Story: Aduke (Episode 4)

    Having Sharon as my partner was so difficult, she left me to do everything for us, she was never around in the school’s library to make research with me, she cared less..

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    Aren’t you concerned about your grade or this assignment I had asked her one day, I mean this is a 3 credit unit course, aren’t you worried you could fail..

    She laughed sarcastically, why should I worry when I can get my good grades either by paying in cash or in kind, she said and walked away.

    It was the day of presentation, and the lecturer had asked each group’s representative to speak on their given topics, soon it was my turn, I did a good presentation and the lecturer was impressed.

    Did you do this alone or your partner gave a helping hand, the lecturer asked me, like she had asked others.

    yes mam. I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s failure. yes ma, my partner was very supportive, we made the research together in the school’s library, I had said in defense of Sharon’s lackadaisical attitude….

    Well that’s wonderful, you both have done a great job, she said.

    Sharon looked at me, surprised I guess….

    Thank you very much, Sharon came to me at the end of the class to show appreciation.

    Thanks for defending me before our lecturer, that was very nice of you, to think that I didn’t even contribute anything to the topic, she said.

    No problem, just take your studies seriously, we might not be partners next time, I said to her and walked away..
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    I was having lunch one afternoon at the school’s canteen, when Sharon walked in, can I join you, she asked, of course you can I replied…

    You know, I think I like you, she said, since you defended me, I consider you a friend..

    Well there’s nothing special with what I did, anybody would have done that, I mean, what do I stand to gain if you fail the course..I said..

    You are a very nice person, can we be friends, she asked, of course why not, we can, I said…

    She brought out her big phone and asked for my phone number, which I gave her, she flashed me and my phone rang, I brought it out and she was likeeeee,,

    Aduke, don’t tell me that’s your phone, she asked me, I smiled brightly and said yes boldly..

    What? a young beautiful girl like you uses this kind of phone, she was surprised, and honestly I was surprised at her expressions..

    Well, it can make and receive calls, so yes it is my phone and I am glad I have one, I said with all seriousness.

    Ohh, sorry I didn’t mean to get you angry, i was only concerned as a friend should she said..

    After lunch, she offered to pay for me and I was very grateful to her…

    She became a constant caller, she calls me every day after school to cheek up on me, she buys snacks for me during lecture breaks at noon, and so many other nice things.

    She invited me over to her place, I obliged and went with her, to my greatest surprise, she was living in a well furnished apartment, with a big plasma tv, air conditioned and what have you, in short, it was heaven on earth..

    Your must come from a very wealthy home, to have such well furnished apartment in school, I said.

    She laughed sarcastically, wealthy indeed, sweetie, my parents are not wealthy, though not poor anyway, call us the average family, but you see, I got all these by myself, my parent do not give me all I want, they try to take care of my needs though, but you see I want more for me, so here we are….she said sounding satisfying…

    So you mean to tell me you work even as a student, I asked curious, I would want to earn some cash, to relieve maami of all the expenses and stress I thought within me…

    Of course I work, I take care of myself and my needs cause I don’t want to be stressing my parents over anything,,, she said.

    Woooooww Sharon, please, I’d need that job too, as long as it won’t affect my studies, you see my mother is the only one struggling to see me through school, I would be very glad if I can be of help to her, I said…

    Well one at a time, slow down, with time I’d introduce you to my job, for now, just relax, she brought out a pack of cold juice and some tasty snacks, I stayed for some hours and was on my way to my hostel…

    Where have you been, class ended hours ago, Joyce asked..

    I went to Sharon’s place, I had replied..

    You are becoming too close to that Sharon girl for my liking, I don’t seem to be free with your friendship with her, Joyce had said…

    Come on J, are you jealous your roomie and bestie is being friends with someone else, you would always be my bestie, Sharon is a nice person, she only want us to be friends, I said.

    Okay if you say so, Joyce said without pushing too much…..

    J, if you see where this girl lives, chai, you would never believe a student in this our school that drains our blood and sweat can afford it, the air conditioner was amazing, is it the tv, or the assorted drinks in her fridge, that girl is living large, I concluded.

    What does she do to achieve all that you just said, Joyce asked…

    She said she works part time, and I have asked her to help me with such a job, as long as it wouldn’t affect my studies, I said.

    I really hope you know what you are doing dear friend, JOYCE Concluded…..
    ***RepNaija Stories***
    My friendship with Sharon grew deeper, I spent most of the day at her place, I soon began to sleep over, I guess Joyce became tired of talking about the situation with Sharon and I and decided to keep quiet.

    Sharon soon suggested I moved in with her, I happily said yes, rushed to my hostel and was packing my things when Joyce walked in.

    Whats going on here, she asked confused. I am moving out, I replied.

    Moving out, how, I mean why, Joyce asked.

    Oh nothing J, Sharon asked me to come live with her and I agreed, I replied.

    Sharon asked you to come live with her and you agreed, Joyce asked back..

    Well you know this place is just but a room, I think it isn’t big enough for the both of us, but at Sharon’s I have a room to myself, you know it’s a three bedroom apartment, i said trying to convince J.

    Aduke, did I offend you in anyway, Joyce asked concerned…..

    Oh no no no, come on, you are my friend and I love you, I just feel this room isn’t big enough for us both, since I have the privilege to live in a bigger apartment, why not, I said..

    Well, it’s obvious your mind has been made up, and there’s nothing I will do or say that will change that, if living with Sharon is what you need, no problem, just be careful, Joyce said..

    Hunnnnnn, thanks bestie, I hugged her cheerfully, then I took my bag and moved my things to the taxi cab outside,

    J stood looking at the car as he drove away with sadness in her eyes, like she has so many things to say, and wanted me to stay back, but indeed my mind was made up…..



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