Story: Aduke (Episode 21) FINALE

    ….I took my bag and went out of Ben’s house, I didn’t have a specific place in mind. Should I go home, no no no no, I can’t stand the pain it will cause both my parents, I took a taxi cab and decided to lodge in an hotel, I needed to clear my head. It was all too much to accumulate…

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    Ben dealt with me, that had been the worse six months of my life…I switched off my phone as I didn’t want any calls….
    I was just praying asking God for strength and directions, and above all asking for his mercy..

    After three days of fasting and praying, I just had this inner peace, like I was at peace with my maker, I was then ready to face the world, my heart was free from hate and bitterness, I was happy within…

    Immediately my phone went on, Joyce’s call was the first come in…

    Madam, thank God your phone went through ohhh, where are you joor, do you want to kill maami, she’s worried sick about you, especially since your husband and Stella came home looking for you.

    Wait, Ben and Stella came home? I asked curious….

    Yes Aduke, they did, and Stella told me everything, you know Stella wouldn’t hurt you, Ben only misunderstood the whole thing, plus you can’t entirely blame Ben, he’s only human, he probably felt betrayed, hello, hello Aduke are you there, she asked..

    Yes J, I am, I replied faintly….

    Send me your location, I am coming right away, she said…

    Oh come on J, don’t bother, I am fine, I Insisted…

    Well, I am worried and must see you, you know being worried isn’t good for me and your God daughter, she said….

    I had actually missed J and I definitely needed her, so I sent her the address…

    In an hour and 30minutes, she and my God daughter,(her child) were with me. I really had missed them…

    Aduke, see how thin you have become, I know it hasn’t been easy, I know Ben was mean, but please, he’s only human, forgive him, J pleaded..

    J, you know how much I love my husband.

    I know, I know I made a mistake by not telling him the truth, but then, Ben dealt with me, he maltreated me, I am now a shadow of myself, I quit my job for him, I did all I could to be a good wife, I tried to make up for my mistake, but then Ben never stopped, Ben even brought in a woman to our matrimonial home, I said in tears already….

    I know, Aduke please don’t cry, you have to let go, you have to forgive him, neither of you were really at fault, just lost in the circumstance of life, but one thing I know, is Ben loves you…

    I love him, J you know I love him, but I am sure he doesn’t love me as much as I do, that’s why he could hurt me so much without thinking twice, I said in pains…….
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    That has been the biggest regret of my life, Ben said as he walked in with Stella, apparently they came with J but stayed back..

    Honey, I am sorry, I am so ashamed of myself, those times I hurt you, were not because I meant to, I was hurt and broken, I thought you didn’t love me enough, or trusted me enough to share your secret with me, Ben said gently, as he went on his kneels. Please forgive this husband of yours, and I never slept with Clara, I couldn’t bring myself to sleeping with another woman under your nose….

    I exhaled, like that last line was what I was waiting to hear, I hugged him beautifully….

    I am sorry, please forgive me I whispered in his ears…

    Nooo, I am sorry, he said as he kissed me..

    I think this is where we should excuse the love birds, Stella said…

    I aided Ben up and hugged him yet again, then I went to Stella and hugged her beautifully, I have missed you big head, I said to her..

    I missed you too, plus I couldn’t have asked for a better wife for this big cousin of mine….

    We decided to go to my parents place first before going home, so that at least Baami and maami will stop being worried….
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    Ben knelt and apologized to my parents for acting based on assumption and for all he had done, my parent joyfully forgave him, and welcomed him once again as their son…

    Maami quickly made something special for everyone, we ate and was merry, at about 6pm we left my parents place, dropped J at her place and also dropped Stella at hers..

    Soon it was just I and my husband and Ben looked at me and smiled, that’s the Ben I know, I said within…

    I Love you my wife, he said….

    I love you too my husband, I replied…

    We were like teenagers falling in love for the first time, we just kept looking at each other occasionally and smiling..

    We arrived home, and Ben took all my bags inside, he didn’t allow me lift anyone.

    Welcome home Iyawomi, he said smiling….

    Thank you, Okomi I replied…

    We already had dinner at maami’s, so all I needed was to to have my bath and relax…

    I bathed and went to the living room to see a movie or two, I helped myself with a cup of juice, Ben had his bath and came to join me in the sitting room, he sat close to me, I rested my head on his shoulder, oh he had a beautiful smell, soon Ben was Staring at me, I was becoming shy, but then I remembered I was with my husband, his soft lips soon touched mine and we kissed passionately, my husband carried me and walked to the bedroom, it was a beautiful and evergreen moment, it as if I was still a virgin, still felt some little pain and little blood stains, as I hadn’t had sex since chief incident…

    I slept off, I was exhausted, didn’t even realized it was morning already….

    Wakey wakey, Ben said as he kissed me on my forehead..

    Goodmorning honey, I greeted..

    Goodmorning beautiful, he said, he had served me breakfast in bed, after eating, I went to the restroom to bath, and someone joined me, of course my husband.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    Marriage was becoming beautiful, about a month into my marriage, I fell seriously sick, my husband was worried, he had to rush me to the hospital, different test were carried out, after about an hour, the doctor came to my private ward smiling.

    My husband and I looked at her confused, what could be funny over someone being hospitalized….

    Doctor, please what’s wrong with my wife. Ben asked anxiously..

    Calm down Mr Benjamin, there’s nothing to worry, your wife is pregnant, the doctor said….

    What are you talking about, doctor are you for real, Ben asked….

    Of course sir, she’s about 3weeks gone, the doctor said.

    I couldn’t say word, I had gone speechless, only tears of joy rolled out of my eyes….my husband thanked the doctor and hugged me tightly with tears of joy from his eyes too.

    I also had fever, so I stayed back at the hospital for a couple of days. Ben had called maami and Baami to inform them I was at the hospital, they both came, and then Ben disclosed the goodnews to them….

    Maami rolled on the floor In appreciation to God, Baami held my hands smiling…

    The doctor had warned I should avoid stress, and all the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy…

    Ben and maami was there for me all through my pregnancy, we went for scan later on and we were told we are expecting two babies, we were so happy, and had started preparing to welcome our bundle of joys….
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    Soon, labour came, thankfully maami was around, she quickly called my husband, she got a taxi and took me the hospital…it was some hours of the most excruciating pain I had ever experienced…..after about two hours, my babies came, a boy and a girl…

    Indeed father’s prayers goes a long way in a child’s life, Baami had said I shall become Iya beji, and it came to pass..

    Happiness was in the air, we were thankful to God, because he came through for me, he proved himself the greatest physician, he countered the results of the doctor….

    We named them Mercy and Micheal..

    I remember all these today as I look at myself in the mirror with my beautiful cream wedding gown..

    Yes, don’t be surprised, Ben decided to make our fifth wedding anniversary a renewal of vows.

    According to him our white wedding wasn’t what he planned because of the tention…

    It was a big party, our beautiful babies Mercy and Michael, who were three years and 6months, matched with us to the alter…

    Maami and Baami were excited and thankful to God I found happiness in the end.

    It has been five years of a blissful marriage…….

    Indeed God’s ways, are not our ways…

    ♥️♥️The End♥️♥️

    This is an imaginative work of art by Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi (Mrs), any resemblance to persons or true life story, is purely coincidental..

    This work can not be made Into a novel or a movie without the writer’s permission.


    Wow wow i really enjoy this story ours impossible is possible to God

Re: Story: Aduke (Episode 21) FINALE by Mathew 3 months ago

    waaw all thanks to GOD


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