Story: Aduke (Episode 9)

    I couldn’t believe my ears when I was confirmed pregnant by another hospital, but how, I mean why would God allow this to happen, but God saw that I was raped, I don’t even know who chief is or where he lives, moreover chief is a man in his late fifties or early sixties, old enough to be my father, if not my grandfather..

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    Oh my world, how do I face maami, oh Baami will laugh at her, he told her a female child didn’t deserve education, and I have proved him right, oh why me…
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    I cried for days, but nothing changed, instead the pregnancy was growing by the day, from the moment I was confirmed pregnant, all pregnancy signs just seems to pop up, whether it was because I was thinking about it too much, or it was waiting for me to know I was pregnant before the signs, I couldn’t comprehend. I was always tired, vomited sometimes, have apatite of food that I normally don’t….
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    ADUKE, what is wrong with you, you are looking a shadow of yourself, are you pregnant?, talk to me, Joyce asked me concerned.

    I could see the care in her face and in her eyes, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her I had an unprotected sex with an old man for money, I just couldn’t.

    Well, if you feel like talking, just know am right here, and I love you so much, she said and went out….

    Who do I talk to, who would understand my plight, Sharon came to my mind, she is the only one that can understand me, I thought, I mean she brought me into the mess in the first place…

    I brought out my phone and dialed her number.

    AD, ah thank God ohhh, you remembered me today, hmmmmm, are you sure am safe, she asked..

    Sharon, I need to see you now, it’s very important, I said to her.

    This one you are sounding like this, I hope you are okay, anyways am not at home, I went to a bar around with someone, but in 20minutes I should be home, she said and hung up.

    I changed into something better and headed to Sharon’s place…

    I met her at home, apparently, she just arrived..

    My run away friend, welcome ohhh, she greeted.

    Sharon please I came here for something very important, I said to her..

    Woow this sounds serious, she sat close to me, what is it, talk to me, am all ears.. she said.
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    Sharon, I am pregnant, I said as some tear drops betrayed me…

    She hissed loudly, see how you got me worried like it was something serious, pregnancy, girl you dey fall my hand, she said removing her shoes and jewelries..

    Sharon, you mean what I just said is not serious enough, Sharon my education is at stake, I am about to bring disgrace to my family, I am about to become the mother of a child to a man old enough to be my grandfather and you say it isn’t serious, seriously,,, I asked in all anger….

    Girl calm down ohh, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill, belle na new thing, see being pregnant isn’t a new thing, and it can’t stop your education or what have you If you don’t want it to. She said bluntly….

    Sharon, definitely I don’t want it to, so what are you talking about, what should I do, I asked her…

    There is no two ways about it, terminate it and move on with your life, she said like it wasn’t a big deal..

    What, Sharon, you want me to have an abortion?, I asked confused…

    Girl, you are left with no option ohhh, you are in your 300l, just one more ladder to go, are you going to throw that away, even your mother would be heart broken, your father would laugh at you, you would live a worthless life, trust me, chief isn’t going to accept that bastard in your womb, he has a wife and five adults children of which three are already married with their own children, he is also a big politician like you know and he wouldn’t want any thing affecting his image and reputation, so tell me, would you want to be a mother to a bastard child and face the discrimination and stigmatization for life, she asked…
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    But Sharon, what if I die, or any thing goes wrong, I asked her.

    What is killing you, I have done abortion 4 good times, and nothing happened to me as you can see I am still alive, I have a good specialist for things like this…she said.

    But Sharon I am scared, isn’t there another way, I asked in tears…

    My dear there are two ways, it’s either you abort the child and move on with your life, or keep it and regret it for the rest of your life….and by the way you had better be fast with the thinking, if am not mistaken it’s been five months with your encounter with chief, that means you are five months pregnant, you better act fast for your own good, she said…
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    I went back home, I couldn’t sleep all through the night, I was thinking about my situation, indeed there are only two options, it’s either I terminate the baby and forget this night mare, or I keep it and live with it for the rest of my life.

    After much consideration, I decided I was going to abort the baby and pretend all this was a bad nightmare….

    The next day, I placed a call to Sharon, hello Sharon, I am ready, I said.

    That’s my girl talking, come over later, so I can take you there, she said..

    I went to Sharon’s place later, and off we went to her doctor..
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    Well, to be very honest with you, a five months pregnancy is no joke, why did you wait this long before coming young lady, the doctor asked me…

    I didn’t know I was pregnant, I was having my periods and no signs of pregnancy, I said…

    Hmmmmm, nature played a though one with you, nevertheless, I am going to do my best to get it out, hope you know drugs would not work at this stage, it’s going to be a DnC, the doctor told me.

    I turned to Sharon for explanation, cos I didn’t know what a DnC meant…

    Calm down AD, it’s just another way of getting out the baby without the use of drugs, but trust me, you would be fine, she said and held my hands..

    So young lady are you ready to do this, the doctor asked me, I nooded my head slowly in affirmation..

    He took me with him to another room, and asked me to lay on a small bed, he spread my legs apart, and started the process.

    Oh the pain was excruciating, I thought I was going to die right there and then, I cried, like I was crying for help and to be rescued, I called on God, because at that moment it seems God had turned his back on me, after about 40 to 50 minutes, he was through, at least so he said.. I had blood stains all over my dress, thankfully Sharon had brought something for me to change, truly she knew what to expect…

    I could barely walk straight, I bent like an old woman and could only walk with the support of Sharon.

    Your friend is obviously new in the system, she was very tight, she’s going to feel some pain for some days, ensure she takes her medications, they would go a long way in reducing the pain she’s feeling now the doctor said..

    No problem doc, thanks alot, she said, and took me to her car, obviously she had sorted the bills….

    Should I take you to my place or yours, she asked as she drove, take me to mine, I said believing the pain was going to stop soonest.

    We arrived at my hostel and thankfully nobody was around, they had all gone for lectures.

    Sharon took me inside, she went and bought some energy drinks and provisions for me, she stayed for like 30minutes and she left promising me she would come check up on me later….

    The pain didn’t stop, oh it increased instead, I went to hell and came back, it was like God and the universe was angry at me because of the evil I had done, my phone was off, It was out of power, I couldn’t Reach anyone for help, neither did I have the ability to walk out and get help or go to the hospital. I knew right there I was going to die, for I felt life going out of me, I slowly was losing my sight and couldn’t even feel anything, then suddenly all I behold was darkness, for the end has come…….

    ……..Are you guys still with me? Are you feeling the pain???



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