Story: “Broken Trust” (Episode 5)

    Hayden: let’s take her home and if after our observation, she isn’t better we will take her to the hospital.

    As soon as he said it, her caretaker arrived and said she can go home since all the necessary arrangement has been made.

    They took Sephia home with them and kept her under twenty four hour observation. Danica was by her side the whole time. She tried her best to make sure Sephia was comfortable, always damping her forehead with a wet towel to bring down her temperature but all she did were to no avail. The following day, Hayden and his wife took her to the hospital for a proper checkup. It was observed that she was having both Malaria and typhoid and was admitted.

    Danica: Doctor, how long will she need to be here. I don’t like the fact that my daughter is admitted here.

    Doctor: it is for her own good madam. Her pulse is very weak and she needs to be observed for twenty four hours. If by twenty four hours she improves, we can request she be treated from home. Is that okay with you?

    Hayden: That is okay Doctor. My wife doesn’t like hospital that is why.

    Doctor: Alright sir.

    Hayden left his wife and daughter to work from the hospital while Danica stayed back to tend to her sick daughter by her side. She was placed on drip and given injections.

    Danica: Sephia, do not worry alright. Very soon you will be okay and bouncing again.

    Sephia: Mom, I don’t like it here. The injection the doctor gave me hurts a lot.

    Danica: I know baby and that is why you have to get better so that we leave here as soon as possible okay?

    Sephia: Mom, I don’t want to go back to boarding school, I do not like it there.

    Danica: Get better soon and we will talk about school okay.

    Sephia: Alright Mom.
    Later in the evening, Danica called Hayden to get some of their stuff at home before coming to the hospital because they will be passing the night there. Hayden did as he was told after work and went to see his family at the hospital. After that, he drove over to Mason’s place to spend the night.

    Mason: hey Man, how is our baby of the house doing?

    Hayden: still in the hospital. I hope she gets discharged soon because Danica hates that kind of place so much.

    Mason: Do not worry, she will get better.

    Hayden: Yea she will. What about you, what’s the latest?

    Mason: The usual ooo, nothing much.

    Hayden: No any woman in your life?

    Mason: Yes Hayden, no woman in my life.

    Hayden: C’mon Mason, there are so many beautiful and pretty women out there, what is keeping to you?

    Mason: That is the problem; I do not want any woman, I want my own woman.

    Hayden: ‘Alright’ he said as he poured himself some wine in his glass cup that Mason lay in front of him.

    Few days later, Sephia was discharged from the hospital. Danica and Hayden nurtured back their daughter back to good health and was contemplating sending her back to school one morning when they heard a call that Brielle was involved in a fight in school which resulted her to being stabbed and was rushed to the hospital. They quickly rushed to the hospital which she was admitted to.

    Danica: ‘Doctor, my daughter was rushed in here this morning, please how is she’ she asked panting.

    Doctor: what is her name please?

    Danica: her name is Brielle and she is twelve years old.

    Doctor: ohhh, the girl from the boarding house?

    Danica: Yes she is.

    Doctor: she needs blood right now because she lost a lot of it as a result of the stab wound.

    Danica: Don’t you have blood here in this hospital?

    Doctor: we just ran out of her type of blood and since you both are here, referring to Danica and Hayden you can as well donate to her if you are her biological parents.

    Hayden: of course we are her biological parents. Sorry Doctor, what is her blood group again?

    Danica: ‘Errm. Doctor’ she interrupted ‘I will donate my blood to her but I need to speak with my husband alone for a minute’ she said as he left them all alone.

    Hayden: What is it?

    To be continued.



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