Several years ago, I and hubby parked into a new apartment. Several months after we parked in, things was not the same with us anymore. We went bankrupt, our business folded up like a park of card and we were practically begging to survive. Imagine people that have in abundance and suddenly didn’t have anymore; it was tough and frustrating.

    That Christmas period , we didn’t have food or money in the house, no hope for our next meal. I went to see a friend to beg her for something for the kids. We have been surviving on only garri for 2 days and there was nothing anymore to eat. It was that bad!

    My friend was going to see a friend and she ask me to go with her that she will collect something from her friend for me. I had no choice but to go with her. When we got to her friend’s place, she welcomed us happily and offered us chilled fruit juice and chinchin. I shamelessly devour the snacks like an hungry lion because I was really hungry.

    My friend’s friend was married to a rich merchant and they are living in affluence.

    She just came back from the market, the dinning table in the living room was littered with groceries, fresh foods that she bought. She bought enough to feed a battalion of army. She also bought clothes, shoes, jewelries, accessories and lots of things for herself and her children. I envied her and wished I was in her shoe. She had more than enough and i really envied her and called her lucky.

    She chatted happily as she showed us what she bought. She talked about their achievements for that year and was practically boasting to us. I felt bad and grieved as she talked. I wondered why one person could be so lucky to have so much and another person doesn’t have anything. I suddenly felt depressed and was no longer comfortable at that place.

    I thought of the life we had once lived. The abundance and all and suddenly, the life of having nothing. We were practically begging to survive. I wondered what we have done wrong to become this poor. My thoughts made me become emotional and I almost shed tears. I couldnt bear it anymore and I decided to leave that place before I burst into tears.

    I told them I was leaving and my friend threw me a cursory look as l left. She didnt even look at me twice or bothered to see me off. Her action hurt me the more and I shed tears inside me.

    The place was a bit far from my end and I trekked home. When I got home, in the comfort of my room, I burst into tears, I couldn’t hold back the tears any more. The tears flowed like a torrent of flood. I cried myself hoarse. I cried and questioned God. Life has not been fair to I and hubby at all. What have we done for God to forsake us? What have we done for him to bring us this far and leave us on the way? I questioned God and cried bitterly and went to bed a bitter and angry person.

    People gave us food for Christmas but I didn’t appreciate it. I was angry and bitter and didnt celebrate like others. I spent the Christmas angry, grieving, sad, depressed and unconsolable.

    The months went by, another Christmas period came. Two days to that year’s Christmas, I learnt of the demise of my friend’s rich friend. She didn’t celebrate the next Christmas with us. I was dumbfounded. She complained of headache and that was the end, she died, leaving behind all the wealth she had acquired. She left her children and husband for another woman to take care of.
    ***RepNaija Story***
    I remembered the previous year and how I have been so bitter and depressed just because there was no money. I failed to realized that the gift of life is the greatest gift on earth and we should always thank God no matter the condition we found ourself. I have been ungrateful.

    My friend’s rich friend had everything and I called her Lucky and myself unlucky. Now that she is dead, what will I call her? What will I call myself? Lucky or unlucky? My conscience pricked at me.

    I realized how ungrateful I have been and I cried and asked God for mercy. I didn’t appreciate God for the things he has done for me. The gift of life is the greatest gift and it can not be bought in the market.

    A lot of people have everything and prepared for the yuletide season but they didn’t celebrate it because they died before that day. Many has food but can’t eat because of one ailment or the other that has bedridden them and incapacitated them. I have good health and yet, I didnt appreciate God for it.

    I realized my mistake and I asked God for mercy. After that day, I stopped complaining and start thanking God for everything. No matter the condition I found myself, I always have a song of Praise on my lips. Life is precious, the gift of life is the greatest gift and without it, we are nobody.

    My orientation about Thanksgiving changed entirely and things changed for good for us and our lives never remain the same.

    This year Christmas, we had in abundance, there was enough in our store and we gave out to people and appreciate God for his faithfulness.

    Life has taught me that when there is life there is hope. That woman that I envied so much, the woman I called Lucky, is no where to be found this Christmas. She didn’t live to celebrate Christmas any more. I lived to celebrate many Christmas and by his grace, I will live to survive more Christmas. Life is certainly unpredictable, indeed, no one knows tomorrow so don’t envy anyone.

    There is a saying that says, ‘call no one fortunate until you see their end.’ My friend’s rich friend’s case has proved it. Don’t ever conclude about anyone, nobody knows tomorrow, it is pregnant.

    Today, so many didn’t celebrate Christmas the way they wanted. So many didn’t have to eat, no money, no hope for tomorrow. I want to tell you not to dismay. As long as their is life, their is hope for you. Don’t be depress, don’t envy anyone, your tomorrow will certainly be better than your today if only you believe and trust in God.

    I want to tell you that there is hope for tomorrow as long as you have life in you. You might not have it all today, but believe that your tomorrow will be better. The God that did it for me will do it for you. He doesn’t forsake his own, he is a God that never fail. If only you believe and trust in him, he wouldn’t disappoint you.

    Look at the future with hope and claim it that it will be better. God is still doing miracles, he will change your story if you trust and believe in him.

    If you are depressed, sad and grieving because you didn’t have enough this Christmas, please don’t, there is hope for tomorrow as long as you have life in you. There are lots of Christmas ahead and they will certainly be better than today. You will always have a better tomorrow, don’t give up on yourself.

    I wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

    See you in 2023. It will only get better.



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