Story: Compatibles (Episode 1)

    If there was any word more beautiful than the word “GORGEOUS” I would be using it to describe Oluchi. One of her added beauty is her beautiful blue iris, she has this straight face and spotless skin a well structured nose (not pointed) and beautiful lips beautiful dark brown skin.

    Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo is the daughter of Romero Marcus de Leonardo a 55 years old billionaire who you could mistake for a man in his 40s; he is young than his age, he is the CEO and founder of New Generation Technology (NGT) the biggest technology establishment in the world, he is married to Late Grace Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo and Oluchi happens to be the only child.

    Romero is from Mexico and Grace is from Nigeria (Imo state). Oluchi was named after her mother.

    Oluchi was born in los-Angeles but later moved to Washington at 10. She is also known as Mariana and she is 29 years old but unlike any other lady she is not a fashion freak but she dresses like an expert stylist. She was a student of Harvard University America & graduate with a G.P of 4.0, a first class degree in Applied Physics, she became the first female student to get that high.

    Now Oluchi is back to Nigeria to run daddy’s company from home. This is a company that raises $100 billion monthly

    Romero hands over power to his daughter but she fears she might be unable to handle such huge responsibility but her father encourages her to do all she can and that he will support her.
    ***RepNaija Stories***
    Oluchi arrive Nigeria for the first time in her life, from the airport she went straight to NGT with her Dad to address the board of directors but was nervous and she almost fainted when she saw 24 matured directors in the meeting, she was speechless but Romero helped her out…

    “(clears throat) you all have heard of my daughter Oluchi Mariana Marcus de Leonardo.

    She will be taking responsibilities here in Nigeria.

    I believe she has the potentials of doing so, I will be moving over to America to support her and I believe you all will work peacefully with her” he addressed & they all applauded.

    Jackson one of the board members had his eyes on Oluchi throughout the speech and Oluchi noticed it but didn’t pay attention because people stare at her everyday and its part of her life. Oluchi is so beautiful that no man passes without a second look, more interesting she’s got all that it takes from front to back to s£duce any man. The newspaper has once carried that she had butt in plant but she spoke against it. Jackson was sure that God used more than 2 days in creating Oluchi.

    “Mr. Jackson! Mr. Jackson!!” Mr. Romero shouted & called back his attention

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing sir”

    “Alright that’ll be all” he said and everyone dismissed.

    “It feels good to be here” Oluchi said.

    “I knew you’d like it here” her father said.

    Oluchi walked round the large office smiling; 30 feet wide 70 feet long, the main desk was close to the glass window and faced the door; a very large desk with special inbuilt laptop, the table is structured to the ground and made of marble, pearl and stone, the top is made of bullet proof glass, the laptop is not visible because it was structured to the table and having the same color as the dark glass, it can only be accessed by the CEO.

    From the CEO’s table to the right is a set of sofas arranged with a centered glass table forming a sitting room, at the back left of the CEO’s tables is a big shelve full of books and to the left is the table for the board meeting; a table with 12 chairs on left and right and the boss’s chair making 25, a flat screened internet T.V and computer at the end of the table on the wall. Four different landlines on the CEO’s desk, with books and documents arranged.

    Oluchi has never seen an office so big and beautiful, as she walked around a lady walked into the office in a bright pink tight gown, Oluchi turned to look at her, the color of the dress caught Oluchi’s eyes, it was a beautiful dress and so was the woman in it, Oluchi like her face; she was fair and really pretty. She happens to be the most senior secretary of the whole NGT Nigeria. One of the most trusted personnel in the company, Romero saw her as his own daughter too

    “O dear Jane, this is Oluchi my daughter; Oluchi this is Jane our senior and beautiful secretary” Oluchi was admiring Jane’s beauty and her dress and Jane was doing the same; they both stared at each other

    “My God, Where on earth did Mr. Romero get such a beautiful daughter” Jane was thinking

    “My goodness, she’s pretty and she looks disciplined” Oluchi thought

    “Hey, girls what is going on? Do you know yourselves?” he asked

    “No no no” Jane said quickly and stretched her hand to shake Oluchi and she received it with a smile

    “Jane here will show you a lot in the company, and you’ll enjoy her company?” he said smiling

    Oluchi still felt like a visitor because she had spent her childhood abroad.

    Mr. Romero took his daughter home to introduce her to those waiting for her at home.

    “Sweetie, your house here is beautiful, you’ll love it. Wait till you see your bedroom, it’s unbelievable” he said as they sat at the back of a black Hummer with escorts following front and back.

    “Dad, stop you are making me nervous” she said smiling in a sad face and he laughed.

    They arrived in 15mins; the car drove deep into the compound and stopped in front of the maison

    “No take us to the back, the direct entrance into the master’s room” Romero said and the driver moved. The car moved towards the left of the maison and turned right, going to the back but stopped at the end of the building, the maison seemed very lengthy on the sides.

    They stepped out of the car; Oluchi was impressed with what she saw, the beauty of the whole place was breath taking.

    “Let’s go up” he said.

    She saw Chefs; male and female lined up before her, Cleaners, Gardeners and security men too.

    Body guards filled the place as they kept patrolling the environment.

    “These are your workers but don’t worry Red will introduce you to all” he said and they moved towards a set of stairs leading up into a balcony. It was very beautiful with flowers arranged in vases on the ground it was as wide as a sitting room, it had chairs arranged like a restaurant and sofas resting on the wall.

    …….the story has just started……



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