said as the smile disappeared. She brought out her phone to keep herself busy.

    “Welcome sir” Red said.

    “O Red (he smiled) how are you” he said hugging him

    “Fine sir” he replied

    “This is my daughter Oluchi” Romero said smiling. Red turned to look at her and she also turned to look at him, they both froze at the sight of each other

    “Lord have mercy, what is this? My God this is beauty, I bet” Red thought to himself

    “I can’t believe this. I have seen this guy in my sleep so many times or is this another dream” she thought to herself. Red was a handsome guy in his 30s.

    She stood up and walked to him to shake him

    “Nice to see you” she said

    “Same here and at your service” he said

    “Red will show you around later, he is like a son to me I assure you can trust him for protection, he will be your personal guide but now we all need to rest and tomorrow I have business to attend to in America”

    “Come on dad. I just came here and you wanna just leave me and go away. Dad no, stay with me” she said in a sad face

    “Ok my love, I’ll stay for a week” he said

    “O that’s better” she said and hugged him. He stayed for a week before leaving…
    ***RepNaija Stories***
    A week after Mr. Romero left Oluchi wakes up one morning with a headache and a back pain, she couldn’t get up from bed, she was so weak and in pain and she had an important meeting to attend to but, she couldn’t. She tried to call out but couldn’t, she didn’t understand what was going on in her body, yesterday she was fine and went to bed happy and now waking up in pains. She reached for her bed side phone

    “Hello, please get me water” she said in pain

    “Yes ma” a voice said from the phone.

    In 60secs someone came up to her room with water. It was Bola, she carried a jug full of water and a glass cup in a tray but, as she saw Oluchi’s condition she panicked

    “My God, ma what’s the problem?” she said helping her up

    “I don’t know, I just feel terrible” she said in pain

    “You need to see a doctor” Bola said

    “No, please get Red here”

    “Ok ma” she said and ran out to call Red; 2mins later Red came in

    “Madam what’s wrong” he asked

    “I don’t know I feel pains in my head and back”

    “Ok nothing to worry about. Bola get me a hand towel, a bowl of warm water and Robb” he said and she went to bring it

    “What’s that for?” she asked

    “A massage but I will have to take you outside” he said

    “Ok no problem” she said. He carried her in his arms to the balcony and dropped her on the sofa

    “You will have to lay on your stomach and take off your top” he hesitated

    “Alright” she said and did it and la!d on her stomach, she was left with her bra and her jean shorts. Bola came up with the items

    “Ya, thank you” he said and collected them from her

    “O I forgot please get a bigger towel too” he said to her

    “Ok sir” she said and ran off

    “Just relax and let me do the massage” he said

    “Ok” she said smiling. He touched her body and he felt the shake in her body, her body was soft and smooth

    “Where do you feel pain” he asked

    “I can’t say for sure”

    “Alright then” he dipped the towel in the warm water. Bola came back with the towel

    “Here sir” she said

    “Thank you. You can go” he said and she left. He sq££zed out the water in the towel then placed it on her back

    “I’ll allow your body absorbs the heat from the towel” he did this three times then he took it off. He applied the Robb on his palms and robbed it on her back gently massaging it. It felt so smooth in his arms, her skin was a delight, it felt so soft and smooth. He smiled as he imagined her in his arms, wishing he could kiss that beautiful skin.

    Oluchi loved each touch on her body, his hands felt so good on her body she wished he could go further down and all over her body. They both thought about being in each other’s arms. He did this for 5mins then stopped

    “Ooo, come on why’d you stop? I loved that” she said smiling

    “Am done” he said

    “Waw, I feel good. The pain is gone except for my head” she said

    “Alright lie on your back” he said and she did. He took the bigger towel and covered her breasts, he then soaked the other towel in water and sq££zed out the water he then folded it and placed it on her head.

    “Thank you”

    “You’re welcome” he replied

    “How did you do it?” she asked

    “Well, I know a little about massage” he said, Oluchi remembered something important

    “O my God, I have a very important meeting today” she said

    “Meeting? You are too weak and if you go out the pains will resume even more painful” he said

    “What do I do?” she asked

    “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be at the office and the board will handle it”

    “Really? Thank you Red. You are the best” she said smiling holding his hand….

    ….I think this story will be interesting…. What do you think?

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Re: Story: Compatibles (Episode 2) by Edward Eduardo Jayden Seyi Bamidele Buanavista 9 months ago

    It’s interesting nd awesome


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