Story: “Black Friday” (Episode 5)

    After a while Annabel came back but I pretended I was fast asleep and she left.

    I knew she would be sad about the whole situation but I have no money and no where to go.

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    The next day I quickly wake up and I went to the police station to file for missing persons report and gave them my photograph, after I left there I went to the a nearby TV station and told them to display my pictures on TV just incase someone would recognize me .

    I was so happy they helped me, I also gave Annabel’s number and told them if they have any information they should call her.

    That day was stressful too, I almost missed my way home.

    When I got home Annabel was sitting down in the living room frowning. ..

    I greeted her but she didn’t answer me.

    Where have you been?? you got me so worried, you know you’re still recovering. ..she said

    Am so sorry I didn’t tell you, I went to the police station and TV station to help me out, if there is anyone who would recognise me out there.

    Oh dear don’t worry you will recover and remember soon, everything will fall in place. Let me get your food. She said.

    No don’t worry I will get it myself, just tell me where it is, I said.

    Hmmm you will not know where it is, she said smiling. .

    After sometime she brought my food and i ate and fell asleep on the couch.

    Annabel told me earlier that she was going to the office. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door.

    I woke up and went to open the door.

    Its Annabel’s boyfriend, James.

    What are you still doing here??? He said angrily.

    Suddenly I saw him with some bags and a Lady walked in with him.

    She didn’t even greet me but I didn’t seem to care, she took the bag upstairs to an Empty room.

    She is not around I replied him’

    I didn’t come to see her, its you I came see. I know she went to work unlike you who is jobless he said.

    He sat down..

    Who is she?? I asked.

    She is Annabel cousin, she just came back from the UK, he said.

    But I smell something fishy the way he was starring at her while she was climbing the stairs.

    Now back to us. ..

    I don’t care if you don’t have anywhere to stay, just pack out. .., Our lives was better before you came, my girlfriend has never quarreled with me or disobeyed me but since you came, she doesn’t listen to me anymore. So please I am talking to you man to man, please look for a place to stay, a hotel or something till you recover.

    As he was talking I didn’t say a word, Annabel cousin come downstairs and was looking at me. .

    My name is Jacinta and you?? She said stretching her hand towards me for a handshake.

    Don’t bother he doesn’t remember his name, James said. ..holding Jacinta’s hand and they were looking at each other.

    Oh really. .but I have to call you something, ok I will call you Joseph. ..because you look so cute she said starring at me from head to toe.

    This one Cute. ..Please let me get you something to drink, James said, he was feeling Jealous all of a sudden.

    They were just talking, catching up on old times and I left them to my room.

    Later in the evening, I decided to go to the balcony upstairs.

    I met James and Jacinta in an unusual position, She was sitting on his laps as soon as they saw me they adjusted and changed their conversion. But I noticed anyway and pretended I didn’t see them.

    After some hours, Annabel was back from work.

    I was so happy when I heard her voice, I have really missed her during the day, she is such an amazing woman.

    After she welcomed her cousin and talked to them she asked about me.

    Your boyfriend is upstairs in his room. .James said frowning.

    She didn’t even care about what he said, she quickly came upstairs to my room.

    Hey Handsome she said happily..

    I smiled..

    Welcome dear I hug her.

    How was your day she asked?

    ‘Was boring since you were not around to keep me company as usual. .I replied smiling.

    Hmmm really she asked?

    Yes I replied.

    Have you eaten?? She asked.

    Yes I have…I replied.

    You seem so happy today, i said.

    Yea I don’t even know why. .I haven’t been to work in months and today is the first time I went but I found myself missing you all through she whispered in my ear.

    Why are you whispering. ..I asked.

    I guess my boyfriend and cousin are ears dropping on our conversation.

    I quickly closed the door.

    Do they know each other? I asked.

    Yes they do, but Why did you ask?

    And Someone knocked the door.

    I quickly went to opened the door. .

    Annabel come I bought something for you, Jacinta said.

    Wow really. ..she said.

    Good night dear, we will see tomorrow, she said to me and left my room……








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