Story: “Black Friday” (Episode 9)

    Me ungrateful?

    Are you the first person to help somebody ..Jacinta said.

    Stop it both of you. ..I said.

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    The were both silent.

    Jacinta you were wrong, you have no right to talk to her like that, don’t you feel any remorse that you have offended your sister?…. I asked her

    Heeh stop it there , don’t talk to my babe like this… James said defending Jacinta.

    Really its now your babe, what about the woman you have been deceiving for years now, who is she to you.? I asked James.

    He didn’t reply me as usual.

    Am so sorry for deceiving you, He said.

    This is how it began, from the beginning.

    He knew he owe Annabel an explanation, we all sat down as he narrated his own side of the story.

    JAMES side of the story.

    I met both of you in our secondary school days, I fell in love with Jacinta first while I was friends with Annabel.

    Jacinta was sweet, warm, beautiful and sexy, I was emotional in love with her, I never told her since she was mostly with Annabel until one day Annabel didn’t come to school so I made my move.

    She never gave me a tough time as if she has been waiting for me to ask her out. She gave ma a warm reception and we started dating.

    But I tried to keep it a secret from everyone since we were both teenagers.

    One Saturday evening Jacinta came to my house, my parents were not at home they traveled. She tempted me into making love with her and I fell for her charm, She was too sexy to resist.

    After we made love I discovered she was still a virgin, its gladdens my heart that I was the first person to break her virginity.

    We really had fun that weekend, she told me she lied to her parents that she was going to Annabel place for the weekend, while she spent it with me.

    Our love became strong until Peter came into the picture, Peter was a new boy from school then, his parents were so rich and he had an eye for Jacinta.

    Since no one knows we were dating then, it became so difficult to do anything about it, i noticed Jacinta stopped spending time with me but more time with Peter. I wasn’t comfortable with it, when I confronted her she ignored me and later told me I don’t spent much time with her that she has nothing to do with Peter. She said.

    Which I didn’t believe, I knew something wasn’t right. I asked her again what she meant by not spending quality time with her.

    When was the last time you made love to me , she asked.

    Jacinta its not all about sex, I love you that what matters.

    She didn’t reply me she just snubbed me and left.

    I was so angry and decided to make her jealous .

    She kept on hanging out with Peter, even in class they will be talking and laughing together to make be more angry. Then I approached Annabel.

    It took her a very long time to give me a reply, and one day she eventually did, I was so happy and I started hanging out with Annabel and spending more time with her to make Jacinta jealous.

    Yet Jacinta didn’t even pay any attention, pretending like she didn’t care who I date.

    We were almost finishing high school and was preparing for Senior WACE examination. ‘

    When Jacinta came to my house one Friday very drunk, my parents had gone for a weekend trip.

    I was so angry with her for getting herself drunk and coming to my house, what if my parents was at home.

    She begged me to forgive her that we should continue dating, I refused knowing that I was with her sister.

    But as we were talking she undress herself trying to seduce me and I fell for her, we had sex that night.

    When I woke up the next morning, she was already gone. I wasn’t happy and promised if I see her on Monday we would talk about why she left without a word.

    On Monday she subbed me and started hanging out with Peter again.

    I was so angry and decided to focus on Annabel because she loved me so much.

    Time passed, we graduated from school and went our separate ways, I didn’t hear from Jacinta anymore.

    Until two years ago, she called me and told me she had a son for me.

    I was shocked and denied it thinking she was lying, until I saw my boy, he looked so much like me, her Aunty has been taking care of him ever since she was out of the country.

    I started developing feelings for Jacinta since then and we started talking to each other more often, till she told me she was coming this year. And when she came I couldn’t resist her beauty I fell in love with her all over again.

    I am so sorry Annabel, its better you know the truth, am so sorry for deceiving you all this years, I never loved you but since you loved me and showed me so much care, I couldn’t leave you.

    Please forgive me ,i want to be with the love of my life now … James said to Annabel .

    Annabel’s eyes was filled with Tears .

    She had cried for so long …

    Jacinta you’re my own blood, how could you betray me like this for so long, you can hear James i never took your man its like the other way around. This happened because you never told me from the beginning that you both were dating. Annabel said in tears.

    Jacinta quickly went upstairs and packed all her bag and was ready to leave …

    I don’t still understand why you’re not saying anything now ….are you tired of calling me names and what i don’t understand is you seducing Alex while having sex with James claiming he is the love of your life .. Annabel said.

    James turn to Jacinta looking at her trying to process what Annabel said.

    I never seduced him stop lying on me …Jacinta screamed…

    You two are made for each other, you are both full of lies and deceit..i wish you two good luck’.

    Please leave my house …Annabel said as she burst into tears ….








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