Story: Compatibles (Episode 10)

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    Danny walked into the company, the lights shone bright in the hall, he entered the elevator and headed for the 80th floor, he walked out of the elevator

    “Hey Red” Rose said, rose is a night staff

    “hey Rose, long time how you doing?”

    “Am good, what are you doing here?”

    “I came to get some files for Oluchi”

    “Alright then” she said and he went to her office

    He turned on the lights and went to the desk and searched

    “Where the hell did she keep it?” he said and searched for about 5 mins until he found it under some mixed up files; he took both files and left

    “Hey Rose see you later” he said smiling

    “Bye see you later” she said smiling

    “He’s so handsome I wonder why he’s a body guard” she thought to her self
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    As he approached the elevator it opened and he saw Oluchi and d!ckson with some police men

    “What are you doing here? I found it already” he said; Oluchi walked to him and snatched the files from him and opened it

    “So it’s true, you came here to steal our company’s files” she said

    “Excuse me?” he said and she immediately slapped him, he was surprised

    “Aren’t you the one who… shut up” Oluchi interrupted him

    “I told you” d!ckson said, Red now understood that d!ckson set him up

    “You are fired. Arrest him” Oluchi said

    “is that a joke?” he said

    “You are a criminal” she said and walked away

    “Sir you are under arrest for the stealing of company’s property” a police man said, Red followed them quietly; Rose just watched all the drama quietly…
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    The next day it was all over the news

    “Miss Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo’s body guard attempts stealing important company documents worth billions of dollars” – Daily Sun

    “Miss Marcus de leonardo’s Body guard was arrested for stealing company property” – Punch

    For the next one week, it was news at the company and red has been in police cell for over a week.

    Oluchi had a meeting with the board of directors and Mr. Mark one of the board members raised the issue of Red in the police cell

    “Madam, the young man you arrested has been in prison for over a week now”

    “And so? What has that got to do with you?”

    “it has got everything to do with us” Mr. Henry said angrily, he is the most senior member of the board

    “Mr. Henry with all due respect that has nothing to do with you and besides he must face the law for what he did”

    “the man in question has been working with your father before you came to Nigeria he is the most trusted man I have ever known. You just showed up from nowhere and fired him, wait till your father hear about this” Mr. henry said

    “Am sure my father would be pleased” she replied

    Mr. Henry walked out with every other member following. Mr. Jackson stopped beside Oluchi and said to her

    “you have made a grave mistake and I pray you can correct it in time” he said and left…

    Oluchi and d!ckson were discussing and laughing when Mr. Henry came in

    “Oluchi the company is at its downfall and all you can do is play with a man who has nothing to offer” henry said

    “What did I do?” d!ckson said

    “Mr. Henry with all due respect I wouldn’t take that from you anymore” She said and Henry walked out
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    Even in prison Red was thinking about what d!ckson would be doing now, just then a police man came to him

    “Hey you come” he said to Red and opened the door for him to come out. He led him to the DPO’s office where he saw Mr. Henry, Mr. Mark and Jane.

    He was surprised to see them there

    “Hello Red” Henry said with a smile

    “Sir Henry, Mark, Jane what are you doing here?” he said looking surprised

    “We’re here to free you” Jane said

    “Ok you can take him, he’s free” the DPO said

    “Thank you” Henry said and they left.

    They got into Henry’s car; a black Hummer jeep and moved out of the station

    “Red, what happened?”

    “Long story, that d!ckson guy told me Oluchi asked me to go get those files and I went to the office to get it, only for me to be stopped by Himself and Oluchi at the elevator with police men”

    “That guy is evil” Jane said

    “come on but you know those documents don’t leave the company” Mark said

    “Yes But Oluchi hardly listens to me so there was no way I could ask her”

    “I’ll deal with that guy” Mark said

    “No don’t do anything, let the company keep falling Mr. Romero will soon arrive” Henry said

    “yes, you are right. So she’ll have no one to blame” Jane said

    “Sir Henry may I stay at your place for now” Red said

    “Sure no problem”

    “I’ll fly to London soon” Red said

    “Am sorry for all these nonsense Red and besides you are more handsome than that J0yst!ck guy” Jane said smiling

    “He’s really a J0yst!ck” mark said and they laughed

    “She’s beautiful and unwise” Henry said

    “and he’s in love with her” Mark said

    “How did you know that” Red asked

    “Come on, those days when you were best friends we all know” mark said

    “And How you have risked your life for her over and over again is something I don’t understand” Henry said

    “I Remember you being rushed to the company’s hospital when you were shot at your back” Mark said

    “yeah, actually the guy who shot was aiming at Oluchi but I noticed this and quickly covered her with my arms and the guy fired three time and ran away and the second attack was when d!ckson was with us, we were ambushed and that day it was just Pilot (the driver), d!ckson, Oluchi and I in an Audi jeep and it was d!ckson’s idea we go alone and as we were stopped by these guys I had my gun in my suit but about four of them had Ak47 and the other two had shot guns; I was with a Desert eagle (laughs), I felt so damn that day I started thinking as they approached, they asked us to step out of the car I stepped out to interrogate them but they insisted that everyone step out which we did then they asked us to give the car’s key and all money we had, I was so angry with them I told them I cant give the car key so one of them tried to hit me with his gun on my head but I held his hand and quickly turned him over to back me while I held his neck with my arm from behind to use him as a shield, I brought out my gun and shot four of them in the head but one ran and hid behind a tree and quickly aimed to fire at Oluchi; I pushed the guy I was holding away and stood in front of Oluchi and he shot and it hit my upper chest region, he ran away and so did the other but as I was on the floor I couldn’t find d!ckson it was Oluchi and pilot who helped put me in the car and on her face I could see fear that I shouldn’t die but Thank God I didn’t”

    “Waw you have tried” mark said

    “Who would do that if not for love” Jane said smiling

    They arrived at Henry’s home, they got in and Henry showed Danny his room, he quickly went into the shower. Henry came out to meet the others

    “Oluchi doesn’t know how important this man is to her father” Jane said

    “She’ll know soon” mark said.

    #Kachi: Indeed she will soon know… Wawa… Beauty without brain…. I dey vex… Make nobody hold me o… Just go drop your own comment….

Re: Story: Compatibles (Episode 10) by Godwin 9 months ago

    This girl na real wawa o

    #that Oluchi Girl Is Deeply Blinded In Love And Red Is Bold And Strong

Re: Story: Compatibles (Episode 10) by mervos 8 months ago

    yow interesting story


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