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    If You Missed Episode 17, Read It Here! The Story Continues, Read Below:-

    I spent the night at Brenda’s place and as usual we played, had dinner and made sweet love before I left really early to go home and change for work that day. I switched off my phone all night just to avoid any distraction.

    I switched it back on when I was driving back home and it kept buzzing repeatedly with messages that were waiting to be read, I turned my attention to the phone and the messages were from Kofo and Cynthia. Excerpts from one of Kofo’s messages: “I don’t know if everything is fine between us but I want it to be. You’ve been the best person I’ve met in a while and I don’t wanna lose you. You mean a lot to me and I hope you know that”

    I ignored the message and continued my drive home; I arrived at my apartment and got into the shower hurriedly. I decided to talk to Brenda about keeping some of my stuffs at her place because I was going to be spending the night there more often so as to make it easier for me to prepare for work. The contents of Kofo’s messages kept replaying in my head as I took my shower.

    I really hate the way she has grown on me and how all her actions always affect me. I knew I still had feelings for her but I wasn’t going to ruin her engagement because I was unsure of how she felt about me. Her messages depicts that she may be in love with me but what if she isn’t, what if she’s just trying to keep our good friendship from crumbling. Urgh! This is the effect Kofo has on me; I end up over thinking every single scenario but I had to cut myself short so I could get ready for work on time.

    As I drove to work, the unexpected happened. An accident occurred on the freeway and caused a backlog of traffic, it was sure that I was going to get to work late even though I left the house on time. I had to call my other colleagues to make sure they take another route so as to avoid getting trapped in the traffic also; at least there should be someone in the office to receive phone calls and get some work going.

    Minutes turned into hours and it felt like eternity, it took the traffic monitoring authority almost a decade to come through and clear the scene of the accident after the emergency services already took the victims away. The freeway finally got free after about four hours of standstill traffic, I was frustrated and angry, I had to make up for the lost hours at work but luckily for me, I didn’t have any work pending from the previous day. By the time I got to work, it was already past noon and lunch break was over, I was starving but I couldn’t go out to eat yet, I had to make sure everything was in order.

    After I got everything in check, I was able to rest for some few minutes before I got a call from my boss asking if I got to work fine. I was shocked at how nice he was towards me. Apparently, Kofo already went to his office to explain to him that I won’t be in office on time that day because of the accident that occurred on the freeway, even though I didn’t call her to tell her about it, she still went ahead to stick up for me. I knew she would be waiting for a reply to her text anytime soon and since she could see me face to face, she was definitely going to come and disturb me later for a reply but I was wrong. The day went by quickly and Kofo didn’t come to me for a reply. I kept thinking in my head about the possibility of her being over me and didn’t care about my opinion anymore.

    As I sat at my desk, I remembered that I got a message from Cynthia also and I totally forgot to read it, I finally opened it and I was left in awe of what I read.

    “Hey Bayo, I’ve got some unpleasant news and I’m sorry to drop it on you like this. Kofo and I shared a bottle of wine together last night before she went home and we got a little bit drunk and our emotions were in the air, she complained about how she was expecting a reply to her messages from you and I couldn’t control the words coming out of my mouth. Long story short, I told her about us, I told her about how we have been having sex for a while without any emotional entanglement and she didn’t take it well”

    I was shocked at what I was reading, this explained why Kofo didn’t bother to come to me for any reply and why she hadn’t given me her attention all day, I also noticed that Cynthia was unusually quiet but I just assumed that she was too busy to talk. Everything finally made so much sense now. I didn’t know what to do. The woman that I wanted to give my love to must see me as a pig right now and must think I was playing her all along, I tried to come up with a reasonable explanation in my head but nothing sensible was created.

    I finally replied Cynthia’s text and told her we had to figure out a way to fix this problem that was created by her drunkenness. I was expecting her to walk to my desk so we could talk as usual but she replied via text, I guess she didn’t want Kofo to see us talking. She replied me and said she wasn’t sure about what to do; she already tried her best to explain to Kofo last night and this morning but everything was to no avail. I was clueless about what to do to make this situation better but there was no way to justify the fact that I was having sexual relations with another woman while I had sex with her but then I thought about it, she was with her boyfriend even though they had issues when we made out but then I didn’t want to play it that way, that would be immature and unnecessary.

    I decided to reply Kofo’s messages from the night before but first I wanted to apologize to her. I composed a message that would make her heart melt, I explained my actions and what led to the physical relationship that existed between Cynthia and me. I finally summoned enough courage to press the send button and sent the message to her. I noticed Kofo pick up her phone when she heard it buzz but she threw it away when she noticed it was a message from me then she turned back to look at me with so much disappointment and disgust written on her face. I couldn’t help but feel bad. Closing time was finally here and before I could pack my things up, I noticed Kofo walking out of the office hurriedly; I decided to run after her and try to explain myself at least. I couldn’t catch up with her and by the time I got outside the office, I saw her entering her fiancé’s car and just like that I watched the potential love of my life drive off with so much anger in her heart towards me……..

    To be continued.

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