Short Story: “The Monster You Made”

    I was brushing and watching my reflection on the mirror as i stand in the bathroom

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    At 14 I was all grown up already with features of an adult, in fact my body was so developed, everyone doubted me whenever I told them my age.

    I was the tallest in class, athletic and very fair in comlexion, I looked like a half caste.

    I was also the star student in track and field for my school because of the long legs I inherited from my father, all these brought unnecessary and unwanted attention to me.

    Everyone talked about me, I was world famous but I never let it get to my head because I was fanatically shy except when I’m running or reading.

    I loved books and I always preferred books to people, books don’t stare till you become uncomfortable or even make some advances that made me even more shy.

    All the teachers in my school were too friendly, and my classmates avoided me out of envy and hate.

    Only one treated me like I was normal, his name is Chidi, my bestie and neighbor. He was the only guy that stayed true and real and never made a big deal out of my looks and features.

    So, that morning, I was brushing with just my towel wrapped around my waist, watching my mouth and looking at how white my teeth were when the door to the bathroom flew up and Father Emeka marched in stark naked.

    I almost swallowed the paste out of fright, but seeing him naked, I was confused and shocked, wondering why he was standing and looking at me like that

    “Father, wha.. What are you doing here, sir?” I asked, terrified

    “Remove the towel and bend down”.

    The command was quiet but there was evil in his eyes, I had never seen him that way before.

    Father Emeka is the reverend father in our diocese and the son of my mother’s best friend.

    My mother was like a chameleon, she loved being friends with people whose lives she wished she had.

    One time she was friends with the wife of the rich Hausa man that lived close to our house, and because of that she enrolled me in the school their kids attend.

    When they had a misunderstanding, she moved me from the school and enrolled me in the school of the next woman that became her friend.

    That was her deal, whenever she is close to someone, she copies their lifestyle.

    Now, she is besties with the women leader in their tribe town meeting, and just because the woman’s first son recently completed his reverend father’s program and is now the ordained priest in our diocese, my mum had the effontery to send me to start living with him and helping him in the house the church built for him.

    My father, as usual said and did nothing, my mother was both man and woman in the house, my father just lived with us as one of us.

    “Take off your towel, I will not repeat myself.”

    The command came again with more force than the last and when I refused to move an inch, he moved in closer and locked the door behind him.

    I wanted to scream, but we were the only occupants of the house and this was my second week here, all this while he has been the nicest and kindest man I had ever met, the sudden change shocked me PTATTT!!!

    The Slap came like lightning, it landed on my face even before I had time to react, he reached out, dragged the towel from my waist and pushed me with so much force, my head broke the mirror.

    Before I could recover he turned me around and bent me over, I heard him spit then I felt his hand in my anus probing inside and then I felt a slimy, thick sensation enter my anus.

    The pain started before I had a chance to blink, it was blinding, like bolt of electric current entering me from my anus, I screamed the loudest I had ever screamed, it only excited him as he grunted and kept ramming his large penis inside my anus.

    I passed out.

    When I woke up, he was still on me, still hammering and penetrating me with so much force , I thought I died and woke up in hell, but it seemed it was only minutes as the pain woke me up again from my unconscious state.

    I was on the floor now and he was on me, I begged and pleaded for him to stop, he only whispered that I will be fine, I will get used to it and soon start enjoying it.

    He continued moving up and down behind me, while I lay flat on the floor on my tummy, he pushed his entire penis inside and outside until finally he vibrated and squeezed my shoulders so hard and painful I screamed again, then I felt warm liquid rushing into my anus.

    He stood up and I heard him put on the shower and the cold water poured down on my naked body.

    “Clean yourself up”.

    Then he unlocked the door and walked out of the bathroom.

    I sat up, shaking violently, and then I saw the blood and I touched my anus, it hurt like hell, I was bleeding all over, then I began to cry.

    I must have been there for hours, because my whole body was sore and I was violently hungry, despite bathing for hours, I still couldn’t wash the dirt and filth away from my body.

    Finally I stepped out, he wasn’t in, he must have gone to church. I quickly picked my clothes, ordered bolt and went straight home.
    Father Emeka stood in the center of the room, looking very humble and quiet, like a sheep brought to the slaughter slab. His white robe looked so white and clean, it was shining without a speck of dirt on it, what a contrast to the blackness of his heart and dark evil nature.

    He stood with his mum beside him, his head looking down, not meeting my gaze.

    His hands clasped firmly before him like an angel, I looked at him with so much hate in my heart and my eyes, and tears dropped from my eyes as I remembered what he did to me in the bathroom

    “Say it!!!”

    My mother screamed.

    My dad stood, his face impossible to read.

    He was watching.

    “I’m sorry”

    “Louder my mother commanded me.

    “I’m sorry I accused the father of raping me, I promise it won’t happen again.” I said with anger, hate and pain.

    As I apologized to the beast and his mother, tears dropped from my eyes like a river, not because I was still in pain but because of my parents, their doubt and betrayal hurt me even more. It was unforgivable.

    My parents will rather save their friendship and reputation than their own son.

    “Your son is possessed, but don’t worry, leave him in my care and I will deliver him and bring him back pure and holy.”

    Father Emeka said to my parents and his mum clapped and hugged him.

    He turned to me and winked, I turned to my father, he said nothing as usual, it was my mum who held my hand and took me outside to his car.

    “Uche, don’t bring shame to this family, don’t ever accuse a priest of sodomy and rape again else I will disown you. Do you know how lucky you are, do you know how many boys are praying for the opportunity that you got on a platter. I do everything for this family all I ask of you is to be a good boy and an obedient child in Father Emeka’s house!”

    As she walked into the house, I smiled for the first time. I had emptied two bottles of sniper inside the drinks and food they prepared for the priest and his mum while I made sure my two younger sisters were no where around the house as I left them in Chidi’s care.

    I poisoned the food and drinks intentionally after my mother decided she would stick with her friend than her son, she sealed her fate, and my father, his was sealed long ago.

    They will all die today, killed by the monster they made.

    Father Emeka came out first and as soon as he approached the car, the blood came out from his mouth and nose staining his white robe, clutching his stomach and stretching his hands out to me in the back seat, I looked him in the eyes, smiled and said…”Clean yourself up.”

    He dropped to the floor with his eyes wide open, screaming and crying as more screams of pain and terror came from inside the house.

    I leaned back in the backseat, still smiling as I raised the bottle of sniper and drank the rest of the content.

    THE END!!!



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