Story: “Broken Trust” (Episode 3)

    Hayden: How else will he deal with it other than to man up about it? He will pull through.

    Danica: but how can Ujunwa be so foolish about her escapades with men? How can she be having an affair with a man when Mason has come to make his intentions known?

    Hayden: it still baffles me till this moment. Thank God she was caught in the act otherwise; Mason would have fathered another man’s child.

    Danica: it is God that knows best, i hope he gets another woman soon. Age is no longer on his side.

    Hayden: ‘He will, i only hope it is soonest’ he said, focusing on the football match taking place.
    During the weekend, Danica and Hayden paid a visit to their children who were in boarding school.

    Brielle: Mom! Dad! she called out as she sighted her parents waiting for them. She quickly rushed to hug them while Parker followed behind sluggishly.

    Danica: ‘Brielle’ she said as she hugged her ‘Look at how beautiful you look’.

    Brielle: Dad! She went to him and hugged him also ‘I miss you both’.

    Dad: Hugging her he said ‘we miss you all too. Parker! What is it? Aren’t you happy to see us?’

    Parker: Mom! Dad! I do not like it here. I want to go home with you guys. Ever since you left me here, it is Parker do this, Parker do that. I am in J.S.S.1 and all I do is suffer morning to night.

    Brielle: Parker will you shut up your mouth?

    Parker: I won’t shut up. Because you are now a senior it is getting to your head abi? Dad! Mom! You are not leaving here without me today.

    Danica: ‘Brielle, Parker! Where is Lekan’ she asked looking past them? I don’t see him anywhere.

    Parker: ‘Lekan is in the Library. Brielle, go call him and tell him Mom and dad have arrived. You know I can’t go because if I do, one senior will call me to come and carry their bag for them’ he said using his eyes and head to plead.

    Brielle: ‘Mom! Do not worry, let me go and call him that you guys are here’ she ran off leaving Danica wondering why her first daughter is happy.

    While Brielle went in search of her brother in the library, Danica took parker into their car and cautioned him about coping with the situation in school as a junior student. She also promised to talk to his Guardian concerning the bullies in her son’s life and since Parker has seen that his mother will not want him to go back home for he hates being a junior student in a boarding house, he has no choice than to obey. After convincing him, she opened the food she brought for all three of them and started dishing his food.

    Hayden was quiet all throughout the conversation for he loved how his wife handles his three kids. He looked at Parker again and smiled. While Brielle returned with Laken.

    Lekan: ‘Dad’ he went and hugged him.

    Hayden: My son, How are you? I heard you were in the library?

    Lekan: Yes dad, Good day Mom.

    Danica: ‘Don’t I also deserve a hug too’ she asked while she was busy dishing out brielle’s food in the car?

    Lekan: left his dad and went to hug his Mom ‘Mom, hope you will remain some food for my friends and I in the hostel’.

    While her three kids settle down in the car to eat their food, Danica set out their provisions for them. Three in each bag for each of them just the way they like it. After they were done with their meal, they had the time to bond as a family.

    Brielle: Mom, why didn’t you come with Sephia?

    Danica: I forgot to tell you that I enrolled your sister in a boarding school?

    Brielle: Why Mom, isn’t she too young for that? Besides, it is just you, Dad and Sephia at home, why did you have to enroll her to a boarding primary school?

    Danica: Your sister is very stubborn for me to handle. I can’t talk to Sephia and she does exactly what she is told. Since I don’t have any plan of enrolling her in a boarding school like you guys, I decided to do it now. It will only be for this year since she will be entering secondary school next year.

    Lekan: Dad! You have been unusually quiet, is anything the matter?

    Hayden: No Lekan my son, nothing is wrong. I am just enjoying the atmosphere from here.

    Parker: what atmosphere dad, the weather is hot

    Brielle: Olodo! When Dad say’s atmosphere, it means he is enjoying the way we are all together as a family.

    Parker: Oh! Okay. If you are really enjoying us like this dad, then maybe no need putting us in a boarding school. That way, you will get to see us like this every day even Sephia will be there.

    Danica: Parker Darling, I thought we talked about this already?

    Parker: We did Mom. It still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like it here.

    Brielle: Is it not Sephia that is in the same boarding school like you?

    Parker: Sephia School is different from mine and I am not Sephia.

    Danica: ‘you guys, don’t start and it is time to take your provisions to your hotels before we go see your guardians. Time is late already’ she said as they did as they were told.

    As soon as her children went to their various hostels to drop their provisions, they came back and together with their parents went to visit their guardian. After that they bid them goodbye and left.

    Danica: honey, I noticed you didn’t say more than ten words while with your kids, hope no problem?

    Hayden: No Problem ooo. I kind of love watching you and the kids. It makes me appreciate the fact that I have them, all four of them.

    This is another blockbuster! Stay TUNED!



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