Story: “A Simple Kiss” (Episode 6)

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    ★★★Surri’s POV★★★
    Kyong and I cuddled each other as we both stayed in silence.

    “Kyong, do you see me in your future?“ I asked quietly.

    He was quiet for a while but then I looked up wondering what was keeping him from answering.

    “I don’t really know Surri. It depends on how we keep this relationship. If we truly love each other, respect and having time for each other. And most of all, Trust. ”

    He paused and let go of me. He looked into my eyes.

    “Do you trust me?“ He asked and I nodded.

    “I trust you kyong… Do you also trust me?“ I asked.

    “Very much Surri.“ He said and I smiled.

    “I trust you am not sure you trust me.. You know, the girls are always flocking around me.“ He said with a smirk.

    “Am a jealous type though.“ I said shyly.

    Kyong smiled.

    “But don’t be suprised when Boys will begin calling me here and there… Asking me to be theirs .“ I said.

    “Look who’s talking…“ He said and threw his face away.

    “What, you don’t think am pretty?“ I asked bewilded.

    He shook his head.

    “No, that’s not what I meant..“ He said.

    I frowned even more.

    “Oh, you think you’re the only one that is being noticed by the opposite s£x?!“ I said.

    ★★★Kyong’s POV★★★
    I knew Surri meant business when she didn’t let my words drop.

    “You’re… You’re so wrong!“ She yelled.

    “Just because am not a celebrity doesn’t mean I don’t have fans.”

    “You know what..? Get your car keys. We’re going to where I grew up.“ She said kneeling on the bed.

    “No need for that Surri, I believe you… Okay.“ I said trying to hold her arm.

    “You think am ugly…“ She said as tears filled her eyes.

    “Go Kyong. Just leave me in peace!“ she whimpered.

    I tried to touch her but she wouldn’t let me. Am the worst oppa in the world.

    Am out there making other girls happy when I don’t know how to make my own girlfriend happy.

    She sat at the edge of the bed far from me. I sat up and just stared at her.

    Kyong do something!

    I decided to sing for her.

    You’re my peace of mind in this crazy world.
    you’re my everything I’ve tried to find
    your love us a pearl
    you’re my Mona Lisa, you’re my rainbow skies
    And my only prayer is that you realize..
    you’ll always be beautiful in my eyes…

    I stopped when she turned. I rushed and we embraced each other.

    “I… I love you Surri.“ I said as a tear escaped from my eyes.

    “I love you too kyong.“ She said.

    ★★★Oprah’s POV★★★
    I stood outside Kyong’s mansion pacing around as I waited for him to come back from the so called work.

    His driver that he had left with returned hours later… The car was empty.

    “Where’s kyong?!“ I yelled in despair.

    “He’s with his girlfriend.“ He said.

    Surri… That winch!

    I have to put an end to her quick and fast. Kyong is mine and will surely be mine.

    “When will he be coming back?”

    “He’s spending the night there.“ He replied.

    Oh my… What if they….

    “Take me to where he is right now!“ I ordered going back to his car…..








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