Story: Aduke (Episode 18)

    ….we rushed to where mother was and sprinkled some water on her and then she sneezed. We were relived and happy she was conscious again, but then we had an issue at hand….

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    Adukemi, please tell me, tell me what Ben has said is a lie, you weren’t living a deciftul life in School, and you have a womb right, maami asked crying profusely, and it broke my heart into a thousand pieces when she wept…

    Maami, what he said , though not exactly a lie, but not all of it is true either, I said soberly..

    Really, so which part is true and which part is a lie, the person that told me is someone who knows you too well, that you lived a wayward life in School, or that you don’t have a womb, which of them is a lie. I thought you were a decent girl, I thought you had morals, I thought you were different, I never knew you were a good for nothing shameless prostituteeeeeeeee…

    Hold it right there, Baami shouted at Ben, to the surprise of maami and I….

    I know you are angry, I know the whole thing is shocking, but I won’t have you call my daughter such derogatory name, especially in my presence and in my house, I appreciate you for bringing the matter home to my wife and I, but one thing I would appeal now, is to hear from Aduke, my daughter is not a girl of sought, that I know, please let’s hear from her, he said ….

    Ben, though still angry, obeyed Baami and sat down…

    Aduke, speak on,we are listening, Baami said..

    I didn’t live a wayward life in School, I didn’t even have a boyfriend in school. My life worse night mare happened in my 200l, I had returned home after the exams, only to meet maami in pains, her shop had burnt down, and the people she was owing didn’t want to hear anything about the fire incident, all they cared for was their money, maami and I were humiliated and embarrassed…some of them even called me a worthless daughter, for not being able to help my mother, saying my mates were taking care of their parents already. Meanwhile, I had a course mate by name Sharon who was was sleeping with men for money and making so much, she had actually wanted me to join in her dirty deals, and I had declined and even stopped being friends with her…but when the shame was too much, I couldn’t bear it anymore, maami was losing weight, and almost falling sick from the daily harassment, I had to call Sharon for help, unfortunately she couldn’t help me with the money i needed, but told me of one who could be of help…

    So I followed Sharon to a hotel one night, and she introduced me to Chief, but getting into the room with chief and alone with him, I couldn’t bring myself to sleeping with him, so when he went to take his bath, I saw a briefcase, of which I opened and saw some dollar notes, I took as many as I needed to sought maami’s bill, and tried to excape, but unfortunately, I was caught at the gate by chief thugs and they brought me back to him, chief was angry that I had tried to steal from him, he ordered his boys to tie me up, and he raped me mercilessly. I cried deeply, as the rape scene was playing in my head yet again…

    When he was done, he gave me 2million Naria because I was a virgin, maami that was the 2million I gave you then, and lied that my friend’s parent had given us, I was ashamed of myself, I was dying of guilt, I didn’t plan to lose my virginity on such a manner, but the situation of life made me.

    I went back to school but my life wasn’t the same, I found out I was pregnant almost five months gone, I didn’t want anything to do with chief, and I wanted my life back, hence I opted for an abortion suggested by Sharon, and in the process my womb was damaged, I am sorry maami…oh I cried.

    I met Mike during my service, and I told him about my situation but unfortunately he broke up with me, and called off our introduction, because of the truth I had told him.

    I met Williams yet again, and I told him my situation, and yet again he left me, that was why when you came to my life Ben, I didn’t tell you, because I was scared you’d leave me again like mike and Williams did. That was why I didn’t tell you, am sorry Ben , please forgive me, I Knelt before him crying…

    Mother came to me and hugged me tightly, omomi, I am sorry you had to go through all these by yourself, all for me, but why didn’t you tell me, why did you carry these much burden on your shoulders alone, maami was in tears, my child I am sorry for all you went through …
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    My daughter, I am so ashamed of myself, if I was responsible enough as your father, all these wouldn’t have happened, I failed you, and failed God, you had to do for your mother what I was supposed to do, and you paid with your pride, please Aduke, would you ever forgive this father of yours?

    Baami was in tears, so was I, he came to me and hugged me tightly, Baami was sorry Indeed, but I doubt if that would safe my 24hours marriage from ending……..

    My son Ben, I take full responsibility for my daughter’s mistake, please do not send her packing, it will break me into a million pieces, please forgive her, with God nothing is impossible, my daughter will bear children, that I am positive, except God has ceased to show mercy, but if God is still on the throne and still watches over us, he would hear my cry, please my son, Baami was about kneeling down in tears to beg Ben, when he held him up quickly….

    No sir, please don’t do that, I am not God that you should kneel for, moreover you are an elder, kneeling for me is a curse, ben said..

    Baami sat down and was still in tears, maami went to him trying to calm him, I know he was feeling guilty for all his negligence.

    I went to my husband, and knelt before him again, honey please I am sorry, I never met to hurt you, I was just scared of losing you, please forgive me, I pleaded to him, he took me up and hugged me, minutes later we were on our way to the hotel.

    I was very happy that Ben had forgiven me, I had joy like a river in my heart, I smiled at him and he returned it..

    Get your stuffs we are going home, Ben said immediately we entered the hotel room, I wondered why he had said that as we had planned for a two weeks honeymoon, could it be that he was still angry at me, or he wasn’t just comfortable being in an hotel…

    Nevertheless, I arranged my things, and in minutes we were on our way home…

    We got to his beautiful apartment, I smiled and was happy I was in my home already…..

    Honey, am very happy to be home, finally, I am now home as your wife, I tried to hug him but then he pushed me, thank God the couch was close to me and I fell on it.

    Now you listen you good for nothing shameless slut, you see the two of us, we have nothing in common, I only allowed you to my house because your father was crying shamelessly like a woman, I wouldn’t want to look evil by ignoring the tears of an elder, he wanted me to go with you right, here you are, you are nothing to me, stay far from me, I don’t want to see you near me, I don’t even want to perceive you around me, trust me, you would be doing yourself a favour by staying far from me, cos you are dead to me… Ben said angrily and walked inside the bedroom..

    I couldn’t believe those words actually came from Ben, I was shivering out of fear, I knew right there and then I was in for trouble….

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    i pitty aduke pls next

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