Story: Aduke (Episode 13)

    Getting to the door, I couldn’t believe who was standing before me, it was Maami.

    Omomi, how are you, I mean what happened, hope it isn’t serious, are you okay, she was anxious and checking my body from head to toes, she observed the little bandage on my head, Adukemi, how does it hurt, are you okay, why did you leave the hospital, she was asking so many questions…

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    Maami, I thought I told you not to come, why did you have to stress yourself, and see how early you came, you must have left the house before the break of dawn…

    My daughter, I couldn’t sleep all through the night, my heart was uneasy, my daughter that is about getting married, suddenly got involved in an accident, and you want me to take it lying low, she said…

    Oya have your bath, come and eat and take your medication, I know they would have given you some at the hospital, she added…

    Maami can be too caring at times, they were too many things on my head, honestly having a bath and eating weren’t part of them, but I had to comply, else mother would notice..

    I reluctantly went to the bath room and had my bath, coming out, mother had served white rice and catfish pepper soup she brought… omomi, oya oya come and eat, she said…

    The food tasted deliciously, but I didn’t have the apatite for it, I had a little and took my medication…..

    So my daughter, talk to me, when did this happen, and how did it happen, she asked

    Maami, it was yesterday morning, I said quietly…

    Yesterday morning, but why did you stay back till yesterday morning… didn’t we agree that you were going to come home days to the introduction, why did you delay…she asked..

    At this point I was confused, didn’t know if I should disclose the situation between Mike and myself to maami. I looked at her with so much pain in my heart, because I knew the news would break her….
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    Maami, Mike called off the engagement, he doesn’t want to get married to me anymore, I went to see him yesterday to plead with him not to, but his mother gave me the insult of my life….it was while I was coming back from his place that I had the accident….I told maami…

    Maami was speechless, it was as if she was in a trace, she just starred at space….

    Maami, maami, I called her.

    What happened, why did he do that, I mean Mike seems to love you so much, she said already in tears…

    It broke my heart so much to see maami in so much pain, I just couldn’t bring myself to telling her I was without a womb and that was why my introduction was called off…

    His mother doesn’t want him to marry a Yoruba girl being an only son, I said to maami.

    Come she opened her hand and hugged me tightly, I was already crying profusely too…

    My daughter, you are Yoruba and be proud of it, don’t allow anyone, make you feel less for being who you are.. you’ll be fine, trust me, you will be…. she encouraged..

    I was happy and that settled it, even though there was still sadness in her eyes, it wasn’t as much as when she came…..

    At about 10am, we heard a knock at my door, who’s it I asked, its Williams, he said..

    I opened the door and saw Williams standing with so many bags, these are yours, he said as he handed the bags to me, thanks, I replied, may I come in, he asked…sure, please do, I said…

    Getting inside, he saw maami, he greeted her respectfully……

    This must be your mother, for you are her exact replica, he said.

    oh yes, I replied…

    Once again you are welcome ma….

    Thank you my son, mother answered.
    ADUKE who’s this , she asked..

    Oh maami meet Williams, a friend I met yesterday, actually he was the one that took care of me at the hospital, wellll, even though it was his brother that got me there in the first place, I teased….

    Come onnnn, mama please don’t mind her, it wasn’t intentional, he told maami, he was able to light up our mood….

    He stayed for some time and then said he was leaving..

    I saw him off to his car….

    You know I don’t have your phone number I would have called to check up on you, so would you mind giving me.. he asked.

    Oh no I don’t mind, I replied, took his phone and saved my number on his contact list…
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    Omomi, that boy looks like a very nice person, maami said….

    Well yes, I think so, I replied….

    And I also thinks he likes you, mom added…

    Maami, come on, I don’t think so, he’s just being a good Samaritan, I said….

    Okay, if you say so, but I Know what I saw, and am convinced it is love… maami said..

    Woowwww maami is now a love doctor, we both laughed….

    Opening the bags, Williams had bought provisions and fruits.

    Maami stayed for some more days, and Williams was always coming around to see her, then she was on her way to leave.

    Adukemi, please take good care of yourself, be strong, this too shall pass, she said to me, I hugged her like I wanted her to stay more….. please my son, help me take care of my daughter, maami told Williams…

    Oh no problem mama, she’s in safe hands, he said, he volunteered to go drop maami at the park and we were very grateful…..

    My brother’s baby will be named tomorrow, join us in the celebration, Williams said to me, as we drove back home…

    Your brother that didn’t even care if I died or not, I said….

    Come on, Aduke don’t be like that, please…. he insisted and I had to succumb..
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    It was a wonderful celebration, and the baby was a cutie…

    Am sorry I hadn’t been able to see you, please pardon me, hope my brother hadn’t been such a trouble, Williams brother who had hit me asked….

    Oh not at all sir…
    I answered.

    I was still missing Mike and still hoping he’d call me one day, I was always sad when ever I was alone….
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    You don’t look too happy, even though you smile and laugh, but your eyes seems to always betray you, Williams had said, on one of his visit..

    My fiance’s called off our introduction a day to it, that was what I was thinking about, when I didn’t see your brother coming and walked into his vehicle….

    So is that why you are sad. Any man i mean any man that wouldn’t want to marry you is definitely blind, so it’s his loss, don’t let that bother you, a broken relationship is definitely better than a broken marriage, he encouraged me….
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    It’s been months, Williams am I became quit close, and I was very comfortable with him, we could barely go a day without seeing each other, or hearing from each other, then he asked me to be his girlfriend, one cool evening and I agreed….

    Things were going smoothly and beautiful, he was very perfect.

    I didn’t want to make the same mistake I made with Mike, of not telling him about my situation early enough….

    I decided to tell Williams, before we start involving our family.

    I went to his place one evening, and then, I brought up the conversation…

    Baby, I have something to tell you, relationship is based on sincerity, I wouldn’t want to keep this away from you, I said…

    Okay dear, I am listening, you can tell me anything, he said.

    Williams, I had am abortion about four years ago, and it affected my womb, the doctor said it will take only a miracle for me to conceive, as my womb had been damaged, I said to him in tears….

    He looked at me for some minutes without saying a word…

    Williams say something, please say something, It wasn’t intentional, I am sorry, i said..

    He drew me closer to himself, and hugged me tightly…

    I was so at peace with myself, and happy that he didn’t walk away like Mike did….

    …… you guys think we should blame Mike on how he handled things with Aduke, looking at how Williams is acting now? What is your thought, share with us….. I will be waiting for your comments…..

Re: Story: Aduke (Episode 13) by Eddy 8 months ago

    Well i think she did d right tin nd 4 williams 2 accept her dats a gud call

Re: Story: Aduke (Episode 13) by Mathew 4 months ago

    I dont blame Mike it take grace of GOD for one to accept u the way u are, secondly what is not for u is not for u.


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