Story: Aduke (Episode 20)

    …..I couldn’t believe who was at the door, when I got out, it was Stella, Joyce friend back then in school, Joyce and I didn’t hear from her since graduation, though we heard she went abroad for her masters…

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    We hugged beautifully, Aduke,long time, she greeted, same here, Stella, how are you, I asked her…

    Oh fine thanks, and where is your husband,she asked….

    Oh he is fine thank you, but how did you find my address, I asked after exchanging pleasantries…

    Oh come on, Aduke,your husband gave me, she said smiling.

    My husband did what? I mean how do you even know my husband, I asked…

    She laughed out loud, Aduke Ben is my big Cousin joor, hasn’t he told you, she said still laughing and going inside.

    Bros B, bros B, she kept calling as she walked to the living room, at this point I knew it was definitely Stella who had told Ben my predicament, because she was there when the doctor said my womb was damaged, but why did she had to lie too, why would she tell Ben I lived a wayward life in School, I was already in tears now, Stella was like a sister, how could she, I picked up my bags to go, but then I needed to ask Stella why she did what she did….

    I came in and saw Ben and Stella hugging and exchanging pleasantries….

    I stood and was watching both of them, with tears flowing from my eyes….

    Aduke, what is it, why are you crying, what’s going on, she came to me acting concerned…

    Just then, the lady Ben had brought home came into the living room, honey what’s going on here, she asked and kisses Ben, who’s this, she was asking Ben who Stella was….

    Wait, Wait, wait, what’s going on here, Stella asked a rhetorical question, who’s this, she was pointing at the lady, Aduke, talk to me, who’s this girl in your home, she asked me….

    Isn’t this what you ever wanted, these are all your making, you didn’t want me for your brother I supposed, because you knew my biggest secret, you were like a sister to me, even though you wanted to tell Ben of my dirty past, couldn’t you have been modest enough to say the truth, that’s the lady your brother brought to our matrimonial home, not to talk of the torture I had gone through in this last six months of this hell I call a marriage, I said bitterly ..

    Oh heaven’s, what’s going on here, Aduke what are you talking about. She asked me looking surprised

    Oh cut the pretense, you told your brother I had lived a reckless life in School, and that caused me my womb, Stella when did I ever live such a life in School, you knew I was raped, you knew everything, but you had to say something else, I was crying so much in pains…

    Oh God, Aduke, I didn’t say anything likeeeeeeeeee,,,,

    Honey, what are they talking about, who are they, the lady interrupted Stella….

    Will you take your shameless self out of this place, Stella shouted at her…
    Brother Ben, when I saw you were getting married to Aduke, I was happy for the both of you, then I asked you if you know everything there is to know about her, you said yes, I told you to ask her if there was anything she needed to tell you, and you replied me days on that she said nothing….
    I knew it would be difficult for any woman to tell her man that she’s without a womb, especially in an African society hence I decided to tell you, as my blood, and I remembered I begged you to take care of her and believe in God for a miracle, and then you hung up, so where did you get the notion that she lived a wayward life in School, she asked her brother…

    What do you expect me to think or believe, I mean which other way could I possibly have thought made her had an unwanted pregnancy, Ben asked.

    Oh Ben, there are so many ladies who had gotten pregnant due to rape, you didn’t allow me finish, but you just concluded.

    Aduke and Joyce were like sisters to me in school, after the near death experience she had from the abortion, we became even closer, she was a strong girl, despite the pains and burdens she had on her shoulders, she pulled through, studied hard and made good grades, infact she was the one pushing I and Joyce to do more. Aduke didn’t even have a boyfriend in school, and we always teased her for that, she was only a victim of circumstance, she’s not a bad person….. Stella said in tears…

    Aduke, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you or cause disharmony in your home, I was only watching your back, I thought brother Ben haven stayed in the US would understand that there is more to marriage, more over, God is ever faithful, please forgive me…Stella said.

    So I I I thought wrongly, I thoughtttt, Ben tried speaking when the lady interrupted him…

    Baby, what’s going on here, what drama is this, she asked Ben…

    Get yourself out of my house, Ben told her…..

    Excuse me, what are you talking about Ben she asked him…

    I said get out of my house, Ben shouted.

    She angrily went into the bedroom changed and was on her way out, she gave Ben a long hisss, who wants to even be with you, you excuse of a man, a man who can’t even touch a woman isn’t worth the name a man, rubbish. she said and walked out….

    I looked at Stella and Ben, I didn’t know how to feel, be happy that Ben knew the truth that I wasn’t living a promiscuous life in School, or be sad that he had to treat me so bad, due to his mare assumption and conclusion?, I didn’t know how to feel, I stood up, took my bags and was about walking out when Stella held me.

    Aduke please, I know you are hurt, I understand how you feel, but please, we can resolve this, we can set things right, please don’t leave, I beg of you..

    You are the architect of my problem, if you hadn’t told Ben about my past, all these wouldn’t have happened, but then can I really blame you, Ben is your blood, you would be betraying a family member if you had known the truth and kept it away from him, I was contemplating within me…

    Aduke, please stay, don’t go, this house would not be complete without you, Ben said trying to hold back some tear drops.

    I looked him in the eye, with tears in mine and walked out……….

Re: Story: Aduke (Episode 20) by JOHN 7 months ago

    i want to weither by miracle she can able to concieve pls next

Re: Story: Aduke (Episode 20) by Mathew 3 months ago

    Respect his tears


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